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Mark Hamill's Tribute To Carrie Fisher
Posted by Dustin on January 3, 2017 at 07:35 PM CST
Here's a brief snippet from Entertainment Weekly...

Before Star Wars, the world was pre-programmed to accept a storybook damsel-in-distress who cowers as the men save her, but Carrie Fisher shattered that mold. She was so take-charge that she made Harrison Ford and me look like a couple of chumps. Not only was Princess Leia demanding ? as royalty ought to be ? but she was even judgmental about the kind of aircraft that Han Solo and Luke Skywalker picked her up in: ?You came in that thing?? There was great humor in that, and a relatability that was effortlessly empowering: ?I don?t need a guy to be fulfilled in this world or any other.? Carrie was an inspiration for young girls and women everywhere.

When I met Carrie, I was amazed at how, within 20 minutes, we felt like we had known each other for years. Some of the things she told me that first night were brutal assessments of her father and stepfather. You think, ?Should she be telling me this?? Carrie didn?t just take you into her confidence, she bulldozed you into her confidence. That?s funny because if you confided in Carrie, you were guaranteed it was going to be everywhere. In fact, if you wanted to get something out, you could say, ?Hey Carrie, let me tell you this, but you can?t tell anybody?? Then everybody would know. She had no vault.

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