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Lucasfilm Says No Change In Episode VII Release Date Following Ford's Injury

Posted by Eric on June 23, 2014 at 10:27 AM CST

Jedi News heard from "a number of sources" that a meeting was held today at Pinewood Studios in the UK to discuss the possibility of delaying Star Wars Episode VII following Harrison Ford's recent injury.

"The early word is that production of the film could be pushed back by a substantial amount of time," the report reads.

Yesterday, MakingStarWars pointed to what is reportedly the text of a Pinewood production memo stating that there have not been changes to the script, although "rescheduling of the [Episode VII] shoot is necessitated."

Lucasfilm would not comment on the extent of the production delays, but a company spokesperson told TFN, "There is no change in the release date."

We will continue to track the fallout from Ford's injury and update as we learn more.

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