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Leland Chee's TCW Chronology Breakdown Part #10
Posted by Eric on May 7, 2013 at 02:54 PM CST |
Leland Chee, the continuity guru at Lucasfilm, has posted the tenth installment in his "Chronicling The Clone Wars" series on The Official Star Wars Blog. In the tenth post, Chee writes about "The Deserter," "Lightsaber Lost," "The Mandalore Plot," and "Voyage of Temptation". Here's a piece of trivia about "Lightsaber Lost":

Bannamu is a Patrolian (first chronological appearance of this species); Tera Sinube is a Cosian (first significant appearance of this species); Cassie Cryar is a Terellian Jango Jumper (first and only appearance of this species); Ione Marcy?s species has not been identified (first and only appearance of this species); Ran Deezy?s and Farn Klin?s species have not been identified (recurring background species).

The Official Clone Wars-era Chronology
- Star Wars: Episode I ? The Phantom Menace
- Star Wars: Episode II ? Attack of the Clones
- ?Cat and Mouse? (S216)
- ?Hidden Enemy? (S116)
- Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008 theatrical release)
- ?Clone Cadets? (S301)
- ?Supply Lines? (S303)
- ?Ambush? (S101)
- ?Rising Malevolence? (S102)
- ?Shadow of Malevolence? (S103)
- ?Destroy Malevolence? (S104)
- ?Rookies? (S105)
- ?Downfall of a Droid? (S106)
- ?Duel of the Droids? (S107)
- ?Bombad Jedi? (S108)
- ?Cloak of Darkness? (S109)
- ?Lair of Grievous? (S110)
- ?Dooku Captured? (S111)
- ?The Gungan General? (S112)
- ?Jedi Crash? (S113)
- ?Defenders of Peace? (S114)
- ?Trespass? (S115)
- ?Blue Shadow Virus? (S117)
- ?Mystery of a Thousand Moons (S118)
- ?Storm over Ryloth? (S119)
- ?Innocents of Ryloth? (S120)
- ?Liberty on Ryloth? (S121)
- ?Holocron Heist? (S201)
- ?Cargo of Doom? (S202)
- ?Children of the Force? (S203)
- ?Bounty Hunters? (S217)
- ?The Zillo Beast? (S218)
- ?The Zillo Beast Strikes Back? (S219)
- ?Senate Spy? (S204)
- ?Landing at Point Rain? (S205)
- ?Weapons Factory? (S206)
- ?Legacy of Terror? (S207)
- ?Brain Invaders? (S208)
- ?Grievous Intrigue? (S209)
- ?The Deserter? (S210)
- ?Lightsaber Lost? (S211)
- ?The Mandalore Plot? (S212)
- ?Voyage of Temptation? (S213)
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