Kathleen Kennedy May Be Disney's Next CEO
Posted by Eric on April 22, 2013 at 01:21 PM CST |
The most fascinating tidbit in Variety's story about Disney CEO Bob Iger's legacy is a promising glimmer of light in the darkness that has been Disney's approach to Star Wars so far. Here's what Variety's Marc Graser reports:
Many expect theme park and resorts chief Thomas Staggs to land the CEO role, although there are rumblings that Lucasfilm?s Kathleen Kennedy also may now be in the running.
If Kennedy became the new CEO of The Walt Disney Company, it would certainly be a major leap for her career only a few years after George Lucas named her to succeed him at Lucasfilm.

I've heard from people familiar with Lucasfilm's internal politics that Kennedy has been vocal about retaining Lucas' original vision for Star Wars and preserving Lucasfilm jobs in the face of Disney's relentless cost-cutting measures. If she were to replace Iger as the head of Lucasfilm's parent company, her sensitivity to the importance of the Star Wars brand and the people responsible for shaping it would bode well for the future of Lucasfilm.

Check out Variety's article here (via Jedi News).
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