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Hasbro Star Wars Announcement

Posted by Adam on March 18, 2020 at 10:10 AM CST

Some big changes happening at Hasbro, including something that we knew would have to happen one day...

Reaching out today to share some news and announcements from the Hasbro Star Wars team. As a valued member of our Star Wars community there have been several personnel changes that we’d like to share.

· After 43 fantastic years creating some of the most iconic Star Wars toys and vehicles Mark Boudreaux will be retiring. His work has had a tangible impact on the Star Wars universe and been formative in creating the Hasbro Star Wars brand we know today.

· Chris Reiff will be joining the Hasbro Star Wars design team as an Associate Principal Designer. With experience in the industry and extensive knowledge of the Star Wars galaxy, including working professionally on Star Wars for 25 years, Hasbro is thrilled to have someone of Chris' caliber join the team.

· Product Design Manager, Sam Smith will be moving off the Star Wars brand. After a successful tenure with Hasbro Star Wars, Sam will remain in the Hasbro family and lend his talents to a number of Hasbro action brands.

· Vickie Stratford, Senior Director of Product Design, will continue her role as design lead on the brand.

One little sidenote to mention is that Chris Reiff was born in Cincinnati, the birthplace of Kenner, and the spiritual home of Star Wars toys!

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