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Dave Filoni Talks Ahsoka And Kanan

Posted by Dustin on July 22, 2017 at 03:01 AM CST

From Dave Filoni:

Since you seem to enjoy these drawings I've been doing, here is another tale left untold, 'til now that is. If you ever wondered if Kanan and Ahsoka knew each other, or had met while they were younglings at the Jedi Temple, the answer is YES. They had met, though they did not know each other well, they had at least done some saber training together.

Years later when she met Kanan, Ahsoka needed to see how prepared he was for the conflict ahead. Here is a small piece of that scene, and perhaps a realization that in many ways Ahsoka was a mentor to Kanan.

AHSOKA: Even at a young age you were gifted with a lightsaber. But without training and discipline, those skills fade.

KANAN: So it seems.
(Kanan gets up again, he is a bit dispirited.)

KANAN (CONTíD): I havenít had to fight with my lightsaber very often. For a while, I chose not to. I was...
(Kanan struggles with the moment. Ahsoka helps).

AHSOKA: You were afraid to use it. I understand.

(Kanan appreciates her words.)

KANAN: Iíve been teaching Ezra as best I can. I want him to be the Jedi Iím not, that I couldnít be.

AHSOKA: And I want you to be the Jedi that you are.

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