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Daisy Ridley To Fans: Don't Trust IMDb

Posted by Eric on June 14, 2014 at 12:00 PM CST

I don't envy Star Wars Episode VII star Daisy Ridley. All it takes to send people off on the wrong track regarding her character in the first sequel film is a small edit to an entertainment database. That happened recently, as someone inserted the character name "Jaina Solo" next to Ridley's name on the Episode VII cast list.

Ridley wanted her Twitter followers to know that IMDb was a collaborative website just like Wikipedia -- a fact that a surprising number of people don't know -- so she tweeted the following:

Of course, for those most committed to believing that Ridley is playing a character named Jaina Solo, this won't do anything to dissuade them. But for the rest of the fan community, it's a useful reminder: Don't trust something just because you read it on the Internet.

On an unrelated note, who is the world's wife? When did it get married?

UPDATE 6/17/2014: Ridley's tweet appears to be gone, but we've preserved it as an image:

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