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Cool Shirts Alert!

Posted by Mike on September 25, 2013 at 08:34 AM CST

Our friend Ben from wrote to let us know about a couple of Star Wars-related offerings which are available to purchase through this coming Sunday (10-29). Here's Ben's description of the two designs which come in a variety of styles:

"Our first design...AT-AT is a cool mashup idea. If you operated one of the All Terrain Armored Transports for the Empire and also happened to be in an AC-DC cover band, then this is the perfect tee shirt for you! Available on BLACK tees.

Our second design is ECHO BASE SEARCH & RESCUE. Get lost on an ice planet and these guys are the first responders to brave any elements and go out looking for your...well, cold, and most likely dead popsicle of a body! Available on RED tees."

Click here for more details and to place your order.

Thanks Ben!

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