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Celebration Anaheim 2015: Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion Returns

Posted by Dustin on January 24, 2015 at 01:00 PM CST


At the Star Wars Tattoo pavilion at Celebration Anaheim, some of the best tattoo artists in the world will perform their craft live at the show, all weekend long. Sign up in advance for an appointment with the artists, or stop by the pavilion to book your time for the ultimate Star Wars souvenir! Whether you already have a Star Wars tattoo, or get a new one at the show, you can sign up for the Star Wars Celebration Tattoo Competition, scheduled for Sunday April 19.

Star Wars Tattoo PavilionBody art enthusiasts and Star Wars fans will find the long-anticipated sequel to The Force in The Flesh book by Shane Turgeon in the Celebration Tattoo Pavilion, as well as limited-edition Star Wars Ink Fusion tattoo t-shirts. There will be free giveaway items every day of the show, as well as surprise special guests.

To reserve a tattoo appointment at Celebration in advance of the show, look for the list of artists to be posted soon, here on Many will have links to their websites, where you will be able to book an appointment.

Tattooed fans interested in participating in the Star Wars Tattoo Competition at Celebration must pre-register for the event at the Force in the Flesh booth in the Tattoo Pavilion during Celebration Exhibit Hall hours. Registrants may enter in one of five categories: small/medium color, large color, small/medium black and grey, large black and grey and tattoo of the weekend! A panel of special celebrity judges will be on hand to determine the best and present the winners with exclusive awards created especially for this event.

Star Wars Tattoo PavilionThe Star Wars Tattoo Pavilion at Celebration is organized and hosted by Marc Draven and Shane Turgeon.

Marc Draven is a professional tattoo artist from Florida, who has been tattooing for more than twenty years. Ten years ago he created Ink Fusion, where the “worlds of tattooing and pop culture collide.” Draven and Ink Fusion have traveled internationally to host shows at various conventions.

“We give fans the chance to see professional tattooing live at conventions,” says Draven, “as well as the opportunity to get a tattoo themselves.”

Star Wars Tattoo PavilionDraven and Ink Fusion joined Star Wars Celebration for the first time in Orlando in 2010, adding the show to an extensive list of pop culture conventions on their travel card.

Shane Turgeon is a business owner, event promoter, writer, appraiser and collector of tattoos, toys and art. Contrary to popular belief, he is not a tattoo artist. Turgeon is based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where he owns Shades of Grey, a tattoo, toy and comic book shop and where he co-founded and operates the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo. In 2007 Shane published The Force in the Flesh, a coffee table book dedicated to Star Wars tattoos.

“I am excited to release the highly-anticipated volume two this year at Celebration Anaheim,” says Turgeon.

Turgeon organized the very first Star Wars tattoo show at Star Wars Celebration III in 2005, and has been a vital part of the fan experience at Celebrations ever since. He will once again be producing the Star Wars Tattoo Competition on Sunday.

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