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Author Jonathan Rinzler Scheduled For Reddit AMA

Posted by Chris on July 15, 2014 at 07:19 PM CST

Jonathan Rinzler posted the following message on his Facebook page today:

"I'm answering as many of your @Star Wars real-world history questions as I can at my @reddit AMA!
Get ready to ask me anything tomorrow at 11am PDT.
Can't get enough Star Wars? Enter here for your chance to be in Star Wars: Episode VII:"
Head over to at 2:00pm (Eastern) on Wednesday, July 16th to get your questions in for Jonathan. Remember, if you've purchased a giant coffee table Star Wars book in the last several years, he likely worked on it!

UPDATE: The Q&A is complete and we can tell you that according to Jonathan...Han did indeed shoot first. Read about this and a whole lot more right here.

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