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Another Star Wars Rebels Character Revealed?

Posted by Chris on July 14, 2014 at 09:14 PM CST

The German website is reporting that a new character named Cikatro Vizago will be yet another villain on the forthcoming Star Wars Rebels television series coming this fall on Disney XD.

They write:
"Without giving too much away: Cikatro Vizago is the name of a Devaronian criminal boss who operates on Lothal."

Additionally, they explain that the name Cikatro derives from the Spanish word "cicatriz," or "scar," with Vizago similar to "visage," a French word for "face." A mob boss called "Scar Face" perhaps? It doesn't sound terribly unreasonable, but the photo and info appear to have been sent as part of an anonymous email.

Get out your translator and check out their full article here.

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