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A Star Wars San Diego Comic-Con Guide Part 1

Posted by Steve on July 9, 2018 at 06:24 PM CST

With San Diego Comic-Con fast approaching Star Wars, as always, will be dutifully represented offering a slew of panels, guests, exclusives and giveaways. Lucasfilm will of course have their territory staked out, claiming Booth 2913 with Hasbro and LEGO both close neighbors.

We know it can be daunting, likely impossible, to see everything but we're trying to help by collecting all the Star Wars stuff and putting in one spot for you. It's even too big for one piece so first up we'll look at what Star Wars themed panels you can expect to see that weekend! From the looks of things, you'll be spending a lot of time in Room 7AB! And while we may have missed a panel or two, there's definitely enough here to keep you busy all weekend long. Enjoy!


What: The Clone Wars 10-Year Anniversary Celebration
When: 11:45am – 12:45pm
Where: Room 6BCF

Executive producer Dave Filoni and panelists look back on 10 years of the Emmy Award-winning series that expanded the Star Wars universe and introduced countless fan-favorite characters to a galaxy far, far away.

What: A Shop Called Quest: Black Series Rebels Live
When: 03:00pm – 04:00pm
Where: Neil Morgan Auditorium

A Shop Called Quest, humbly the world's strongest comic book shop, and Black Series Rebels are a weekly YouTube talk show and podcast inspired by a galaxy far, far away. For the first time ever, this unique live comedic experience will be at Comic-Con. Come celebrate fandom with likeminded fans. Featuring guest interviews, games, and giveaways. Panel attendees will receive a free limited-edition action-figure-inspired pin (while supplies last).

What: What Rebellions Are Built On
When: 08:00pm – 09:00pm
Where: Room 32AB

As America faces the drawing up of Death Star plans (or border walls, refugee bans, and faith-based registries), culture and politics have never felt so pop culturian as now. But stories have always been political, and fandom has, too. In this darkest timeline, themes of hope and rebellion in stories such as Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Wonder Woman are serving not just as moral guides, but popular culture, and particularly geek enthusiasms, are shaping cultural conversation around strategic resistance. Moderator Jennifer K. Stuller (Ink-Stained Amazons; Geektivism) leads a conversation with geeks making activism their superpower by hacking popular culture for social justice, civic activism, and participatory politics-including efforts in anti-bullying initiatives, advocacy, and for charity. Sara Mortensen (Harry Potter Alliance), Nicole Gitau (Geeks OUT; Flame Con), Tracy Deonn Walker (The Color of Fandom; Duke University), Annalise Ophelian (Looking for Leia), and Chase Masterson (Pop Culture Hero Coalition; Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) will explore the what, why, and how of geek activism, talk about rebellions being built on their favorite fandoms, and how you can raise your wand, embrace your inner Groot, and wield The Force in the name of geektivism and all that is worth saving in this world.

What: The 501st Legion: Star Wars Villainous Costuming
When: 08:00pm – 09:00pm
Where: Grand 1 & 2, Marriott Marquis

An introduction to the creation of fan-made villain costumes from all 10 Star Wars movies and beyond. Legion members from the Imperial Sands and Star Garrisons will provide an overview of the creative process that brings Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders, Boba Fett, or Kylo Ren from the silver screen into reality. Dean Amstutz (ISG membership liaison) will discuss the membership journey, from initial interest through final approval. Kevin Weir (Imperial Surplus Armor and KW Designs owner) will relate his process for working with armor parts. Howard Smart (ISG member) will speak about small prop and soft costume construction. Sean Fields (Star Garrison member) will discuss 3D modeling and printing. Todd Mullin (ISG commanding officer) will moderate the panel and a Q&A session after the presentation.


What: Star Wars Collectibles
When: 11:00am – 12:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

Hosted by Lucasfilm's Brian Merten, this panel showcases all the coolest new and upcoming releases by Anovos, Bandai, eFX, Gentle Giant Studios, Kotobukiya, Sideshow Collectibles, and a surprise panelist. As always, the panel concludes with some very cool raffle prizes.

What: Behind the Design: Star Wars Fashion Collaborations
When: 12:00pm – 01:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

Star Wars has always been on the forefront of the "geek chic" fashion movement by bringing iconic characters and stories to life through the lens of modern fashion. Over the past decade, the portfolio of brand partnerships has grown significantly, allowing fans all over the world to celebrate their passion for the brand with more than just T-shirts. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the design and development process of Star Wars fashion and accessories with the creative leads of some of the most popular collaborations to date.

What: Hasbro Star Wars
When: 01:00pm – 02:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

Members of the Hasbro and Lucasfilm teams will discuss the popular Hasbro Star Wars line. Attendees will get an in-depth look at Hasbro's latest action figure offerings. Word on the Holonet is there may also be a few surprises.

What: Disney/Lucasfilm Publishing: Stories from a Galaxy Far, Far Away!
When: 02:00pm – 03:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

Michael Siglain (director, creative: Disney-Lucasfilm Publishing) and surprise panelists share previews and exclusive announcements about what should be on your must-read list from Star Wars publishing.

What: Judges on the Law of the Last Jedi and Solo
When: 03:00pm – 04:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

Star Wars and the law go together like Han Solo and Chewbacca. This panel of judges discuss the legal issues from The Last Jedi, Solo, and unexplored regions from the Outer Rim. Did Luke Skywalker have a legal obligation to save the galaxy from the First Order? What is the legality of underground droid fights? Could the caretakers sue Rey for dropping a boulder on their cart? Was Han right when he shot first? Find out when court is in session with Judge John B. Owens of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Magistrate Judge Stacie Beckerman, Magistrate Judge Mitch Dembin, CA Judge Carol Najera, NY Judge Matthew Sciarrino, and Paul Grewal (former magistrate judge and now deputy general counsel and VP of litigation at Facebook). Moderated by attorneys Jessica Mederson and Joshua Gilliland of The Legal Geeks.

What: The Science of Star Wars
When: 04:00pm – 05:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

Ever wondered if lightsabers could one day be a reality? Curious about which Star Wars droid NASA would take into space? Is there a form of fuel that could keep The Resistance out of reach from a First Order fleet? Expert panelists Kim Steadman (systems engineer, NASA-JPL), Emily Manor Chapman (systems engineer, NASA-JPL), Kieran Dickson (editor,, MGM Studios), Fon Davis (Star Wars production designer), Travis Langley (editor, Star Wars Psychology), Steve Huff (fight choreographer and weapons expert), Eliot Sirota (VFX expert), and host Jenna Busch (creator, Legion of Leia) act as your Bor Gullet into the mind of Star Wars creators and break down the science behind a galaxy far, far away. Q&As, surprises, and giveaways will follow.

What: The Women of Star Wars
When: 05:00pm - 06:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

For the past 40 years, the Star Wars galaxy has expanded at a remarkable rate. Behind the scenes, creators have worked to round that galaxy out and to maintain cultural relevancy by appealing to new fans from different walks of life. Authors E. K. Johnston (Star Wars: Ahsoka) and Zoraida Córdova (From a Certain Point of View) join writer Nicole Dubuc (Forces of Destiny) to discuss the impact of a more inclusive Star Wars, from the writers to the actors to, of course, the characters you know and love.

What: Star Wars Fans in America’s Finest City
When: 06:00pm – 07:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

Members of the San Diego chapters of the 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, and Droid Builders discuss how their love of a galaxy far, far away led to volunteerism in San Diego and across Southern California.

What: Star Wars Tourism: Visiting the Galaxy Far, Far Away on Earth
When: 07:00pm – 08:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

From the deserts of Tunisia and California to the glaciers of Norway and the coast of Ireland, Star Wars filming sites are the new travel destination. James Floyd (contributor, Star Wars website and Star Wars Insider), Ash Crossan (host, ET Online), and Charla Teeters-Stewart (director, Imperial County Film Commission) will help you learn about where to go, how to get there, and how to get the most out of it with your fellow Star Wars fans.

What: Star Wars Mock Trial: The Court-Martial of Poe Dameron
When: 08:00pm – 09:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

The Legal Geeks and the Rebel Legion Sunrider Base present the mock court-martial of everyone's favorite X-Wing ace, Poe Dameron. Based on the events of The Last Jedi, Poe stands accused of disobeying General Leia Organa and leading a mutiny aboard the resistance flagship Raddus against Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo. Lawyers for the prosecution and defense, including a U.S. Army JAG attorney, will take on Poe's case in front of United States Magistrate Judge Mitch Dembin. Participating attorneys include Steve Chu, Thomas Harper, Christine Peek, and Megan Hitchcock. With Rebel Legion members Rachel Williams as General Leia Organa and Marcus Holt as Poe Dameron.

What: Star Wars Trivia Game Panel
When: 09:00pm – 10:00pm
Where: Room 7AB

Members of the San Diego Star Wars Society, veteran hosts of trivia panels at Comic-Con International since 2002, have prepared an even more challenging contest this year for fans who think they know the galaxy far, far away. Returning this year will be a game round for kids aged 5 to 11, in which every child will win a prize. Following will be three adult game rounds (ages 12 and up). All game rounds are conducted in a last-man-standing format. Come test your knowledge, and you may win some of the thousands of dollars of prizes provided by Star Wars licensees. Hosted by Leia Hornedo, Linda Crispien, Brendan Prout, Carlos Munoz, Felicia Nykaza, and Collin Gomez.


What: Star Wars Declassified: How a Galaxy Far, Far Away Impacts the World
When: 02:00pm – 03:00pm
Where: Neil Morgan Auditorium

Hosts R. A. Rayne and Kris Koller are joined by voice actor Eric Bauza (TMNT, LEGO Star Wars), Troy Manning (SoCal 501st Troop), Dan Madsen (Her Universe, Star Wars Insider) and J. C. Reifenberg (Scum & Villainy Cantina, Hughes The Force) to discuss how Star Wars and its fandom have impacted their personal lives, their professional lives, and society as a whole. What does Star Wars mean to your life? The panel will also participate in a Star Wars trivia contest against the audience with prizes to be won!

What: MSE and Extreme Droid Building
When: 06:00pm – 07:00pm
Where: Grand 1 & 2 Marriott Marguis

From feisty astromechs to diminutive mouse droids, master builders Doug Dobyns, Michael Wheeler, Kevin Holme, Tom Hellwig, Michael Kelly, and John Boisvert discuss some of the extreme ways that droid builders have brought the magic of the droids of the Star Wars Universe to life and gone way beyond. Moderated by Guy Vardaman.

What: Ladies of the Legions: A Conversation about Women, Costuming and Star Wars.
When: 07:00pm – 08:00pm
Where: Grand 1 & 2 Marriott Marquis

Five members of different Star Wars costume clubs discuss the basics of Star Wars costumes for women and challenges faced within the community. Speakers include Lesley Farquhar, Carrie Ann Caranci, Kristina Gundersen-Rudmann, Wendy Starling, and Regina Vail. Followed by a Q&A with the attendees moderated by Lesley Farquhar.


What: R2 Builders Panel
When: 10:00am - 11:00am
Where: Room 11

Get all the information you need to build your own fully functional droid character from the Star Wars universe. Moderator Victor Franco and panelists Mike Senna, Michael McMaster, William Miyamoto, Chris Romines, and Thomas Roeoesli share their knowledge and expertise to help your build a success.

What: Cartoon Voices
When: 11:45am - 01:15pm
Where: Room 6A

Animation voice director Mark Evanier gathers another stageful of the top actors who speak for animated characters to demonstrate their skills. Appearing will be Elle Newlands (Adventure Time, Final Fantasy), Kiff Vandenheuvel (Star Wars Forces of Destiny, World of Warcraft), Vanessa Marshall (Star Wars Rebels, Young Justice), André Sogliuzzo (Transformers: Robots in Disguise, World of Warcraft) and Dino Andrade (World of Warcraft, Batman: Arkham Asylum). There will also be a few surprises, and the actors will destroy a much-loved fairy tale with a live, unrehearsed reading.

What: Powerful Young Women in Disney Comics
When: 12:30pm - 01:30pm
Where: Room 23ABC

Disney Comics presents a look at recent and upcoming comics showcasing powerful female characters from Disney and Star Wars. Oh My Disney's Michelle Lema leads a discussion with panelists Delilah S. Dawson (author, Star Wars Adventures, Star Wars Forces of Destiny), Amy Mebberson (author/artist, Disney Princess comic strips), Cecil Castellucci (author, Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure), Jody Houser (author, Star Wars: Forces of Destiny), and Katie Cook (author, Tangled: The Series comics) discuss the growing importance of female characters and authors in the comics industry and the making of comics for kids.

Okay, while that might not be every single panel that has somebody who has at one time worked with Lucasfilm and/or Star Wars, I think this is a pretty good start. You would need to be very strong in the Force to attend every single one of these panels anyways but it can't hurt to try right?

For all the exciting Star Wars merchandise exclusives at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, visit our friends at REBELSCUM.

For more information on all the exciting things happening at this year's SDCC, click HERE.

Good luck Star Wars fans and MTFBWY!

Next up is special guests!

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