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This Year's Awesome Con Runs Deep

Posted by Steve on March 26, 2018 at 02:58 PM CST

Conventions and Expos are chalked full of celebrities, toys and games. And for many fans itís a chance to meet not only like-minded folks who are passionate about their fandoms, but the creators and talent behind them as well. But for many others it's a great opportunity to educate and inform the fandom about not only what goes into our favorite passions but also, on important issues that face not only the fans but the creators and industry at large.

This year at Awesome Con is no different as the event is full to the brim with informative, important and entertaining panels, displays and sessions for all the fans to enjoy. With the Star Wars universe in full swing and being dutifully represented this weekend in Washington DC, here are just a few of the panels you don't want to miss out on...


What: Redemption and Star Wars
When: Friday March 30th @ 5:00 pm
Where: Room 202B

Join hosts Bria LaVorgna (Tosche Station), Jay Shah (, Nanci Schwartz (Tosche Station), Stephen Kent (Beltway Banthas) and more as they discuss the redemptive qualities than run throughout the Star Wars films and TV series. Redemption has long been a theme in the Star Wars galaxy going all the way the back to Darth Vader and even further. Can everyone be redeemed? Should they? Let's discuss!

What: Star Wars' Multimedia Storytelling Empire
When: Saturday March 31st @ 11:30
Where: Room 202A

Since 2013, the Lucasfilm Story Group has focused on making the entire saga a cohesive story that spans across all forms of available media. For the first time in the Star Wars universe the overlap in all media whether it be movies or video games, allowed for truly consistent and deep-rooted storytelling. Join panelists Chris Sedor (Book Wars Pod), Kate Le Sedor (Book Wars Pod) and many more as they discuss this integrated method of storytelling, their favorite tales and what the future looks like for Lucasfilm.

What: The Women of Star Wars
When: Sunday April 1st @ 1:30
Where: Room 202A

In a galaxy far, far away full of alien life it's no surprise one of the many Star Wars themes is diversity and inclusion. This panel takes a look at how Star Wars storytelling has always done a good job of representing strong women characters on screen and on the pages. We all know Princess Leia, Padme Amidala, Rey, Rose Tico and Jyn Erso, but what about Rae Sloane, Hera Syndulla, Chelli Aphra and Asajj Ventress? For every Ahoska Tano there is a Shara Bey waiting to be discovered by the next generation of Star Wars fans. Join hosts E.K. Johnston ("Ahsoka" novel), Sarah Ash, Brian LaVorgna, Kate Lu Sedor and Nanci Schwartz as they discuss this exciting and very important topic.

awesome con

So, these are just three of the many panels and sessions going on this weekend at Awesome Con that involve the Star Wars universe. What's great is that these panels aren't shareholders meetings disguised as fan service rollouts to sell you on the next big thing. These panels are hosted by Star Wars fans, for Star Wars fans and who knows, one day that could be you up on that stage. To see these and all the other events happening this weekend simply click on the schedule link below or visit

Listen, we are all excited to see John Boyega, BB-8 and Joonas Suotamo, the great cosplayers and all the latest toys and games. But since you're there anyways, don't forget to check these important panels out as well. Who knows, you might even learn a thing or two?

Till next time...MTFBWY.

For the full Awesome Con schedule, click HERE.

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