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TK 210's Dominican Republic Mission Patch

Posted by Dustin on June 15, 2013 at 08:04 AM CST

From TK 210:

I'm leaving in two weeks for a missions trip to the Dominican Republic. It's been on my heart to do a missions trip - I really want to try and help folks in other countries. We'll be doing construction for folks who don't have a place to live, medical services, and some teaching. Please pray for our group to succeed and be safe. Meanwhile, the cost is steep for vaccinations and passports (I'm sponsoring two young people who are joining us, one of them my daughter Allie) and travel - so I'm offering a TK210 DR Mission patch which will ship after I'm back on July 8. If you want to help the Founder get out and really help some folks in a dark corner of the world, please consider picking one up - just $7 free shipping. Paypal to - some of you have already ordered these and I thank you for helping me help the destitute people in Puerta Plata. I will be MIA during the trip but will send pics and updates when I get back.

And the Galactic Academy is doing re-runs on their patches. If you never got these, we're making them available to non-members for only $20 for the full set of seven! Please support the kids in the GA who want to show their passion for Star Wars and pick up a set if you like them. Same paypal as the DR patch. You can see the full set here:

And thanks for supporting some worthy causes. Star Wars fans rock!
Wish me luck!

AL (Tk210)

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