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Star Wars Casting Rumors

Posted by Dustin on July 4, 2019 at 09:10 AM CST

Here's a fresh batch of rumors to satisfy your Star Wars soul. First up we're hearing a rumor that Lucasfilm is looking into developing content around Mara Jade, with Emily Blunt possibly being considered for the role.

We Got This Covered reports:

Sources close to We Got This Covered have told us that now that characters like Luke, Leia, Han, etc., are all gone from the franchise or are on their way out, and the Sequel Trilogy is about to wrap up, the studio’s looking to the Expanded Universe for ideas on where to go next, and one person that they’re eager to adapt to live-action is none other than Mara Jade.

Most well known as Luke Skywalker’s Force-using wife in the alternate continuity, Jade was once brainwashed by Emperor Palpatine and became his right-hand woman. Of course, Luke managed to free her and the two eventually got married and had kids, in addition to training the next generation of Jedi.

And while it’s pretty obvious that Lucasfilm won’t be able to stick to the source material that closely given that The Rise of Skywalker will likely be the last we see of Luke, we’re hearing that they’re prepared to make some changes to the character as they’re eager to have Mara in a future Star Wars movie. Or, failing that, a Disney Plus TV show. And the best part? They’re eyeing Emily Blunt, or Emily Blunt-type actresses for the role.

Next up is the exciting news that we may see a live action Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels brought to life by actor Ludi Lin (Aquaman, Power Rangers). Star Wars fans who watched the series will remember that we were left asking "Where's Ezra?" as he blasted into lightspeed with Thrawn as his hostage.

We Got This Covered writes:

Specifically, we’re hearing that they want Ezra Bridger in a live-action project. This makes sense, too, as the protagonist of Star Wars Rebels has often been talked about by fans as deserving a big screen appearance. Remember when we thought Benicio del Toro was playing an older Ezra in The Last Jedi? That didn’t turn out to be the case, of course, but as a heroic Jedi who undergoes a similar journey to Luke Skywalker on Rebels, he’d be a perfect fit to lead his own pic.

From what we understand, Lucasfilm is looking at Asian actors to fill the role. Our source tells us that Ludi Lin is in the mix to nab the part as his star is one the rise thanks to turns in Power Rangers and Aquaman.

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