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this was the official Imperial designation of the planet which was later named Thrantin. It was the third planet in the Thrantin System, located in the Ollonir Boundaries, and was terraformed by Barosa Warren to suit the needs of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School. It had a single moon. (AIR)

this was the official Imperial designation of the single moon orbiting planet OM813. Whenever the anti-gravity regulators located within the Zones of Territory C2 failed to work properly, zero-gravity training was performed on OM813A. (AIR)

this was the official Imperial designation of the planet which was later named Hirin. It was fourth planet of the Thrantin System, located in the Ollonir Boundaries, and had two moons. (AIR)

this was the official Imperial designation of the star Thrantin Major. (AIR)

Imperial designation of the planet Dar'Or. (GG4)

this is the second-smallest of Algara II's four moons, and was the site of a number of mining operations. (PG2)

this red-headed young man was a student of history, and was one of Doctor Murk Lundi's best students, some six years before the Battle of Naboo. When Doctor Lundi traveled to Kodai in search of a Sith Holocron, Omal discovered that another student, Norval, was trailing him in order to steal the Holocron for himself. Omal set out to stop Norval from achieving this. When Norval tried to steal the Holocron for himself, Omal fought to retain the Holocron for Doctor Lundi. In the struggle that ensued, Omal and Norval lost the Holocron when it fell into a deep, underwater chasm. In the years following the loss of the Holocron and Lundi's imprisonment by the Jedi Knights, Omal and another student, Dedra, lived together on an unspecified planet. (JAF)

this was one of the most famous Draethos individuals to hail from the planet Thosa. (UANT)

this was the primary deity of the Gungan people. Oma-Oma lived in the underwater city if Ossorus with the other Gungan gods, and was believed to be the god who created all life on Naboo. (GB)

the primary planet in the Omar System. The Empire built a number of TIE Advanced manufacturing plants in this system during the Galactic Civil War. It was here that Admiral Zaarin defected to the Alliance, attempting to bring the TIE Advanced technology with him. (TIE)

this surname was common among human settlements found throughout in the galaxy. (GCG)

Omas, Cal
a native of the planet Alderaan, Cal Omas was a member of the Alliance from its earliest days. He survived many battles and struggles, and eventually rose to become a Senator in the New Republic. He was sympathetic to the plight of Luke Skywalker, who hoped to restore the Jedi Council in order to rein in the independent Jedi acting with Kyp Durron. Unfortunately for the Jedi, and for many of the galaxy's inhabitants, Senator Omas was among those Advisory Council members who were lost in the wake of the Second Battle of Coruscant. He reappeared on the planet Calamari, leading the remnants of the Republic's leadership in an effort to re-establish control of the galaxy. When the self-appointed Chief of State Pwoe refused to join the Republic on Calamari - instead, calling for them to join him on Kuat - the remnants of the Republic ostracized Pwoe and elected Omas to serve as the new Chief of State. Among his first acts, Cal Omas vowed to recreate the Jedi Council, working with Luke Skywalker to form the High Council. He continued to work toward ending the war with the Yuuzhan Vong and bringing the galaxy back together, and was one of the first to support to formation of the Galactic Alliance. However, the toll of the war continued to drain him, and it was one of his most difficult decisions to allow a new strain of the Alpha Red virus to be deployed on Caluula. After hearing the report of Leia Organa Solo from her experiences on Caluula, Omas agreed that the Alpha Red project needed to be shut down, but Leia knew that pressure from Dif Scaur might only postpone further deployment. Eventually, the Yuuzhan Vong were defeated, and Omas began to think that the war was much easier to deal with than the Reconstruction that followed. He was forced to try and balance the needs of the entire galaxy against the various petitions and demands for assistance from refugees and dishomed races, as well as ensuring that corporate interests didn't become too burdensome or illegal. In order to maintain some semblance of order, he made far too many compromises, and was often forced to bow to the demands of the rich or wealth corporations. This only allowed the corruption that destroyed the Old Republic to begin seeping back into the Galactic Alliance Senate. When the crisis with the hives of the Colony arose at Qoribu, Omas was forced to defend the Galactic Alliance, but at the expense of further dishoming many of the races that had been driven off their homeworlds by the Yuuzhan Vong. The initial crisis, which included a war with the Chiss, was averted, but the Dark Nest was not destroyed. He used the continued trouble with the Gorog hive as a pretense for avoiding the need to address the problems associated with galactic reconstruction. A year later, he was forced to blockade the Utegetu Nebula in an effort to keep the Colony from expanding beyond its borders. He was also forced to demand that the Jedi name a leader, while Luke Skywalker was stranded on Woteba, and pushed to have Corran Horn assume leadership of the Jedi council. He hoped that Horn's conservative stance would splinter the Jedi Order, creating a body of squabbling factions that were unable to react to the crisis caused by the Dark Nest. (VP, EL1, Y, DW, UF, DN1, DN2)

Omaton Sauce
this Sullustan sauce was used as an accompaniment to drutash grubs. (EGP)

this frozen ball of ice was the seventh and outermost planet in the Beheboth System. (PH)

this name was commonly given to Quarren males, and meant "vigorous". (GCG)

this gas giant was the sixth planet in the Rhinnal System. It was orbited by eighteen moons. (CCW)

the Imperial shuttle which attempted to stop Zaarin from stealing TIE Defender technology from the Parmel System. (TIE)

Omega Exercise
this was the name given to the final training exercise the trainees at the Imperial Academy on Carida had to pass for being allowed to graduate. In most cases, the Omega Exercise was real-life action against the Alliance, and many students "failed" the exercise when they were killed in battle. (SFE)

Omega Frost
this superweapon was developed by Silas Tagge, the brother of Baron Orman Tagge, for use against the Alliance. Essentially, Omega Frost was a collection of large, vaporator-like devices which produced incredibly low temperatures. When activited in concert, these devices froze everything between them to solid ice in just a few seconds. Any moisture caught within the confines of the Omega Frost weapon quickly turned to ice, often shattering any material in which moisture was trapped. Initial testing of the device was done on the planet Tatooine, where entire plains of sand were flash-frozen in seconds. Silas Tagge's goal, however, was much grander: to be able to freeze an entire planet. The Omega Frost device was discovered by Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, during Luke's mission to recruit pilots for the Alliance. In a daring move, Luke tried to infiltrate the Tagge starship and determine the plans for Omega Frost. He was captured and brought before Orman Tagge, but Luke defeated him in combat and escaped. His ship was purposely disabled by Orman's younger brother, Silas, and Luke was forced to land on one of the many asteroids near Junction. What Silas had not foreseen, however, was that Luke would make it to one of the asteroids where the Omega Frost generators had been placed. Luke was able to destroy its power source, and the loss of the generator shut down the entire Omega Frost system. The Alliance ships, free to move through the asteroids, destroyed the Tagge ship and continued to Junction. (MC32, MC34)

Omega One
this was the self-destruct code phrase used by Apwar Trigit aboard the Implacable. (WS)

Omega Order Five
this was the codename for the Imperial order to destroy all records - hardcopy, datafiles, computer cores, etc. - before abandoning a base of operations. (DARK)

Omega Signal
the retreat and evacuation code signal used by the Alliance and, later on, the New Republic. (ESBR, WS)

Omega Squad
this was the designation of a team of clone commandos that was formed in the wake of the Battle of Geonosis. Its four members - RC-1309, RC-1136, RC-8015, and RC-3222; otherwise known as Niner, Darman, Fi, and Atin, respectively - were each the sole survivors of other groups of commandos, and were put together for the Old Republic's mission to capture Ovolot Qail Uthan on Qiilura. Omega Squad was part of Arca Company, and was based out of Coruscant during the height of the Clone Wars. (RCHC, SWI81)

Omega, Granta
this man placed a bounty on the heads of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Wren Honoran, some five years before the onset of the Clone Wars. He grew up on the moon of Nierport Seven, after his month found work at the refuleing station there. When he was old enough, he left the moon for Yerphonia, where he attended the All Sciences Research Academy after being sponsored by Sano Sauro. Much of his early career is clouded with mystery, but at some point he began to despise the Jedi Knights. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Omega hired a number of bounty hunters in order to ensure that the Jedi were captured during a training mission on Ragoon-6. However, the Jedi managed to escape the various traps that were set, including one set by Omega himself. Further investigation by the Jedi revealed that Omega and a native of Nierport Seven and, while not a Sith himself, collected Sith artifacts with proceeds from a variety of legitmate business connections. Most of Omega's business dealings involved the location of rare ores and minerals, then buying out the entire mine for himself. He could then charge whatever price he wanted for resources needed by the rest of the galaxy. His business connections were nebulous, though, and were not enough to pin down his exact identity. Omega reappeared to thwart the Jedi on Haariden, only to flee into the smoke of the civil war there. Obi-Wan later discovered that Omega was on Haariden to extract titanite, ostensibly in an effort to corner the galactic market on bacta. Meanwhile, Omega captured Anakin and revealed that he was working to destroy Jedi Knights in order to impress Darth Sidious, in an effort to curry favor with the Sith Lord. His efforts on Haaridan were thwarted when the Kaachtari volcano erupted before he could secure the titanite mines, and he fled into the depths of space. He reappeared on Mawan in the guise of the crimelord Striker, again luring Anakin into his lair when he realized the Jedi were traveling to Mawan to negotiate peace. Holding Anakin as bait, he hoped to lure a member of the Jedi Council into his lair and kill them, in an effort to impress the Sith Lord he belived to be gathering power in the galaxy. While he did succeed in taking Yaddle's life, the bioweapon he used did nothing to the population of Mawan. Omega continued to scheme, forming brief alliances with both Feeana Tala and Decca the Hutt in order to lure the Jedi into trap after trap. As he fled Mawan, Omega revealed to Obi-Wan that he was, in fact, the son of Xanatos. Months later, Omega was discovered to be working with Jenna Zan Arbor, hoping to use the Zone of Self-Containment as a way to quell the population into submission. Obi-Wan and Anakin began searching for his whereabouts, a search that led then to Romin and Falleen before ending on Coruscant. On Coruscant, the Jedi discovered that Granta Omega had been planning all along to assassinate Chancellor Palpatine, in order to install Sano Sauro as his puppet ruler. All the clues the Jedi had been able to discover only shifted the tack of his plans. When the Jedi discovered the Blackwater Systems facility on Falleen, Omega let them believed that the true delivery mechanism for the Zone of Self-Containment was through water. In reality, he planned to distribute it through the air. Thus, when Obi-Wan intercepted him on Coruscant, Omega was able to escape with the last laugh. Although he was unprepared for the actions of Anakin Skywalker, Granta was able to escape knowing that the Zone would be distributed by a group of seeker droids he had pre-programmed to launch. It was after this escape that Omega was finally given a chance to meet the Sith, and was invited to Korriban for the meeting. He traveled to the remote world with Zan Arbor, knowing that the Jedi would eventually follow him. On Korriban, he found himself growing stronger in the presence of so much Dark Side energy, and believed that he could defeat the Jedi. He especially hoped to destroy Obi-Wan, and got his chance in one of the many tombs in the Valley of the Dark Jedi. After meeting with the being who claimed he was a Sith Lord, Omega confronted Obi-Wan, but the weapon he was using overheated. In the resulting explosion, Omega was smashed against a wall and crushed. He refused to end the fight, and managed to get up and attack Obi-Wan once more. Unable to find another solution, Obi-Wan drew his lightsaber and slashed deeply into Omega's body. As he died, he goaded Obi-Wan one final time, claiming that the Jedi would never learn the identity of the Sith Lord. (JQ2, JQ4, JQ6, JQ9, JQ10)

Omega, Tura
this woman was Granta Omega's mother. She arrived on Nierport Seven when he was three, and worked at the refueling station. She died two years after Granta left for the All Sciences Research Academy. (JQ4)

this Imperial Security Bureau ID denoted an incredibly high level of security. Actions and datafiles with Omega-1B clearance were highly confidential. (POM)

Omega-class Freighter
this was a boxy freighter that was designed for use by the Empire, during the height of the New Order. (IWST)

this Keganite woman was married to V-Nen. Together, they gave birth to a daughter, who was named O-Lana. They discovered that their daughter was strong with the Force, and contacted the Jedi Knights on Coruscant despite the possible destruction of the Common Good. When O-Lana was kidnapped and held in the Relearning Circle, O-Melie and V-Nen were unable to openly ask the Jedi to help, but instead pleaded with their eyes and their emotions. (FFT)

this female Ithorian served as the Flight Plan Supervisor aboard the herdship Errant Trader, overseeing all of the herdship's operations and managing its day-to-day needs. Serving under the command of Captain Onuumu, Supervisor Omgiya was known for her ability to resolve disputes among the herdship's passengers and crew. (GMR4)

an Imperial transport which was used to carry war materiel during the Galactic Civil War. It was captured by Keyan Farlander and his X-Wing squadron. (XW)

Omiddelon III
this planet was unusual in that its rotational plane is perpendicular to its orbital plane. This situation resulted in a planet of hostile weather conditions, dominated by an intensely hot climate broken only by a short mild season. After the mild season, Omiddelon III was subjected to a frigid winter, then another short period of mildness before returning to the blistering heat. Despite this hostile environment, the planet supported several forms of life, including the adar. (COG)

Omin, Isaru
this man was one of the Senate Guards, serving under Commander Zalin Bey during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Isaru and his partner, Sagoro Autem, were assigned to investigate the murder of Jheramahd Greyshade, allowing Obi-Wan Kenobi and his Padawan Anakin Skywalker to protect Simon Greyshade. Obi-Wan discovered that Isaru was quite sensitive to the Force, and Isaru revealed that he had been tested but was considered too old at two years of age to be trained. As the investigation proceeded, revealing that Greyshade's killer was Sagoro's older brother, Venco Autem, Isaru had to struggle to keep his personal feelings out of the investigation. He reluctantly supported Zalin Bey's order for Sagoro to leave the investigation, knowing that it was best for Sagoro's career. When the investigation was completed, after Sagoro was forced to shoot and kill Venco to protect Simon Greyshade, Isaru found himself between a rock and a hard place. Sagoro was his best friend, but Sagoro also planned to allow his son Reymet to flee Coruscant. Reymet would have been imprisoned for providing Sagoro's authorization codes to Venco, who used them to gain access to the Senate Rotunda. Isaru had planned to arrest Reymet, but was forced to arrest Sagoro instead. During the height of the Clone Wars, Omin was part of a Guard detachment that was assigned to protect Senator Bail Organa. In the wake of the Clone Wars, Isaru learned that his old friend Sagoro was on Coruscant, attending the ceremonies that announced the formation of the Imperial Fleet. When he learned that Sagoro had been targetted for arrest, Isaru took a chance and went to Sagoro's apartment to tell his friend to flee the planet before he was captured. When questioned about his motives by Sagoro, Isaru claimed that he was unable to reconcile serving in the new Imperial armed forces, and that his loyalties remained with his friends. Unfortunately, Isaru was confronted by Darth Vader shortly afterward, and the Dark Lord of the Sith was not happy that Sagoro had escaped. In his anger, Vader cut Isaru down with his lightsaber, ending his life with one swift stroke. (RHD, RHF, RL)

Ominaz, Ignar
one of the galaxy's most famous swoop racers, Ignar was popular during the last years of the Old Republic, when he vied with Serji-X Arrogantus for the Corulag championships. Ominaz rode an Ikas-Adno JP-420 swoop for Team Millennium Holos, and held a large number of speed and distance records. Years later, Ominaz was killed on Caprioril when an assassin droid wiped out an entire swoop arena in an attempt to kill the planet's governor, Amel Bakli. (SWSB, HNN5)

an Alliance starfighter pilot from the Outer Rim Territories, he was severly injured while capturing the Imperial transport ship Omicron. (XW)

this sweet-smelling incense was burned during the Yuuzhan Vong ceremony of appellation, or naming. (EVC)

this Aqualish was hired by the Federation of the Double Worlds to protect Talus' graveyards from robbers, who suddenly started stealing coffins and dead bodies during the months following the Battle of Yavin. (SWGAL)

a Dimok Lambda-class shuttle captured during the Galactic Civil War. (TIE)

this planet had a very diverse set of cultures during the height of the New Order. It was orbited by five moons. (SWJ3, SWJ12)

this man was the king of the planet Onderon some 350 years after the start of the Beast Wars, shortly before the Great Sith War. Like his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather before him, Ommin took control of Onderon and ruled through the use of the Dark Side of the Force. He became enthralled by Freedon Nadd's teachings, and when the spirit of Nadd approached him, Ommin allowed the Dark Jedi to grow in power. When the Jedi Knights were dispatched to Onderon to put an end to the Beast Wars, Ommin was revealed as Freedon Nadd's descendant. He carried some of the Dark Side ability with him, and his marriage to Queen Amanoa helped to bring out the Dark Side in him. Following the death of Amanoa during the intervention of Jedi Master Arca and his Jedi Knights, Ommin went into hiding, and was kept alive by mechanical means. Only his daughter, Galia, and a few trusted advisors knew he was still alive. When Arca came to Ommin to request help in recovering the stolen remains of Freedon Nadd, Ommin drew on the Dark Side of the Force to capture Arca. Ommin used the Dark Side to reach out to Satal Keto and Aleema, who had stolen Sith artifacts from the Galactic Museum on Coruscant. However, the artifacts couldn't save Ommin from the pureness of the Light Side, which had led Ulic Qel-Droma to his underground lair. Qel-Droma defeated Ommin with a swift slash of his lightsaber, crumpling Ommin's mechanical armatures and reducing the withered king to a formless mass of flesh. The spirit of Freedon Nadd, set free by the use of the Sith artifacts, finished what Ulic had started by taking Ommin's soul. (FNU, DLS, TOJC)

Ommis, Kesin
this weapons specialist was a native of Coruscant. He joined the Alliance about a year after the Battle of Yavin, and served as a gunnery mate on several starships including the escort frigate Tharen. An expert in weapons operation, Kesin was assigned to the Echo Base to assist wherever possible. He pulled gunnery duty with Hobbie Klivian during the Battle of Hoth, where he was injured in the fighting. (CCG3, SWI74)

Ommni Box
a device which can alter the tones and sounds of musical instruments. It takes a great deal of aural sensitivity, coupled with intense concentration and analytic ability, to manage the instrument. It helps attenuate and clip the music at precise tones and ranges, adding to the overall composition. It takes in the surrounding music by way of a unique, multi-level receptor dish. (TME)

Ommni Wheel
this was the name of the wheel-shaped device found at the top of an Ommni Box, which was used to modulate the sound produced by the instrument. (VD)

Omni Box
see Ommni Box (MBS)

this Venan woman was a Baroness from the planet Vena, who represented her homeworld during its negotiations with the Old Republic. Some thirteen years before the Battle of Naboo, Omnino's husand Kindoro was killed while traveling through Republic space under the escort of Qui-Gon Jinn. She held a grudge against the Jedi Knights, and Qui-Gon in particular, for the rest of her life. Baroness Omnino became the ruler of the planet Vena in the wake of Kindoro's death, and served as regent for their son Sando. However, she lacked her husband's leadership skills, and she was forced to deal with the Vena Isolationist faction herself. She turned to the use of mind-control devices to manipulate other beings, thereby keeping the isolationists under control. Shortly before the Battle of Naboo, she was targetted for assassination by the Vena Isolationists from her homeworld, who wanted to keep Vena neutral in galactic politics, and was attacked when she arrived on Coruscant. In an unexpected turn of events, she requested Qui-Gon's protection while she was on Coruscant. She apologized to Qui-Gon, but secretly began plotting her revenge against him. She used her son, Sando's, disappearance near Ord Mantell as an excuse to draw Qui-Gon into her trust. She hoped to have Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Kenobi stumble upon Taxer Sundown's operations on Ord Mantell, where they would have already destroyed the reputation of the Jedi. When Omnino realized that the Jedi had uncovered her plotting, Omnino used a mind-control device similar to Taxer Sundown's to capture Chancellor Valorum and hold him hostage. Qui-Gon was forced to confront her, and when he tricked her into watching her step, Qui-Gon beheaded her with his lightsaber. (LSOM, WOTC)

OmniNode ComSet
this BCC communication package provides a wide range of real-time, multisignal communications. (ROE)

a device which can track and destroy a probe droid. (PDS)

an invigorating and rejuvenating automatic cleaner used in most spas and resorts, the omniron employed a series of six fifteen-second cycles to thoroughly cleanse a being's body. It first issued a cold-water spray, followed by sonic vibration, heat, cleansing, air drying, and an emollient rub. (HSL)

this droid brain was fast enough to record and calculate ten million bits of information per second. The OmniTask was used primarily in droids which mediated disputes and acted as translators, as it allowed them to assimilate a huge quantity of data on an alien culture in a short period of time. (GOF1)

this was the name of one of Siep-Irol's passive sensor systems. They were used on the Sienar Fleet Systems GAT-12j blastboat. (TTSB)

Omo Bouri
this Wol Cabbashite was the Jedi Master who orchestrated the famous Treaty of Trammis a century before the Battle of Naboo. Master Bouri was known to have been the instructor of Saesee Tiin, and instilled in the Iktochi a sense of conviction which only increased after Master Bouri passed away. (SWDB)

Omo Taj
this Carosite leader of the planet Carosi XII, Taj allowed the New Republic to set up an outpost on the planet. (PG2)

this Drackmarian female was the owner of Nabrun Leids' contract until the Morseerian broke it and fled. After the Battle of Endor, she met up with Han Solo in one of Coruscant's casinos. She got into a high-stakes sabacc match with him, and eventually lost the deed to the planet Dathomir to Han. She passed it off as a Drackmarian world. Omogg was later captured and interrogated by Ta'a Chume's personal guards who were searching for Solo and Leia Organa, but the interrogation was interrupted by Luke Skywalker, to whom she gives the name and location of Dathomir. (CPL, SSR)

this small creature, native to the planet Ansion, was sometimes kept as a pet by the Gwurran. (APS)

Omon Gantrum
this Quarren ran Mos Eisley's Spaceport Express, a messaging service. He was partners with Norun Gep. On the side, Omon made an alliance with Lady Valarian, allowing her to periodically check his shpiments for anything worth her while. (GG7)

Omonda, Canna
this woman replaced Mon Mothma as Chandrila's Senator, and served until Emperor Palpatine dissolved the Senate. She openly criticized the dismantling of the Senate, which angered Palpatine. He charged her with treason, and sent three Star Destroyers to Chandrila to execute her. She was publicly executed during the planet's Fete Week. (SWJ3, SWJ4)

OmoTact Corporation
this manufacturer produced unusual skyships like the Roahks 7m for use in planetary atmospheres. (GG2)

Omow Moder
this Ithorian studied the ecology of the planet Clak'Dor VII during the height of the New Order, but found himself at odds with the native Bith over scientific methods. While the Bith were overly logical in their approach to the environment, Omow Moder wanted to simply get onto a solution to the planet's problem. However, he remained on Clak'Dor VII to continue to learn anything he could about the situation. (GORW)

this planet was the site of the Imperial fleet records system, in the years following the Battle of Endor. (VOF)

this infamous Nalroni criminal was the leader of the Hy'thor Pirate gang, during the early years of the Galactic Civil War. (AIR)

Ompren, Sil
this Imperial Colonel was killed when their repulsorcraft was sabotaged by Ostan Atur and exploded. (SWJ10)

manufacturers of large-scale shield generators for capital ships. (SCRE)

this Wookiee was known as one of Kachirho's most skilled adventurers, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (SWGAL)

the homeworld of the Omwati race, Omwat was located in the Outer Rim Territories. Omwat was covered with sprawling savannas and rugged mountains. During the height of the Clone Wars, Omwat was the site of an intense battle some six months after the destruction of Honoghr. (JS, YDR)

this was the name given to the native language of the Omwati people. The spoken form was considered an elegant language, made up from a collection of odd tonal inflections. The written form resembled a flowing script in which letters fit together like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. (ANT, UANT)

a race of bird-like humanoids native to the planet Omwat, the Omwati have light blue skin and feathers for hair. They have wide, blue eyes. The Omwati children are extremely bright, and are capable on astounding mental feats. Their civilization evolved with the basic premise that the Omwati were the only sentient species in the galaxy. Thus, their society was based on technological advancement that did not disrupt the natural environment in which they lived. This society was altered when Wilhuff Tarkin first discovered the planet Omwat. He left behind new forms of technology, but he hid the fact that a colony of Omwati lived on the planet Coruscant. Tarkin then kept the Omwati as his indentured laborers, using the best and brightest Omwati children for the development of super weapons. After the Battle of Endor, the New Republic eventually made contact with the Omwati, but only after they were given proof of the deaths of Tarkin and the Emperor. (JS, ANT)

this was one of the most common male names used by members of the Ithorian race. Although most Ithorian names were not used for a specific meaning, historians found that this name meant "persuasive" or "influential". (GCG)

Omze'kehr Kahr
this old Sludir was the owner and operator of Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport. Omze was the brother of the Sludir known as Big Quince, and held a deep-seated grudge against Platt Okeefe. He was the sole keeper of the cruiser's schedule, and was known to leave a system at a moment's notice if things suited him. He was rarely seen by the patrons of the Starport, and very few knew that he was once a great fighter on the planet Loovria. It was on this planet that he grew to hate humankind, especially gamblers who bet on the kinds of gladiator fights he had participated in. (PSPG)

Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport
this bulk cruiser, formerly known as the Allanthia, was purchased by the Sludir Omze'kehr Kahr and transformed into a mobile starport. Omze added three main docking bays in the ship's holds, each of which could hold four small freighters. Its decks were scattered with free-traders hawking a variety of wares and services, and the variety of alien races was unparalleled. Omze and his ship traveled throughout the Mid and Outer Rim Territories, providing services and entertainment as it moved. The ship's schedule was known only to Omze himself, and changed at a moment's notice. One of the most distinguishing features of Omze's Incredible Traveling Starport was its anti-human bias. (PSPG)

Ona Kragg
this male Kadas'sa'Nikto was a known associate of Longo Two-Guns during the years leading up to the Battle of Naboo. Jabba the Hutt issued a bounty for his capture in connection with the killing of four members of Jabba's personal staff, which was eventually claimed by Jango Fett, who was on Tatooine trying to arrange a meeting with Jabba. (BH)

Ona Nobis
this Sorrusian female was a bounty hunter who worked for Jenna Zan Arbor some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. She operated under the alias of Reesa On, as a goad to any being who would try to catch her. Ona was a member of Goq Cranna's tribe, and swayed the tribal leaders to agree to the plan which diverted water from their lands and formed the Arra Desert. She was exiled from her tribe, and went to work as a bounty hunter. Ona's signature weapon was a multi-mode whip, which had a laser actuator at the tip and could shoot blaster bolts when used in laser mode. It could also be used simply as a whip. Ona got involved with Zan Arbor when she was looking for Force-sensitive individuals to test out her theories on, and paid Nobis a stipend for bringing them in. After the Jedi Knights Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi were forced to investigate Zan Arbor's part in the attacks on Didi and Astri Oddo, Zan Arbor used Ona Nobis to eliminate the Jedi. She was unable to do so, but managed to severely injured Didi Astri. Ater failing to capture Tino on Simpla-12 because of the efforts of Obi0Wan, Ona Nobis declared her employment with Zan Arbor to be completed, and set out to hunt down Obi-Wan on her own. She laid a trap for them on Sorrus, but was unable to capture them. Ona Nobis was forced to trail the Jedi to Belasco, using R'aya Noor as bait to lure them into a trap set by Zan Arbor. In the end, however, Zan Arbor was captured, and Ona Nobis herself was killed in a fall while in battle with Obi-Wan. (EVE, TDR)

Ona Shai
this Yuuzhan Vong, a member of Domain Shai, was the commander of the worldship Baanu Miir, during the invasion of the known galaxy. She was younger than the ship's primary Shaper, Nen Yim, yet held the rank of Prefect. Ona Shai had been born with a slight stoop to her spine, but was allowed to survive because it did not impede her abilities. Nonetheless, living with the deformity had given Ona Shai an air of exciteability and irritability, which came out when Nen Yim discovered that the Baanu Miir was going to die before another worldship could be grown in the shipwomb near Sernpidal. Ona Shai grew impatient with the lack of progress in reparing the ship, especially after Master Shaper Kae Kwaad came aboard. She was unaware that the Master was investigating Nen Yim's heretical approach to Shaping at the behest of Supreme Overlord Shimrra. (EVR)

see Onacra (SWDB)

meaning "considerate" - or, more literally, "living others' lives" - this was one of the most common names among Rodian males. These names generally described characteristics of historical individuals, and different Rodian clans used up to three names to describe an individual. (GCG)

Onaconda Farr
this Rodian represented his homeworld of Rodia in the Old Republic Senate, some ten years after the Battle of Naboo. It was Senator Farr who first accused the upper echelons of the Galactic Senate of conspiring with the Separatists, an accusation which led to the arrest of Yir Tangee Senator Havriso Looruya. Senator Farr claimed to have evidence of more than 240 Senators and Judicial officials who were connected to the Separatist movement. In the wake of Senator Looruya's censure, Senator Farr was named to the membership of the Loyalist Committee in his stead, shortly after the death of his brother and sister-in-law in a house fire. He was named the head of the action subcommittee tasked with defending the Corellian Trade Spine, but his efforts proved worthless in the face of an all-out assault led by General Grievous. Amid public and political outcry, Senator Farr resigned as the head of the subcommittee. However, Senator Farr was blamed - along with Senator Ronet Coorr - for the loss of the planet Duro and its shipyards to the Separatist forces under General Grievous, during the height of the Clone Wars. Investigation by the Senate Bureau of Intelligence discovered that warships had been dispatched from Iseno to protect Duro, but had been rerouted to protect Rodia instead. Initial thoughts were that the rerouting was a mistake, but the investigation clearly pointed to Senator Farr's role in trying to protect his homeworld. Senator Coor was forced to resign amidst the scandal, tendering his resignation and returning to Iseno in shame. (SWDB, HNN5, OWS, SWI75, SWI76)

this small farming community was founded by the Separatists during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was located on the planet Aduba-3, near the ancient laboratory of the Dark Jedi Seviss Vaa. Onacra was briefly controlled by Serji-X Arrogantus and the Cloud Riders during the years leading up to the Battle of Yavin, until Han Solo and Chewbacca helped bring down Arrogantus' band. Note that the Star Wars Databank indicates that the name of this city is Onachra. (GMR4, SWDB)

this was the term used to describe the human inhabitants of the city of Onacra, on the planet Aduba-3. (SWMW)

this planet was located in the Minos Cluster. It was a dry world whose surface seemed to be covered with soot, and which lacked any profitable metals. It was also an ancient, backwater world, and warranted very little attention from the rest of the galaxy. This made it an excellent location for those beings who wanted to live without an overbearing government. It was said that the natives of Onadax had fifty different words for dust. Astroarchaeologists believed that Onadax itself had been formed by an agglomeration of asteroids, and the planet's rampant population of mynocks seemed to bear this out. (FH2, FH3, SWI75)

this reddish-gray-colored creature was native to the temperate marshes of Osirrag, where they live in nomadic herds. Onahk preyed upon the aquatic birds and reptiles of the planet, picking them from the surface of the water. Onahks measure a meter in length and over two meters in height, with much of their height attributed to their long necks. They move about on six thin legs, and have a group of sensory stalks on the front and rear of their bodies. The longer, front stalks were for taste while the rear stalks were for smell. They had two air sacs located inside their bodies to give them natural bouyancy. At the end of their necks was a sophisticated set of eyes, while their mouths were located under their bodies. They are equally at home in the water and on land, but must breathe air in order to survive. The neck of the onahk is unusual in that it can be extended or contracted by regulating the bloodflow in its flesh. More blood in the vessels of the neck extends the neck, while a reduction in blood caused it to contract. (COG)

Onasi Blaster
this ancient weapon was believed to have been produced during the years following the Great Sith War and the Great Hunt, to the specifications of Carth Onasi. It disappeared sometime after the Mandalorian Wars, although it appeared several times in the wake of the Jedi Civil War, although not in the possession of Carth Onasi. According to weapons experts, the Onasi Blaster was inscribed with the Onasi family crest. (KOTOR2)

Onasi, Carth
a native of the planet Telos, this man was a hot-shot pilot who served the Old Republic some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. During the Great Sith War, Onasi helped transport Jedi Knights into battle. At 38 years old, he was a grizzled veteran who fought against the Mandalorians and was hailed as a hero of the battle. In the wake of the battle against the Mandalorians, in which Onasi witnessed the treachery of the Sith, he suffered from personal tragedy and betrayal that left him with a deep hatred of the Sith. His wife was killed, and his son, Dustil, was lost on Telos when Darth Malak destroyed much of the planet's surface. Shortly afterward, Carth's former mentor, Saul Karath, was seduced by the Sith and turned against the Republic. Carth continued to fight alongside the Jedi Knights in their struggle against Darth Malak, but his motivation came from a desire to avenge his loss, rather than his loyalty to the Old Republic. After the Endar Spire was shot down over Taris, Onasi struggled to keep the survivors alive long enough to locate Bastila Shan. After returning to the Republic, Carth agreed to help locate the Star Forge, a mission that allowed him to carry out one act of revenge. Aboard the Leviathan, Carth slew Karath before escaping the ship. Carth Onasi was voiced by Raphael Sbarge in the video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. (SWI67, KOTOR, SWDB)

Onasi, Dustil
this young man was Carth Onasi's only son. During the Great Sith War, Dustil was separated from his mother when Darth Malak ravaged the planet. Dustil managed to go into hiding, but was eventually captured and taken to Korriban with a woman known only as Selene. While on Korriban, Dustil was told that Selene had died in the valley, but she had actually been executed by the Sith. Then, Dustil was placed under the tutelage of Master Uthar Wynn, who felt that the youth had the potential to become a great Dark Jedi. Dustil was eventually reunited with his father. (SWDB, KOTOR)

this military man was one of the many Alliance supporters who lived on the planet Ord Vaug during the height of the Galactic Civil War. When the inhabitants of the planet Vandelhelm wanted to ensure the safety of the Venerated Ones, Lilli and Endro, General Onassi agreed to help keep the children safe by transporting them to Ord Vaug. In the wake of the Battle of Endor, General Onassi agreed to turn the children over to Han Solo, so that he could return them to Vandelhelm. (PH)

this planet is the primary planet in the Japrael system of three planets. It has a temperate climate, and was home to a primitive race of humanoids. It has four moons. The primary moon, Dxun, orbitted very close to the planet millenia ago, and the various Dxun beasts jumped to the planet. The Onderonians struggled against the beasts, eventually gathering new technologies and building a huge walled city to protect themselves from the beasts. The Onderonians then threw their criminal out into the wilderness without any protection from the beasts. The outcasts soon learned to defend themselves, and a second civilization grew out of the outcasts. They two groups remained at war with each other for many years, and the Old Republic asked the Jedi to watch over the world. When Master Arca took over its watch and assigned Ulic Qel-Droma to the planet, the war was ended when the Onderonian princess Galia married the Beastprince. Onderon was also the planet on which Freedon Nadd tried to set up his Sith Kingdom. Like many other fringe worlds, the Onderonians have a distrust of aliens. (FNU, DLS, TOJC)

this was the version of the Galactic Standard language spoken by the natives of the planet Onderon, during the era of the Sith War which occurred when Satal and Aleema Keto took control of the planet. (DSSB)

Onderonian War Machine
this was a modified form of Akin-Dower Groundborer, augmented with four medium blasters for use as a combat vehicle by the ancient followers of Freedon Nadd. (TOJC, FNU)

Ondi, Candice
this woman served the Alliance as the chief information officer on the moon of Sulon, during the year leading up to the Battle of Yavin. She worked with a specially-designed droid known as A-Cee. Candice held the rank of Captain, and took her job quite seriously. Unfortunately, Candice was killed in the fight to free Sulon. (SFE)

Jedi scholars believed that this mythic planet might have been the birthplace of the Jedi Order, mellinnia before the Battle of Yavin. Other possibilities include Had Abbadon and Utapau. (PJSB)

this was the Basic translation of the Yapi word for an intelligent species. The Yapi considered the Imperial officers who came to Kathol with Moff Kentor Sarne to be the "Grey Ones" because of the color of their uniforms. Stormtroopers were considered "White Ones," while the crew of the FarStar and the New Republic were considered "New Ones." (E)

One Below
this was a term used by many to describe the Jedi Master Yaddle, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It stemmed from her 200-year imprisonment at the hands of the Advozse warlord Tulak, on the planet Koba. The name was first given to her by the Kobans, who also coined the phrase, The One Below stays below. (JQ6)

One Good Deal
this was a phrase used by the Squib to describe the goal of their pursuit of happiness. (HR)

One Hundred Percent
this phrase was used by the clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic to indicate that something was perfect or ready. (TCD)

One Liner
see Flat Liner. (SN)

One Scourge
this was the designation of the first unit of Yuuzhan Vong warriors aboard the Baanu Rass, assigned by Nom Anor to capture - alive, at all costs - the Jedi Knights who had infiltrated the worldship in an effort to destroy the voxyn queen. The entire company of One Scourge was eliminated by the Jedi, much to the chagrin of Warmaster Tsavong Lah. (SBS)

One Shot
this was a false identity maintained by Sythluss Leethe for his YT-1300 freighter, The Maker. (SWJ13)

One Who Creates, The
see Maker, The (SW, OWS)

One, The
according to the legends ascribed to Lord Aragh of the Highland Clans of the planet Skye, The One was the being who would eventually free the S'kytri race from Imperial domination. The prophesy was fulfilled when Luke Skywalker arrived on Skye and helped to restore the Supreme Council to power. The true identity of The One was a secret that the S'kytri guarded for many years. (GMR1)

One, The
this Rakatan individual opposed the leadership of the Elders, during the height of the Great Sith War. Many of his followers were captured and imprisoned for speaking out against the Elders. (KOTOR)

One, The
this being was a member of a strange race of aliens which had existed for eons in the depths of space. They were descended from a race of organic machines, who were built by an extinct race whose sun went supernova. The machines survived, and continued to grow. While their creators had no urge to explore space, The One and his race began travelling across the galaxy. Being somewhat conservative, though, they shied away from any contact with other lifeforms. They were huge, rounded versions of the droid known as Vuffi Raa, appearing as fifty-kilometer-wide, polished-silver starships that were ovoid in shape. As they evolved, these unusual creatures built other organic ships in which to transport their knowledge. However, in the ages since the destruction of their creators, The One's race had grown stagnant, and they longed for excitement and risks. After foreseeing that his race might die out because of racial stagnation, the One decided to take matters into his own hands, and created Vuffi Raa as a reconnaissance machine. He hoped that Vuffi Raa would make contact with many various lifeforms in the galaxy and report back to The Rest with his findings. He planted Vuffi Raa in a starship cargo hold, and activated him prematurely, setting of the chain of events that eventually led to the Imperial blockade of the ThonBoka. The One, The Other, and The Rest rushed to the ThonBoka, only to find that the Oswaft and Lando Calrissian had matters pretty much under control. The One and his counterparts intervened when the Imperials were about to turn the tide of the battle. (LCS)

an Alliance freighter group which escaped from the Battle of Hoth. It was later intercepted in the Javin Sector. (TIE)

this was the nickname of New Republic Lieutenant Gulley's wingmate. (TT)

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