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Osmotic Veil
this form of mask was developed for use in operating rooms and hospitals, where the risk of airborne contagions was high. When drawn over the face, the osmotic veil allowed air molecules to pass through, but kept larger particles and most biological bodies from entering. (MBS)

Oso Nim
a Duro encountered by Han Solo and Leia Organa on Belsavis, in the Smoking Jets bar. Oso provided them with information on Drub McKumb and Plett's house. She met Drub just before he disappeared. Oso also provided leads on Nubblyk's operations on Belsavis. (COJ)

meaning "spicy" or "hot", this name was common among Gungan females. (GCG)

an Imperial Nebulon-B2 modified frigate which assisted the Harpax in capturing Admiral Harkov's fleet. (TIE)

OSS Telira
one of Osman Shrier's cruise ships, the OSS Telira is a modified Corellian CR90 Corvette that runs between Elshandruu Pica and Quence Sector. (GG9)

Oss Willum
a thin humanoid Vultan apprenticed to Jedi Master Thon, just before the Great Sith War. He made a living as a simple trader, until the day he rescued an Old Republic courier ship by hailing a Republic prowler. He suddenly realized that a single being could greatly alter the events of the galaxy, and also realized that he had been squandering his own life. He spent a year in seclusion before he realized that he could feel the Force, and so he decided to listen to the Force and become a Jedi. He had been training with Master Thon for five years prior to two interrelated events: the arrival of Tott Doneeta to Ambria, and Thon's apprenticeship of Nomi Sunrider. Oss was assigned to Tott's team that included Ulic Qel-Droma and his brother Cay, which went to Onderon. Oss Willum, along with Crado and a group of about twenty yong Jedi, were seduced by Exar Kun into joining him on Yavin 4. There, Kun destroyed the Sith holocron he stole from Odan-Urr, releasing the Sith magic in the shards that exploded from it. The shards caught the young Jedi, including Oss Willum, and they were temporarily possessed by ancient Sith spirits. Oss Willum and Crado were charged with the destruction of Master Thon, on Ambria, and plotted to use the Dark Side beasts of Lake Natth to do the dirty work for them. Thon, with the help of Nomi Sunrider and Sylvar, defeated the beasts and attempted to take the two renegades captive. Crado was able to escape, but Oss Willum was taken. He eventually was brought out of the Sith spell. (TOJ, TSW, TOJC)

a dim-witted, child-like race which inhabits the planet Ossel II, the Ossan are a humanoid race whose primary weapons are clubs and spears. They are the favorite food of the predatory cucul. The average Ossan stands just under two meters tall, and has a rodent-like face with a conical snout that ends in a single nostril. They are a heavy-set people, with huge torsoes supported by short, stocky legs. Their arms are gangly compared to the rest of their body, and their strength was surprising for such a docile-seeming people. The Ossan also harvested the syp wood, and trade it to off-worlders for passage. House Vandron used enslaved Ossan to run their Karfeddion slave-breeding farms. (GG4, COJ, SWJ3)

Ossel II
this planet, noted for its strong gravitational force, was located in the Outer Rim. Much of its surface was covered with steaming bogs. It was the homeworld of the Ossan race, and was known for its syp trees, which produced beautiful wood. The atmosphere of Ossell II was brownish-green in color, due to high concentrations of sulfur and chlorine. (GG4, COJ, SWJ10)

this was the only habitable planet, and sole world, found in the Osseriton System. The Hemes Arbora people migrated to Osseriton after leaving their homeworld of Carrivar. The planet was located in the Unknown Regions. (FH2)

Ossiki Confederacy Army
this was one of the primary military groups from the planet Toydaria. One of several such armies which protected individual cities and clans, the Ossiki Confederacy Army was a regular participant in the seasonal wars fought among the Toydarians. They were known, or perhaps infamous, for their use of chemical weapons which destroyed the food stocks of their rivals. A former leader once declared, "If we can't have it, no one can." (SWDB, NEGC)

Ossilege, Hortel
the Bakuran Admiral, in charge of the Bakuran Navy, about the time of the Corellian uprisings. He is a small, slightly-built man with a bald, pink head highlighted by huge, bushy eyebrows and a sharp goatee beard. He has a quick intellect, and a suspicious nature. He was mortally wounded aboard the Intruder when the ship was rammed by three Saccorian droneships. He sustained a grievous wound to the stomach, but stayed in command long enough for Admiral Ackbar to arrive. Then, he detonated the Intruder in the midst of the Saccorian fleet. (AS, SC)

Ossk Kassa
this male Trandoshan was one of the many thugs who worked for Gardulla the Hutt during the years following the Battle of Naboo. A bounty was issued for his capture, which Jango Fett later claimed during a mission to meet with Gardulla to discuss the Bando Gora cult. (BH)

Osskum Ale
an alcoholic beverage. (ROM)

Ossom Okwar
this was a distniguished member of the Pacithhip society. (UANT)

this beautiful, underwater city was seat of the gods who created all life on Naboo, according to Gungan legend. The city, where Oma-Oma held sway, was supposed to be protected by enhcanted sando aqua monsters and giant Gungan warriors astride their kaadus. (GB)

hailed as the "new breed" of bounty hunter after the dissolution of the True Guild and the Guild Reform Committee, this individual was equipped with state-of-the-art hardware. Many believed that Osss-10 had corporate or other forms of sponsorship, in order to afford the equipment he used. However, Osss-10 was outsmarted by Boba Fett, who was piloting N'dru Suhlak's Z-95 Headhunter, during Fett's search for the load shifter droid owned by Kuat of Kuat. (HM)

this name was common among the Kerestian people. (UANT)

the third planet in the Adega system, Ossus was home to the site of an ancient Jedi stronghold and training center thousands of years before the Freedon Nadd Uprisings and the Great Sith War. Many historians believe that the Jedi Order originated on Ossus, but this was only conjecture. The planet's atmosphere was laced with electrical storms, probably resulting from the near-devastation it suffered during the Clone Wars. It orbited each of the stars Adega Prime and Adega Besh in an unusual figure-eight orbit, while the other planets in the system had elliptical orbits around both stars. Following the Freedon Nadd Uprisings on Onderon, Jedi Master Arca planned to send the ancient Sith artifacts recovered from Freedon Nadd's ship there for examination, but Exar Kun was able to retrieve them first. In the chaos surrounding the Great Sith War, Aleema Keto and Crado destroyed the Cron System, located near the Adega System. Ossus was caught in the wave of destruction radiating from the supernova. The Jedi attempted to transport the artifacts and lore from the libraries there, but were only able to take a fraction of the wealth stored there over the millennia. In an attempt to preserve a cache of lightsabers, Master Ood Bnar initiated his lifecycle change, becoming a gnarled old tree with the lightsabers engtangled in his roots. He was nearly destroyed by the radiation from the Cron System. Over the ages, great cities grew out of the planet's rough, irradiated terrain. In modern times, the planet was nearly wiped out during the Clone Wars. The enemies of the Jedi Knights struck there, attempting to destroy the stronghold and root out the Jedi. Although the planet was devastated, the Jedi survived. Later, following the death of Emperor Palpatine's first clone on Byss, Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar discover the planet's ancient Jedi connection, and were directed there by Master Vodo's holocron just before Sedriss executed Operation Shadow Hand. There, they found the Ysanna tribe and the ancient Jedi Master Ood Bnar. In the wake of the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, Master Skywalker chose to establish a new Jedi training academy on Ossus. (FNU, DLS, TSW, DE1, DE2, SWJ15, ECH, GORW, DN1)

Ossus Day
this Alliance Mon Calamari MC80a cruiser was operative during the Galactic Civil War. It was named in honor of the Old Republic practice of pausing to remember and reflect upon the planet Ossus and its wonders, before they were destroyed during the Great Sith War. (TIE, GORW)

Ossus Day
although not officially recognized as a holiday, this date was set aside by the Old Republic as a time for reflection and remembrance, after the planet Ossus was destroyed during the Great Sith War. Ossus Day was not observed on a regular basis, at least in terms of the Coruscant calendar. Instead, it was observed based on the seasonal time at which both of Ossus' moons aligned themselves with respect to a pair of obelisks that were once found in the city of Knossa. (GORW)

this was a common name among Quarren females. It referred to a gemstone found in the depths of Mon Calamari's oceans. (GCG)

this gemstone was found in the deeper parts of the oceans that covered Mon Calamari. (GCG)

Ostan Atur
this Lowen female was implicated in the meleenium heist at the Qua'Tahc mines on Af'El, during the early years of the New Republic. A noted saboteur, Ostan grew up in a world of mercenaries and smugglers before signing on with Tolad Dor. While working for Dor, Ostam was arrested after killing Sil Ompren by sabotaging his speeder. After many successful raids with Dor, Ostan set out on her own, and started up a partnership with Rani Quanic in the Minos Cluster. (SWJ10)

this was the userid of a computer hacker who participated in various discussions on the Cularin node of the HoloNet, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was ostenmustdie who called for the arrest and execution of Osten Dal'Nay, after a message appeared on the 'Net describing the killing of Commander Kulkis. Ostenmustdie claimed that Dal'Nay was trying to cover up a deeper motive by posting the account of Kulkis' death, hoping to be proclaimed a heroic son of Cularin while secretly carrying out some evil plan. (LFCW)

this moon, the third in orbit around Genarius, was the orbital counterpart to Ulbasca. Where Ulbasca was constantly bathed with light, Ostfrei was locked in perpetual darkness. The atmosphere of Ostfrei was laden with carbon monoxide and methane, and soot particles have been suspended in the air after centuries of volcanic activity. (LFC)

Ostrad Peninsula
this point of swampland was located between Otoh Gunga and the Gungan Sacred Place, on the planet Naboo. (E1A11)

found on the planet Hargeeva, this mineral had many unique properties. The chief property was that ostrine could absorb heat like a sponge. This made it a valuable mineral for the production of armor plating for stormtroopers and soldiers. Ketrian Altronel discovered a method of crystalline manipulation and plas-bonding of certain trace elements that modified raw ostrine into a heat-absorbing material unlike anything else in the galaxy. Its natural absorption properties were multiplied ten-fold. Major Nial Pedrin took the formula for use by the Empire, and hoped to bring Ketrian to Coruscant for more research. However, she defected while en route to an Imperial facility, and used the formula to improve the firepower of X-Wings by adding ostrine to the housings of their laser cannons. (SWJ8)

Osuno Whett
Osuno Whett was a tall, gray-skinned humanoid with a high-pitched voice and an inability to make a decision. He did, however, have very definite goals of conquest and power, and his image of himself was bolstered when he underwent surgery to have bonemer implanted in his legs, arms, shoulders, and spine to increase his size. A native of the Lekua System, Whett was a renowned scholar there, earning the title of Ottdefa there before becoming an Associate Professor of Comparative Sapient Studies. He was assisted by the droid Vuffi Raa, who was sent to Whett by Rokur Gepta. Together they discovered the Renatasian System and its primitive human inhabitants. Whett saw the Renatasians as simple, ignorant people, and he planned to use them to further his own ambitions. He worked for 700 days with Vuffi Raa, who the Renatasians regarded as a deity, keeping a low profile as Vuffi Raa's assistant while arranging an invasion of the system by an Imperial fleet. The Renatasians later blamed Vuffi Raa for the invasion, since the droid seemed to be the controlling things, and Whett fled with the droid before the truth could be told. Whett then found work as a research anthropologist, working for Duttes Mer in the Rafa System before coming to the Oseon System, where he did some research on the Sharu. Little did Whett know that Mer was working with the Tund Sorcerer Rokur Gepta to locate the Mindharp of Sharu and use it to control the system. They used Whett to help them locate all the various Sharu legends, and then sent him to the Oseon System to seek out all possible candidates who fit the description of the Bearer. When Whett encountered Lando Calrissian, he tricked Lando into winning the droid Vuffi Raa, who was being held on Rafa IV as a stand-in for the Emissary of Sharu legend. Whett was further pulled into Gepta's web following Lando's recovery of the Mindharp. Whett was commissioned by Gepta to study the Oswaft, and determine how they could best be used to further Gepta's plans for power. Whett tried to secretly determine what kind of creature Gepta was, but was unable to so, because his role in the destruction of the Renatasian invasion was discovered by Klyn Shanga. Shanga turned his forces loose on Whett's tiny ship, which was connected to Shanga's battleship pinnace by a tractor beam. Shanga used the beam to maneuver Whett's ship into a side-on collision with the Wennis, vaporizing Whett and his ship while destroying the Wennis and her crew. (LCM, LCS)

this race of huge, manta-ray-like beings evolved in the vacuum of space, specifically in the region of space known as the ThonBoka, or StarCave. They evolved over the eons into space grazers, constantly gaining sustenance by filtering the various elements that floated in the vacuum. They were powerful, winged creatures which had a multitude of fleshy tendrils streaming from their undersides. It was these tendrils that allowed an Oswaft to manipulate objects. Normal adults were known to reach lengths of 750 meters or more, while the Elders could grow to 1,000 meters. They had strange, transparent flesh, inside of which could be seen the colors and sparks of chemical reactions. It was believed that some two-thirds of their body mass was used as their brain. When an Oswaft died, their flesh became opaque, and eventually decomposed into its molecular components. Oswaft could communicate across vast distances almost instantly by modulating radio waves to form complex strings of images and concepts, and they developed a way to manipulate microwaves to enter hyperspace by themselves. This allowed them to "skip" anywhere in an instant, although the nature of the Oswaft society was to stay at home in the StarCave, where they could avoid the dangers of what they called the Open Sea of space. They were incredibly intelligent, but had only gained knowledge within the confines of the StarCave. Thus, they were unimaginative beings with incredibly long lifespans, and their society was steeped in conservative traditions. They were virtually immune to fear, and never panicked. The Oswaft had the ability to sythesize complex molecular structures, provided that they had the raw atomic material to start with. The Oswaft society was ruled by a group of Elders, and was believed to have numbered in the billions, all living inside the ThonBoka. When Emperor Palpatine learned of the existence of the Oswaft, he believed that the huge creatures were a threat to the galaxy, and ordered them eradicated. Imperial forces blockaded the mouth of the StarCave nebula, regularly issuing poisonous discharges to kill the pre-organic motes that float into the ThonBoka and provide sustanence to the lifeforms inside. Lando Calrissian eventually talked the Oswaft into fighing for the ThonBoka, and together they broke the Imperial blockade and freed the Oswaft. (LCS, ECH, GMR5)

it was on this frozen world that Luke Skywalker intercepted Boba Fett, who was trying to locate the Mole. They were both captured by the Snogars, who wanted them to repair their city heaters. They escaped, and were met by Han Solo and Leia Organa. Solo was captured by the Snogars, and Fett agreed to help Luke rescue Han. They were all caught by the appearance of the Mole, who used a huge magnetic generator to pin Fett to a wall while they all made their way off-planet. (CSWEA)

this young Squidge and his companion, Remoh, were believed to have encountered a protocol droid in a remote cave on their homeworld. This droid, according to legend, told them of the oppression of the Empire and the struggle of the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War. The story was said to have parelleled the history of the Squidge and their subjugation by the Vindar. Before the end of the story, however, a group of Vindar discovered their location. Otalp was caught out in the open with the droid, but Remoh remained hidden. When the Vindar apprehended Otalp, they demanded that he tell them where his companion went. When Otalp refused, he was killed by the Vindar. This prompted Remoh to take up arms against the Vindar, in hopes of freeing his people. (T19)

this Corellian YT-2000 transport was owned by Thomaas Azzameen, who turned the ship over to his son Ace when he died. It was used to transfer bacta from remote sources to supply depots which were friendly to the Alliance. It was one of the ships which benefitted from the bacta sources known to the Azzameen family and Twin Suns Transport Services. (XWA)

O'Tawa Cymbals
these musical cymbals formed the heart of the drumheller harp. (VD)

Otek, Senni
this woman was a native of the planet Lianna, born to parents who were both engineers for Sienar Fleet Systems. Senni herself was curious and inquisitive, and chafed at the Imperial indoctrination holo-vids she was forced to watch as a child. When she tried to contact a rebel cell on Lianna, the Empire traced her movements and arrested her family for treason. Senni herself barely escaped when the local Alliance agents rescued her, but her parents were killed in a subsequent rescue attempt. Senni joined the Alliance as a technician, and eventually became a member of Korren Starchaser's scouting team. She served aboard the Jedi Dreamer as the senior technician. (SWJ13)

this female name was common among the Kel Dor. Like all Kel Dor given names, it was short enough that it didn't attract the attention of certain wind spirit, which would carry away young children with long-winded names. (GCG)

Other, The
this being was a member of an alien race which existed for eons in the depths of space, descending from a race of sentient machines that was created by another race that was wiped out when their sun went supernova. Like The Rest of his people, The Other resembled a huge, ovoid starship that was covered with polished silver plating. The Other's race had grown stagnant, and they longed for excitement and risks. One such risk became a problem for them, as it caused violence and destruction, and they were forced to recover it. Thus, The Other was amazed to learn that The One had created the droid known as Vuffi Raa as a kind of recording device, activating the little droid and sending it out into the galaxy to interact with other races and report back. (LCS)

Others, The
this was the Basic translation of the Colony's word for any being who was not a member of the Kind. (DN1)

this was the name given to a vast expanse of dead, lifeless worlds floating in a dark gray nothingness near a huge black hole. It was known to a small group of deep-space explorers, as well as the Charon race, whose homeworld was located near the black hole. Otherspace was dominated by clouds of energy which swirl and swarm around starships, causing problems with navigational and communications systems. The stars found in Otherspace appeared as smaller black holes, and many of their planets were scoured by the Charon and their death cult. Often, starships which suffered hyperdrive malfunctions while traveling through hyperspace got deposited into otherspace, where they wandered aimlessly, unable to maintain their shipboard systems and unable to resist the Charon. (OS, UANT)

this specialized obstacle was used on swoopchasing courses. It was similar in design to The Channel, in that it was a completely enclosed portion of the race course. However, there were no light inside the Otherspace arena to guide the riders. Instead, a series of infrared beacons marked out the path which the riders must take. This required that riders quickly put on a set of infrared goggles prior to entry, or they would be utterly blind inside the arena. Alien races who could see in both the visible and infrared spectra were at a slight advantage on courses with this obstacle. Because of the high level of danger involved with the Otherspace obstacle, the only sanctioned races which use it are open to experts with several years of experience. Outlaw races used Otherspace at any level, and often booby-trapped the Otherspace arena with ion flares to momentarily blind those riders wearing infrared goggles. (BSS)

Otherworld Encounter
this adventure supplier was located on Cloud City, and provided paying customers with a chance to hike across the surface of Bespin's inner core in a virtual-reality environment. To ensure that patrons are happy, and remain cognizant of the fact that the illusion wasn't real, five-piece bands played music in the false craters. (GG2)

Othlorian Sea
this is one of the two major bodies of water found on the planet Fyodos. (PG2)

this is the smallest of the three primary land masses on the planet Fyodos. (PG2)

Othon City
this was one of the largest cities on the planet Pirin. (GG10)

Othona, Dalus
this man served as the Provost of the Alderaan University, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. (HNN4)

named for the Jedi Master Johun Othone, this ball of frozen ice and rock was the ninth and outermost planet of the Hoth's Brand System, located in the Teraab Sector of the Colonies Region of the galaxy. Interestingly, it was not the outermost body in the system, as the white dwarf star Petja circled Hoth's Brand just outside its orbital path. (SWMW)

Othone, Johun
this man was the Padawan learner who was chosen by Lord Hoth, more than 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Othone had been promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight just before Hoth's death at the Battle of Ruusan, and petitioned the Old Republic Senate to fund a memorial to the sacrifices made by the Army of Light in protecting the galaxy. While the Senate readily agreed to fund such a memorial, the Jedi Council denied Othone's request. They said that any memorial to such an act of destruction might serve to draw more attention to it, and that Lord Hoth and his forces were simply doing their duty. Othone was outraged, and he pleaded his case before the media. As popular opinion swelled behind the "callousness of the Jedi", Othone took his Senate funding and traveled to Ruusan to erect the memorial himself. At the site of the decisive struggle in the Battle of Ruusan, Othone created the Valley of the Jedi in honor of his fallen Master and comrades. (PJSB)

Othone, Jothun
see Othone, Johun (SWMW)

this colonist established Otis' Livery in Southview Village, on the planet Edan II. (IAG)

Otis' Livery
this farmer's supply store was established in the settlement of Southview Village, on the planet Edan II. (IAG)

manufactured by Arantha Communications, this device allowed its owner to listen into a variety of orbital transmissions. Using a frequency scanner, the OTM-900 provided access to communications between picket ships and port authorities, local police forces, and starship pilots. It had a limited range of fifteen light-years, but provided users with a glimpse of what was happening above them. (GFT)

Otoga 222 Droid
this was a series of worker droid, similar in stature to the DUM-series of pit droids. Often cheaper than the Cyrillian DUM droids, these droids are sometimes used by podracers. The Otoga 222 has a small, humanoid body topped by a small, wheel-shaped head. (SW1, SWI50)

Otoh Gunga
this was the largest city of the Gungan race, located deep within the waters of Lake Paonga, on the planet Naboo. Boss Nass ruled a tribe Gungans from this bubble city in the period leading up to the Battle of Naboo. During the Trade Federation's occupation of Naboo, the Gungans abandoned the city and fled to their sacred place, hoping to avoid the war. In the wake of the Battle of Naboo, Otoh Gunga became overcrowded, as it became something of a tourist attraction to those beings who visited Naboo. (SW1, IG1, SON, OWS)

Otoh Gunga Bongomeken Cooperative
this Gungan construction facility was responsible for making many of the underwater transport craft used by the Gungans on the planet Naboo. They built the bongo submersibles as well as the Mantaris transport ship. The origins of this facility can be traced to the Bongomeken Collective, more than 3,000 years prior to the Battle of Naboo. (X1, GB)

Otoh Gunga Bongowerks
see Otoh Gunga Bongomeken Corporation (WOTC)

Otoh Gunga Bonmeken Cooperative
see Otoh Gunga Bongomeken Corporation (SON)

Otoh Gunga Challenge
this was the greatest of all gungan bongo races, held in the city of Otoh Gunga and open to any individual who could pilt a single-engine bongo at speeds of at least 100 longos. It was held annually in the Otoh Gunga Gardens, with the course wrapping around its lower levels before opening into Lake Paonga. The race wound around a sacred mountain before returning to the Otoh Gunga Gardens. During the years prior to the Battle of Naboo, the race was attended primarily by Gungans. After the Battle of Naboo, however, the race became popular with many beings from across the galaxy, much to the chagrin of many Gungans. (GMR4)

Otoh Gunga Defense League
this Gungan manufacturing facility produced the unusual vehicles used by the Gungan Grand Army. (SON)

Otoh Gunga Garden
this was one of the most wondrous natural areas found in the city of Otoh Gunga, located beneath the waters of the planet Naboo. (GMR4)

Otoh Gunga Transit Authority
this was the primary governmental body created by the Gungan leaders of Otoh Gunga during the years following the Battle of Naboo. As the city of Otoh Gunga was opened to tourists and visitors, the Otoh Gunga Transit Authority was formed to address the needs for public transportation, both within the city of Otoh Gunga and to other locations across Naboo. (GMR4)

Otoh Gunga Zoological Research Facility
developed by the Gungans of Otoh Gunga, this facility sought to ensure the continued existence of some of Naboo's rarest and most endangered species of plants and animals. (E1A9)

Otoh Sancture
this ancient, underwater city was the stronghold of the Gungans who were part of the clan led by Boss Gallo, some 3,000 years before the Battle of Naboo. Located in the oceans of Naboo, the city was known as a hub for commerce and trade, since Boss Gallo chose to remain neutral during the inter-clan battles fought amongst the Gungans. However, the prosperity of Otoh Sancture made Boss Rogoe fear that Boss Gallo might have the power to sway the battles, and so Boss Rogoe sent his forces to wipe out Otoh Sancture and eliminate Boss Gallo. Despite the destruction of Otoh Sancture, Boss Gallo survived and eventually united the Gungan people. (GB)

Otoh Villages
this was the name given to the bubble buildings on the outskirts of the city of Otoh Gunga. It was in the Otoh Villages that most of the Gungans who lived in the city had their residences. (IWE1)

this is the name of one of the two major races of Gungans found on the planet Naboo. Unlike their Ankura cousins, the Otolla Gungans were tall and muscular, and had reddish skin coloration which faded to tan on their undersides. Their haillu were also much longer and more pronounced than those of the Ankura race, and their eyes sat up on short stalks. (IG1)

this planet was the headquarters of the Church of the First Frequency, until Grand Inquisitor Torbin drove them off. (CSA)

this sleek, playful mammal was native to the waters of the planet Naboo. Their long bodies were streamlined and flexible, allowing the ottas to catch fast-moving fish as well as digging for nyorks and other shellfish. (WSW)

this was a scientific or academic title similar to Professor, conferred to those scholars who served the University of Comparative Sapient Species on Lekua V. (LCM, GMR5)

Ottega Sector
this area of the galaxy, located in the Lesser Plooroid Cluster, contains the Quelii, Ottega (Ithorian), and Dathomir planetary systems. It is located near the Outer Rim territories. At the time Prince Isolder is trying to win Leia's hand in marriage, it is almost completely controlled by the Imperial warlord Zsinj. The latest astrogation charts show that the Ottega Sector has 75 planets and 622 natural satellite moons. (DE, CPL, SWSB)

Ottega System
galactic star system which contains Ithor as its fourth planet. It is therefore sometimes called the Ithorian System. Mako Spince was attacked by NaQuoit Bandits while making a run there. (DE1, SWSB)

Ottegan Mead
this slightly-sweet malted beverage is created in the Ottega System. (GG9)

Ottegan Silk
this wondrous fabric gives off a distinctive, pungent smell when burned. (IJ)

Ottekvar, Harlan
this man was a popular holofilm star, during the last decades of the Old Republic. Best known for his work in SuperKnight: The Awakening and Webb Tenger: PeaceBuster, Ottekvar's casting as Lord Baltharog in the film version of the popular game Quest for Quasar was met with stern opposition from the game's fans. They felt that Ottekvar was 0.03 meters too short to play Baltharog. (HNN5)

Ottethan System
galactic star system which was the seat of the Ottethan warlord, who ruled eleven other systems as well. It was located at the far edge of the galaxy. Vima-da-Boda's daughter Neema was executed there for trying to use the Dark Side of the Force against the Ottethan warlord. This system is also home to a colony of rancors. (DE1, DESB)

this former Imperial Army General had a less-than-distinguished career which was only prolonged because of his friendship with Admiral Motti. An obese bumbler, Otto lost a number of key battles agains the Alliance early in the Galactic Civil War, and barely avoided being executed by Darth Vader. When his position became perilous, Otto found himself stationed on the planet Lok, thanks to the machinations of Motti. Otto, however, was less than appreciative, feeling that the Empire owed him a luxury suite on Bespin's Cloud City for his service. Shortly before after the Battle of Hoth, Otto defected from Imperial service, stole an AT-ST scout walker, and fled Lok. He ended up on Tatooine, where he participated in the demolition derbies staged by Jabba the Hutt. Otto hoped to win the series of contests with his modified AT-ST, thereby winning enough credits to purchase property on Cloud City. (SWD)

Otuana, Bink
this man was believed to have been native to the planet Alderaan, but all records of his birth and life were lost when the planet was destroyed by the first Death Star. Like his buddy, Tag Greenley, Bink was believed to have joined the Alliance, and briefly served with the Alderaanian Guard. However, both were caught by Imperial forces when the Tantive IV was apprehended over Tatooine. According to popular legend, Bink and Tag escaped by overpowering two stormtroopers, stealing their armor, and pretending to be Imperial soldiers aboard the Devastator. Upon reaching the first Death Star, Tag and Bink tried to escape in a pair of stolen TIE Fighters, but had to watch in horror as the Death Star destroyed Alderaan. Their ships were nearly intercepted by Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon, but managed to outrace the freighter to the Death Star. As the legend goes, Bink and Tag were the two stormtroopers on guard duty when Obi-Wan Kenobi disabled the Death Star's tractor beam, allowing the Millennium Falcon to escape. It was believed that the pair escaped the destruction of the Death Star at the Battle of Yavin by stealing the Lambda-class shuttle Tydirium, calling in a favor from Lando Calrissian to avoid Boba Fett and reach the Alliance near Calamari. They were deemed heroes, despite the fact that they had originally deserted their posts aboard the Tantive IV, a fact that they worked hard to hide. They later agreed to help Lando infiltrate Jabba the Hutt's palace on Tatooine, but were discovered by Boba Fett and fed to the sarlacc. Only the bounty hunter's own tumble into the creature's mouth saved all three of them. Tag and Bink were then sworn to secrecy, never to reveal Boba Fett's inappropriate fall into the sarlacc. (TBAD, T12)

an arid world covered with brownish-red dust. (T3)

this word was the Ansionian term for "yes." (APS)

this Gacerite word describes the musical rocks that exist on the Elto continent of Gacerian. These rocky spires, found on the Plateau of Dreams, resonate when the winds blows through them, creating an eerie melody. Many Gacerites come to the rocks to meditate. (PG2)

this was one of the more common surnames used by the Duros people. Like all such names, Oulat was used only for official business, to indicate one individual from another when in the presense of non-Duros. This name literally meant "administrator". (GCG)

this Keganite girl was remanded to the Relearning Circle for her insolent nature. (FFT)

this was a noted Ubese scout. (UANT)

Ousak Nin
this was a noted individual in the history of the Paigun race. (GORW)

Out From The Shadows
this was one of the many drug abuse awareness and outreach programs which sprang up on Coruscant, during the last years of the Old Republic, as youths began avoiding the galactic climate by immersing themselves in drug-induced euphorias. (HNN4)

Out of Touch
this starship was owned and operated by Tok-Foge Pokresh, and was based on the planet Bothawui. The New Republic Ship Reigstry assigned it identification RN40-844033. (SOL)

Out Runner
this modified light freighter was used by the Alliance to intercept the crew of the Wanderer as they tried to return to Miser. It was also used to rescue Ackbar during the discovery of the Shantipole Project. (IC, SFS)

Out System Scout Vessel
manufactured by Loronar, this 63-meter ship was used by Alpha and Beta missions searching for habitable planets. Manned by a crew of 4 and a single gunner, this vessel also carried four passengers. They ships had decent hyperdrive capabilities, and was armed with a single, turret-mounted laser cannon. (SN)

Outbound Flight
this was the name given to the unusual starship created for the Outbound Flight Project. Six full-sized Dreadnaughts were linked together around a central fuselage to provide propulsion, navigation and computer systems, and weapons and shielding systems. Each Dreadnaught was connected to the others by a series of connecting turbolifts, and these turbolifts were also attached to the central core. A unique configuration of repulsor beams moved the liftcars between locations at rapid speeds. Within the core were storage facilities to for food, water, and fuel. Living quarters were primarily located in the Dreadnaughts themselves. Artificial gravity was maintained each of the seven areas, and specialized systems worked to adjust the gravity in the turbolift cars to ensure that beings moving from ship to ship were always feeling the correct orientation. When the Oubtound Flight Project was destroyed, on the orders of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, its remains came to rest on a planetoid in the area of Chiss space known as the Redoubt. The attack was highly surgical, with most strikes targetting only weapons, shields, and drive systems. The Survivors and their families began at once to try and re-establish the computers and life-support systems of the six Dreadnaughts, and eventually managed to get most of the ships back to running. They were incapable of flight, however, as five of the six Dreadnaughts were buried beneath tons of rocky debris. Only the number four ship - designated D-Four - remained aboveground, which posed serious health risks due to its exposure to interstellar radiation. Thus, the main living areas were established in D-Five, and the nursery center was established in D-Six. Access to the number one ship was blocked due to damage suffered in the crash, so the colony's main command center was moved to D-Four, where it could intercept any visitors. Luckily for those beings who survived the attack, the central supply core was undamaged, leaving them with a wealth of food, water, and other supplies. In order to survive, the existing decks aboard the Dreadnaughs were refitted for use as hospitals, schools, and other essential facilities that could keep the newly-christened Outbound Flight Colony alive and viable. The job of making the badly damaged Dreadnaughts workable was successful mainly due to the number of droids that were repaired and activated by the Survivors. The fact that the Outbound Flight came to rest in the Redoubt posed a number of problems when first contact was made with the survivors, since they were technically univited guests, and had no right to be there. (SQ)

Outbound Flight Colony
this was the name adopted by the survivors of the Outbound Flight Project, after they were able stabilize the remains of the Outbound Flight and restore it to a working - but not flyable - state. The Colony was governed by the laws of The Charter, which provided for a Managing Council to oversee the operations of the Colony, and a group of Peacekeepers to maintain order. After the Vagaari threat was eliminated, the Colony's members grudgingly agreed to accompany the Outbound Flight Colony to Nirauan, staying as far away from the New Republic as they could. (SQ)

Outbound Flight Project
Outbound Flight was a project financed by the Old Republic and the Jedi Knights during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. The goal of the project was to search out and catalog life outside the galaxy. A secondary goal was to discover other races which were sensitive to the Force. The project called for a huge starship - which became known as Outbound Flight - to serve as the base of operations for the exploration team. This starship turned out to be more like a mobile space station, consisting of six full-sized Dreadnaughts attached around a central storage core. It was launched from Yaga Minor, just prior to the Clone Wars. Note, however, that Dark Force Rising places this event 47 years before the Clone Wars. The main group of explorers was led by six Jedi Masters, of which Jorus C'baoth was presumably the senior member, and twelve Jedi Knights. 50,000 other individuals, including the crew and their families, also went along on the mission. A wealth of supplies was stored in the central core ship, and it was believed that the Trade Federation donated some supposedly surplus droidekas for defensive measures. Funding for Outbound Flight was approved by Chancellor Palpatine some five years before the Battle of Geonosis, when he passed Senate measure 4213.0410. The initial leg of the mission took them through the Unknown Regions, where they ran into the Chiss. Chancellor Palpatine, realizing that the Jedi Knights needed to be exterminated in order for him to realize his goals, assigned a huge, fifteen-ship task force to intercept and destroy the mission, along with its six Jedi Masters. They met up with Thrawn, who was in command of the Chiss Expansionary Defense, and he wiped out all the ships save one. This one was allowed to return to the Republic with news of their defeat. Among the survivors was Kinman Doriana, who convinced Thrawn of the necessity for eliminating the Outbound Flight Project. Thrawn agreed to help, and wiped out the Jedi when they arrived. This was the first of many actions that led to Thrawn being exiled from his poeple. Following the loss of the Jedi Masters, whose exact consequences were withheld by Palpatine, the Outbound Flight Project was abandoned. The remains of the Outbound Flight starship were found nearly fifty years later by Chiss explorers, who agreed that the remains should be turned over to Luke Skywalker and his new Jedi Knights. The Dreadnaughts were partially buried into the surface of a remote planetoid. (HTTE, DFR, BW, VOF, SQ, SWI84)

this was the term used to describe those T'Syriel who refused to follow the example of Keral Longknife and put aside their generations-long struggle against the human natives of Shiva IV. Longknife cast them out of the cities, forcing them to eke out an existence in the wastelands of the planet. The Outcasts hated the city-dwellers for this reason, and often raided outlying settlements, killing anyone they found and looting all foodstuffs and supplies. (MC53)

this was the term used to describe those members of society on the planet Taris who were banished to the lower levels of the cityscape. The Outcasts were primarily non-humans and lower-class humans who lacked wealth or power to maintain a position in the Upper City. (KOTOR)

Outer Circle
this was the name used by the Daan and the Melida to describe the outer section of the city of Zehava, beyond the border of the Inner Hub. The Daan controlled the Outer Circle some thirteen years before the Battle of Naboo, having driven the Melida into the Inner Hub shortly after the Twenty-Second Battle of Zehava. (DOD)

Outer Curved Street
this was the name of the broad, curving thoroughfare that led out of the city of Mos Eisley, on the planet Tatooine. (IWSt)

Outer Distance
this settlement, found on the planet Nam Chorios, is one of the furthest settlements from Hweg Shul. (POT)

Outer Javin Company
based on the planet Gerrenthum, this was the name of the corporation founded by Ecclessis Figg and his young bride, Yarith. With Ecclessis' brains and Yarith's credits, the Outer Javin Company mapped and exploited the Greater Javin area of the galaxy. Ecclessis Figg made a number of profitable deals with the Lutrillians and the Nothoiin, ensuring that the use of the Greater Javin provided an economic benefit for all major planets and races in the area. By the time of the New Order, the Outer Javin Company was the only publicaly-traded aspect of the vast Figg enterprise. (WOA33, WOA34)

Outer Los
this ice ball was the fifth and outermost planet in the Recopi System. (CCW)

Outer Region Foxar Base
this New Republic Scout Service base was active shortly after the Battle of Bilbringi. (GG8)

Outer Rim Oreworks
this mining corporation was based in the Outer Rim Territories, and was known for its use of questionable methods to strip-mine planets in quick order. Once a planet was completely mined - or when it began to cost more to continue mining than profits could sustain - the world was abandoned, often with serious environmental damage. Although the corporation's basic tenets were quite humanitarian, the actual day-to-day operations of ORO were anything but that. Men like Hugo Bartyn were promoted to positions of power within the corporation, and the existence of native sentient species on many worlds was covered up to ensure that mining rights could be procured. Some 500 years after the establishment of the operations on Lamaredd, ORO was forced to pull out when it was revealed that Hugo Bartyn had nearly exterminated the entire Menahuun race in order to secure the mines on Lamaredd. (WOA10, GMR7)

Outer Rim Quadrant
this was the name given to the Imperial-occupied space around the planet Tatooine. During the Galactic Civil War, the Outer Rim Quadrant allowed Imperial starships to take off and land on Tatooine without having to pass through civilian space. Thus, it was heavily patrolled, and any unauthorized passage through the quadrant was immediately met with resistance. (SWGAL)

Outer Rim Sector Army
this was unofficial designation of the 4th Sector Army of the Grand Army of the Republic. (SWI84)

Outer Rim Sieges
this was the name used to describe the series of battles and skirmishes that took place at the edges of the Old Republic's scope of galactic control, during the last stages of the Clone Wars. The Outer Rim Sieges took a heavy toll on both the Grand Army of the Republic and the Jedi Knights, as both bodies were stretched exceptionally thin in order to counteract the actions of the Separatists. At the height of the fighting, nearly half of Coruscant's own home fleet was dispatched to the Outer Rim. Unknown to the Jedi and Army, the Outer Rim Sieges were actually part of a much larger plan established by Darth Sidious, and executed by Count Dooku and the Separatists. After nearly three years of fighting, the Old Republic had managed to drive the Separatists out of the Core Worlds, forcing the Separatists to regroup in the Outer Rim. Believing the Core to be safe, Chancellor Palpatine and the leaders of the Jedi Order pursued the Separatists to far-flung worlds. Often, entire fleets were dedicated to a single mission, such as the hunts for Count Dooku on Tythe and the Separatist leaders at Belderone. These sieges were part of Sidious' plan to spread the Grand Army of the Republic as thin as possible, and the Jedi Order even thinner. Then, when the moment was right, Sidious ordered General Grievous to launch an all-out attack on Coruscant itself. Despite the Republic's victory at Coruscant, Grievous managed to escape to the Outer Rim, and the Republic was forced to continue fighting in order to prevent Grievous from being able to regroup for another attack. This continuation of fighting only served to further the plans of Darth Sidious, who knew that the Jedi who were leading the battle groups would be scattered and unable to return quickly. After Palpatine issued the command to execute Order 66, clone commanders across the Outer Rim turned on their Jedi Generals and executed them. Thus began the Jedi Purge, solidifying Palpatine's control of the galaxy. (OWS, LEV, IS3)

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