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Omega, Granta

this man placed a bounty on the heads of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Wren Honoran, some five years before the onset of the Clone Wars. He grew up on the moon of Nierport Seven, after his month found work at the refuleing station there. When he was old enough, he left the moon for Yerphonia, where he attended the All Sciences Research Academy after being sponsored by Sano Sauro. Much of his early career is clouded with mystery, but at some point he began to despise the Jedi Knights. Shortly after the Battle of Naboo, Omega hired a number of bounty hunters in order to ensure that the Jedi were captured during a training mission on Ragoon-6. However, the Jedi managed to escape the various traps that were set, including one set by Omega himself. Further investigation by the Jedi revealed that Omega and a native of Nierport Seven and, while not a Sith himself, collected Sith artifacts with proceeds from a variety of legitmate business connections. Most of Omega's business dealings involved the location of rare ores and minerals, then buying out the entire mine for himself. He could then charge whatever price he wanted for resources needed by the rest of the galaxy. His business connections were nebulous, though, and were not enough to pin down his exact identity. Omega reappeared to thwart the Jedi on Haariden, only to flee into the smoke of the civil war there. Obi-Wan later discovered that Omega was on Haariden to extract titanite, ostensibly in an effort to corner the galactic market on bacta. Meanwhile, Omega captured Anakin and revealed that he was working to destroy Jedi Knights in order to impress Darth Sidious, in an effort to curry favor with the Sith Lord. His efforts on Haaridan were thwarted when the Kaachtari volcano erupted before he could secure the titanite mines, and he fled into the depths of space. He reappeared on Mawan in the guise of the crimelord Striker, again luring Anakin into his lair when he realized the Jedi were traveling to Mawan to negotiate peace. Holding Anakin as bait, he hoped to lure a member of the Jedi Council into his lair and kill them, in an effort to impress the Sith Lord he belived to be gathering power in the galaxy. While he did succeed in taking Yaddle's life, the bioweapon he used did nothing to the population of Mawan. Omega continued to scheme, forming brief alliances with both Feeana Tala and Decca the Hutt in order to lure the Jedi into trap after trap. As he fled Mawan, Omega revealed to Obi-Wan that he was, in fact, the son of Xanatos. Months later, Omega was discovered to be working with Jenna Zan Arbor, hoping to use the Zone of Self-Containment as a way to quell the population into submission. Obi-Wan and Anakin began searching for his whereabouts, a search that led then to Romin and Falleen before ending on Coruscant. On Coruscant, the Jedi discovered that Granta Omega had been planning all along to assassinate Chancellor Palpatine, in order to install Sano Sauro as his puppet ruler. All the clues the Jedi had been able to discover only shifted the tack of his plans. When the Jedi discovered the Blackwater Systems facility on Falleen, Omega let them believed that the true delivery mechanism for the Zone of Self-Containment was through water. In reality, he planned to distribute it through the air. Thus, when Obi-Wan intercepted him on Coruscant, Omega was able to escape with the last laugh. Although he was unprepared for the actions of Anakin Skywalker, Granta was able to escape knowing that the Zone would be distributed by a group of seeker droids he had pre-programmed to launch. It was after this escape that Omega was finally given a chance to meet the Sith, and was invited to Korriban for the meeting. He traveled to the remote world with Zan Arbor, knowing that the Jedi would eventually follow him. On Korriban, he found himself growing stronger in the presence of so much Dark Side energy, and believed that he could defeat the Jedi. He especially hoped to destroy Obi-Wan, and got his chance in one of the many tombs in the Valley of the Dark Jedi. After meeting with the being who claimed he was a Sith Lord, Omega confronted Obi-Wan, but the weapon he was using overheated. In the resulting explosion, Omega was smashed against a wall and crushed. He refused to end the fight, and managed to get up and attack Obi-Wan once more. Unable to find another solution, Obi-Wan drew his lightsaber and slashed deeply into Omega's body. As he died, he goaded Obi-Wan one final time, claiming that the Jedi would never learn the identity of the Sith Lord.
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