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Orrineswa River
this river was located on the southern hemisphere of the planet Eriadu, and formed one boundary of Eriadu City. (GORW)

this was one of the many small communities that were created by the Wookiees of the planet Kashyyyk. Its economy was focused on the harvesting and sale of agricultural goods on Kashyyyk itself. (GMR4)

this guildmaster from Vandelhelm allowed Mordur to remain hidden in a converted drone barge orbiting the planet. As a guildmaster, Orrk was in control of Vandelhelm's metalsmiths, and was under suspicion by the New Republic. He had agreed to provide the Republic with raw ores and materials for the newly-reclaimed Fondor shipyards, but the delivery of the ores was constantly delayed. Han Solo was sent to Vandelhelm with the young Venerated Ones to pursuade Orrk to mend his ways, but Orrk tried to kidnap them when they arrived. He fell to his death trying to capture the Venerated Ones. (VM, MC98)

this was one of the twenty orbital cities established by the Duros, after they abandoned their homeworld' surface. It was one of the few which were unshielded, and so it was virtually undefended during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. Thus, when the alien invaders attacked Duro, Orr-Om was one of the first to be disabled and destroyed. (BP)

this planet was plunged into a water crisis by the actions of the Happy Blasters gang, shortly after the Battle of Endor. (SWJ13)

Orron III
this agricultural world was home to one of the Corporate Sector Authority Data Centers, during the early years of the New Order. Much of the planet's landmass was set aside for agriculture, with well-laid-out plots that formed a patchwork of grains when viewed from orbit. The planet's minimal axial tilt meant that its seasons were quite similar throughout most of its latitudes, making year-round cultivation possible. The CSA had quickly recognized that Orron III's ability to regularly produce foodstuffs had many advantages, and quickly took control of the planet. Because of the presence of the Data Center, only two types of ships were allowed passage to the planet: drone barges for transporting crops off the planet, and Authority fleet ships. During the height of the New Order, Han Solo agreed to pick up Rekkon there, as part of his payment to Jessa for repairs to his ship. In order to get Han onto the planet, Jessa disguised the Millennium Falcon as a grain barge. (HSE)

this friendly Wookiee tended bar at the Swirling Vortex cantina, during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (GMR2)

one of Jabba's Gamorrean guards. He was one of the guards who accompanied Bidlo Kwerve into the Dune Sea of Tatooine to recover the Rancor found in Captain Grizzid's wrecked ship. Orrtug was the first to discover the rancor's existence, and was nearly killed by it. This brought him great pleasure, and some celebrity on Gamor. (SWSB, TJP)

this Tusken Raider was in charge of the small groups which lined the racecourse during the Boonta Eve Classic podraces, hoping to take out the loud vehicles and their alien drivers, during the last decades of the Old Republic. (YJC5)

a planet. (TBSB)

a feline race. (GG9)

Orryxian Catsblood
an alcoholic beverage favored in the Outer Rim. (GG9)

Ors, Jan
an Alliance operative used heavily during the early years of the Galactic Civil War, Jan Ors was a native of the planet Alderaan. She learned to dance from her mother, who worked as a choreographer for Alderaan's premier ballet company. She learned how to work on starships from her father, who was an aerospace engineer. During a mission aboard the Star of Empire, Jan was captured by the Empire when her cover was blown. Imprisoned without hope, she found an ear to bend when she met Kyle Katarn. Realizing Kyle's ambivalence toward the Empire, she cultivated a relationship with him until he agreed to help her escape from the prison. When they finally escaped, Jan Ors met with Mon Mothma and persuaded the Alliance leader to hire Kyle Katarn as a mercenary and commando. It was rumored that Jan exaggerated Kyle's trustworthiness in order to convince the leader of the Alliance of what she truly felt in her heart. Shortly thereafter, Jan was captured by Jabba the Hutt and held as a bargaining chip against the Alliance, until she was again rescued by Kyle Katarn. She became one of the few people Kyle trusted, and was also one of the few people he could count on to help him get out of sticky situations. The relationship between Jan and Kyle continued to grow, and they became a formidable team of agents. They continued to work together during the era of the New Republic, until Kyle went to Yavin 4 to train as a Jedi. Jan continued to work for the Republic, taking a position on the Alpha Blue team and eventually succeeding Hiram Drayson as the team's leader, until she was reunited with Kyle shortly before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. It was during the invasion that Kyle first asked Jan to marry him, and his initial reasoning caused her to decline the offer. She didn't want to get married because they might die any day. She told Kyle that she would marry him when they were ready to get out of the military and settle down to raise a family. After Kyle disappeared following the Yuuzhan Vong War, Jan spent much of her free time with Jaden Korr, hoping that his bond to the Force could help her locate Kyle. They found him in the Cloak of the Sith, where he had captured by Daye Azur-Jamin. After they managed to free Kyle and restore Daye to the Light Side of the Force, the group learned of a Force-sensitive Yuuzhan Vong female, and set out to locate her. (DF, DF2, SFE, T21, WOTC)

this being served as a Captain in the Lok Revenants, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. (JSF)

this man served the Imperial Navy as Captain of the Star Destroyer Dauntless. He was in command of the ship when he was dispatched to escort Lira Wessex to Cloud City, to meet with Doctor Vreen about taking control of the X0-X1 prototype. (CCC)

Ort Hoogra-D'En
this Ho'Din was born on the planet Moltok, but spent much of his childhood on Anemcoro. His work on the planet included the cultivation and propogation of several rare species of plants. When the Empire "accidentally" fired on Anemcoro while trying to halt the civil war raging between two neighboring planets, his work was destroyed in the fires that swept the planet, and he vowed to make them pay for their actions. Along with Tergeth Dilorr and Babel Senjorg, Hoogra-D'En began bombing Imperial locations in the Outer Rim with spore bombs of his own design. The Empire put out a bounty on Hoogra-D'En, who was later captured on Pallaxides when he tried to hide out in his base. (ND)

this subdirectory of the Republic Xenosociological Database contained information on the communal and social characteristics of the Neimoidian race. (SON)

this subdirectory of the Republic Historical Database contained information on the Naboo people and their history, as well as their relationships to the rest of the galaxy. (SON)

this subdirectory of the Republic Historical Database contained information on the Royal Court of Naboo, including its evolution and traditions. (SON)

this subdirectory of the Republic Xenosociological Database contained all the known information on the Gungan race. (SON)

Orth Maag
this Zabrak worked as the bartender of The Hutt's Last Laugh, on the planet Jenenma. He had worked at The Laugh for many years, and was well aware of the criminal organization headed by Pal-Nada. He knew enough to keep his mouth shut, though, and never managed to cross Pal-Nada's thugs. Orth Maag did offer assistance to a group of freelance operatives who were tracking down their stolen starship, leading them to a meeting with Esm. (WOA19)

this was a common name used by the Omwati people. (UANT)

this was one of the Mon Calamari MC80a cruisers operated by the New Republic during the fight against Grand Admiral Thrawn. During an Imperial attack on Filve, the Orthavan took heavy damage when the Republic's ships were trapped by an Interdictor Cruiser. Garm Bel Iblis' was leading the defense, and was nearly forced to abandon the cruiser in order to get the rest of his forces free of the system. Only the sudden appearance of Pash Cracken's A-Wing squadron saved the Orthavan, as the small fighters harrassed the Imperial enough to force them to break off their ambush. (TLC)

a race native to the Binarran Cloud. (DFRSB)

Orthodox Halbara Style
this hairstyle, popular among the rich and influential humanoids of the galaxy during the years leading up to the Clone Wars, used hairsprays and gels to hold two cones of hair straight out from the sides of the head. A tight cap of hair remained close to the skull, with the two cones curving upward and coming to a point. (VD2)

this young man worked for the police force that protected the city of Gadrin, on the planet Cularin, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. Corporal Ortin was also a member of the underground resistance that sprang up in response to the presence of the Metatheran Cartel on the planet, using his position within the police force to funnel information back to the resistance. (EOS)

this subdirectory of the Republic Xeonological Database contained a wealth of information on the Neimoidian race. (SON)

primary planet in the Orto system, it is a cold world orbitting a red dwarf star. It is the homeworld of the Ortolan race. Water is plentiful on Orto, but most of it is locked in polar icecaps. The only arable land is located along the planet's equator. When scientists found a huge crated buried under the northern polar ice cap, they built a theory that the planet had been hit eons ago by a large body. This impact caused the planet to undergo numerous ecological and physical changes: dust from the collision clogging the atmosphere, the impact knocking the planet out of its original orbit, and the force of the impact creating a new axial tilt. Thus, Orto is the inhospitable planet it is today, although its thin atmosphere is rich in oxygen. The average day on Orto lasts about 24 standard hours, and is years lasts 589 local days. (GG4)

Orto Culinary Academy
this culinary school, based on the planet Orto, produced some of the Old Republic's finest chefs. (HNN5)

Orto, Wyrn
this man represented Galentro Heavy Works at the Pentastar Talks, shortly after the Battle of Endor. While Orto agreed with the necessity of forming the Pentastar Alignment, he worried that Moff Ardus Kaine was using the treaty as an vehicle for gaining personal power. Orto was unswervingly loyal to Galentro, believing that the corporation was his only true family. (SWJ3)

Ortola, Tresk
a student of the Imperial Academy, Tresk and a group of friends jumped ship to join the Alliance. He became known for his blod actions in the midst of battle, and his success rate earned him a swift promotion to Captain. He commanded the NovaFlare prior to the Battle of Endor. Following the fall of the Empire, Ortola continued to serve the New Republic as a Captain, assisting Wedge Antilles in the attempt to take over the Maw Installation. (COTF, JASB)

this is a race of blue-furred, elephantine bipeds native to the planet Orto. They have floppy ears and pudgy fingers, and are known for their insatiable appetites. They are descended from a nocturnal race of creatures, and retain many of their original characteristics. Their eyesight is excellent in dim light, but bright lights hurt them. Their ears are sensitive to sound waves, and their noses are filled with tympanic organs that increase their sense of hearing. The normal mode of conversation among the Ortolans is conducted at subsonic levels, with sounds being emitted through their noses. Their noses also contain sensitive olfactory organs. A small mouth is located beneath their nose. Infant Ortolans are born almost fully developed, and are raised until the age of seven. At that time, most are thrown out of their parents' homes to fend for themselves. In the distant past, after Orto was struck by a large mass, the Ortolan race was much smaller. They managed to survive the devastation because they ate very little, while the larger predators starved to death. Over time, their brains continued to develop, and they developed a basic technology and a high level of industrialization. Note that X-Wing: Solo Command includes a reference to a pink-skinned Ortolan. (ROTJ, GG4, SOC, EGA)

this was the name given to the native language of the Ortolans. (ANT)

this was a common male name among the Gamorrean people. Like most Gamorrean names, it was essentially gibberish that indicated what a Gamorrean would do if you made him angry. (GCG)

this Gamorrean was the Captain of Jabba the Hutt's personal guard at his palace in the desert of Tatooine. In addition to his duty of guarding the main entrance to the palace, Jabba had assigned Ortugg to key an eye on Tessek. When Luke Skywalker first entered Jabba's palace, Ortugg tried to stop him. Luke used the Force to choke the Gamorrean, holding him at bay until he reached Jabba's audience chamber. In the wake of Jabba's death at the Pit of Carkoon, Ortugg and his soldiers tried to hold Jabba's palace against invasion and break-in. They considered it an honor to hold the palace until Jabba's return, depsite the fact that the crimelord was actually dead. (TJP, CCG7, RESB)

OrulShai III
this was one of the inhabited moons of the resort world Gyosha. (TBSB)

Orus Sector
area of the Republic containing Poderis and Berchest. (TLC)

an Imperial Navy Commander assigned to the Shadow Academy, Orvak and Dareb flew in the initial attack on the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. Their mission was to knock out the Jedis' shield generator, and flew in specially-equipped stealth TIE Fighters. Dareb's ship struck the shields and crashed, but Orvak eluded the shields and slipped under the defenses. He planted several proton grenades and managed to destroy the shield generator, allowing the Shadow Academy free access to the Jedi compund. However, during the setting of the grenades, he was bitten by a crystal snake and fell unconscious. He came to just before the grenades went off, and he was killed in the resulting explosions. (JUS)

Orvax IV
this planet was known as a hub of the slave-trading industry during the height of the New Order. (SWI67)

this gas is one of the most common gases used for blasters. (CFG, GG2)

this ancient Nelvaanian served as the shaman of the Rokrul villages, on his homeworld of Nelvaan, during the final decades of the Old Republic. It was Orvos who foresaw that Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi would arrive on Nelvaan to assist the Nelvaanians in removing the Separatists who had arrived on the planet. (SWDB, CWC3)

a vicious, predatory feline native to the planet Orryxia. They hunted in packs. (TBSB)

this was a common name among the Myneyrsh race. (UANT)

Oryel Taakses
this Rodian, the nephew of Daetan Taakses, was one of the senior members of the Pinett Freedom Force. He was also an Imperial informant, who outwardly said that his loyalties to his family were stronger than his loyalties to the Empire. When his uncle formed the Pinett Freedom Force and began protesting the blockades formed by the Jon-Tow Economic Development Group and the Corsignis Property Alliance, Oryel used his connects to ask the Empire to help maintain order in the system. (WOA25)

Oryn Engineering
this weapons manufacturer was known for producing the first RAGOC missile system. (HAS)

Oryyka Howler
this was a species of arboreal creatures which were native to the planet Kashyyyk. They were known to be vengeful creatures, and often followed Wookiee hunters who had violated their territories. Their loud cries only served to scatter the Wookiees' prey, then the oryyka howlers fled back into their trees. (AFA)

Or'Zee, Kaja
this woman served as the administrator of Emperor Palpatine's personal retreat on Naboo, during the height of the New Order. Extremely loyal to Palpatine, having grown up during the Clone Wars and seeing Palpatine's policies as infallible. (SWI65)

OS is short for Orbital Spaceyard, and OS-301 was located near Commenor. Shortly after the New Republic established a base on Folor, Apwar Trigit leased OS-301 for repairs to the Implacable. (WS)

this was the serial number of the Imperial pilot who flew Obsidian 10. He was a combat veteran who served aboard the Conquest, Thunderflare, and Executor. He had passed up several promotions and increases in rank, in order to maintain his status as an active pilot. (CCG9)

this was the designation of one of the TIE Fighters dispatched by Admiral Piett to pursue the Millennium Falcon when it escaped from Cloud City, just after the Battle of Hoth. (TCG6)

Osaji Hux
this was one of Osaji Shimka's three triplet heirs, all of whom inherited an equal share of the Osaji Syndicate when their father was assassinated on Axum some three years before the Battle of Hoth. As part of their inheritance, each sibling received a pendant made of green stone, to identify them as members of the family. Osaji Hux was considered a recluse who only communicated through his brother, Osaji Uhares. However, many beings considered Osaji Hux to be the true boss of the Syndicate, once Osaji Shimka was dead. In order to protect her interests, Osaji Hux moved her base of operations to the remote world of Muskree. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, all three siblings found themselves the objects of unwanted attention. They were all wanted for questioning by the Imperial authorities, and they were targetted for assassination by an unknown source. After the deaths of her brothers, Osaji Hux revealed to the freelance mercenaries that she had been the being who hired them, as a way to eliminate any contention for control of the Osaji Syndicate. As she was about to kill the mercenaries, the Imperials who had been tracking her arrived on Muskreee. A firefight broke out, and Osaji Hux found herself alone after her bodyguards fled at the sight of Imperial stormtroopers. However, in the resulting confusion, Osaji Hux managed to escape from Muskree and was not heard from again. (WOA32)

Osaji Shimka
this man was the patriarch of the Osaji Syndicate during the height of the New Order. Some three years before the Battle of Hoth, he was assassinated on Axum, and control of the Syndicate fell to his fraternal triplets, Osaji Varane, Osaji Uhares, and Osaji Hux. (WOA32)

Osaji Syndicate
this family owned and operated organization made an honest living by offering cut-rate shipping along the Perlemian Trade Route during the height of the New Order. However, their more lucrative business revolved around smuggling and gun-running. Three years after the death of clan patriarch Osaji Shimka, a group of mercenaries was hired to assassinate his three heirs. Osaji Varan, Osaji Uhares, and Osaji Hux were natural-born triplets, and each had inherited an equal share of the Syndicate. (WOA32)

Osaji Uhares
this was one of Osaji Shimka's three triplet heirs, all of whom inherited an equal share of the Osaji Syndicate when their father was assassinated on Axum some three years before the Battle of Hoth. As part of their inheritance, each sibling received a pendant made of green stone, to identify them as members of the family. A former droid researcher and engineer, Osaji Uhares assumed control of the Syndicate's illegal operations after the death of his father, prefering to keep a low profile from a base of operations on Centares. He was distinguished by the cybernetic hand which he had modified with a double-tool mount as well as a weapon mount. His compund was located on the shores of Rubyflame Lake, and were protected by the various combat droids he had repaired over the years. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, all three brothers found themselves the objects of unwanted attention. They were all wanted for questioning by the Imperial authorities, and they were targetted for assassination by an unknown source. After Osaji Varanes was assassinated on Tirahnn, his assistant Harn provided the freelance mercenaries with information on Osaji Uhares' location. Despite his many defense systems, Osaji Uhares was eventually caught by the mercenaries and eliminated. One of his many couriers, a street urchin named Fijil, gave the mercenaries information on the whereabouts of the one surviving sibling, Osaji Hux. However, upon reaching Muskree and locating Osaji Hux, the mercenaries discovered that they had actually been hired by Osaji Hux herself, who simply wanted to eliminate and contention for control of the Osaji Syndicate. (WOA32)

Osaji Varanes
this was one of Osaji Shimka's three triplet heirs, all of whom inherited an equal share of the Osaji Syndicate when their father was assassinated on Axum some three years before the Battle of Hoth. As part of their inheritance, each sibling received a pendant made of green stone, to identify them as members of the family. It was rumored that Osaji Varanes had been a sniper in the Imperial Army before "retiring" to help run the family business. He spent much of his time on the planet Tirahnn, where he had established a thriving import-export business that served as the center of the Osaji Syndicate's legitimate operations. During the height of the Galactic Civil War, all three brothers found themselves the objects of unwanted attention. They were all wanted for questioning by the Imperial authorities, and they were targetted for assassination by an unknown source. Whether good or bad, the freelance mercenaries were the first party to apprehend Oasji Varanes, eliminating him and capturing his assistant, Harn, who gave up information on the location of Osaji Uhares in exchange for his own life. Later, upon reaching Muskree and locating Osaji Hux, the mercenaries discovered that they had actually been hired by Osaji Hux herself, who simply wanted to eliminate and contention for control of the Osaji Syndicate. (WOA32)

this is the capital city of the planet Osarian. Nom Anor launched a missile strike against the city, when Rhommamool and Osarian were at their orbital closest, in an effort to engage them in a civil war that would draw the attention of the New Republic away from the Yuuzhan Vong base on Helska and the start of their invasion. Much of the city was destroyed before Commander Ackdool and the Mediator could react to the launch, much to the consternation of the Osarians. (VP)

this planet orbitted its star in an ellipse that brought it very close to Rhommamool every ten years. Like Rhommamool, Osarian was not a technologically-advanced world when it petitioned the New Republic to mediate a centuries-old feud which had been refueled by Nom Anor. The feud sprang from the fact that Osarian was a pleasant, temperate world, while Rhommamool was a desolate place originally colonized by criminals sentenced to work in the mines. The Osarians who settled on the planet were more or less the wardens and caretakers of the mining colonists of Rhommamool, a kind of master-slave relationship that wore relations between the two planets quite thin. Neither planet had developed the ability to travel through space, and the Osarians employed a mercenary band of Rodians to protect themselves from Rhommamool. Just before Nom Anor fled the system in order to join the Yuuzhan Vong attack force, he launched a series of missiles at Osa-Prime, leaving the city in ruins and sparking a full-scale war between the two planet. (VP)

this is the name of the native race of the planet Osarian. (VP)

Osarian First-Force
this was the name used by Grappa's mercenary force, during their period of employment as protectors of the planet Osarian. (VP)

this small port town, located on the moon Pinett, was the site of one of the moon's two spaceports. (WOA25)

Oscuro, Scri
this man was the High Priest of the Zealots of Psusan, during the years leading up to the Battle of Geonosis. However, several former members of the cult put a bounty on his head, after it was learned that Oscuro was using the relgious as a front for more illegal activities. Oscuro was eventually captured by Kalyn Farnmir and Cian Shee. From prison, Oscuro made contact with his congregation and set out to exact revenge. His agents were able to bribe Shee with credits, in exchange for information on Farnmir's whereabouts. Oscuro's plans for revenge fell through, however, as Shee was unable to keep Farnmir from escaping an elaborate trap on Coruscant. (SWDB)

this was the designation of an Kuat Drive Yards spacedock produced during the height of the New Order. Measuring 1,600 meters across, this station required a crew of 5,500 officers and 64 gunners, and could accommodate up to 500 passengers. Armed with eight turret-mounted turbolaser batteries, the OSD-III was designed as an orbital starship construction and repair facility. (FBS)

Osentay, Ryk
this man was a reporter for the Eye on Cularin news program, during the height of the Clone Wars. It was rumored that he was once a podracing announcer who reported on race status from the pits. He was supposedly beaten to a pulp during a live broadcast when he dropped a microphone into the engineof Sebulba's racer. After joining the Cularin Central Broadcasting team, he was among the first reporters to bring to light the meaning of the TINYF graffiti that began to show up on the buildings of Cularin's cities. It was his report that dubbed the graffiti "Tiny F", a phrase which quickly gained popularity. In a follow-on interview with an undisclosed source, Osentay exposed the connection between the Thaereian Military and the InterGalactic Banking Clan, and opened up a dialogue on the widespread corruption throughout Cularin's businesses and government. His source was revealed to be Gerta Haman, who was brutally subdued by Thaereian military police. Ryk, undaunted, later reported on Gerta's death near Thaere. His investigative work later took him to Tolea Biqua, to report on the legacy of Riboga. None of the beings he approached wanted to talk to him, and he was unaware that the CCB turned his interviews into a sort of comedy show. During one attempt to interview an Ugnaught, Ryk was badly beaten by the short-statured being, while his camerabeing recorded the entire incident. This footage was later used when Ryk returned to active duty - still recovering from surgery and rehabilitation - as part of the lead-in to his interview with Brin Hesk'l. (LFCW)

this was primary star in the Oseon System, which was orbited by seven distinct bands of asteroids rather than solid planets. (LCM)

Oseon 2795
one of the thousands of small asteroids in the Oseon system, Oseon 2795 was one of the closer asteroids to the star Oseon. It was therefore very hot, and its life support systems and its air coolers had to be meticulously maintained. Its primary commerce was centered around a mining operation, rather than the usual pleasure specialties of other planetoids in the system. Lando Calrissian stopped there shortly after winning the Millennium Falcon in a sabacc match, due mainly to his poor navigational skills. He had been trying to reach the Dela system. (LCM)

Oseon 5631
this asteroid, located in the famous Oseon System, was the site of the most impressive personal estate in the area. Owned by Ema Slake, the facilities on 5631 surpassed even those of Bohhuah Mutdah's residence on Oseon 5792. (GMR5)

Oseon 5792
this asteroid was owned by Bohhuah Mutdah, during the early years of the New Order. Oseon 5792 had been specially modified to Mutdah's needs. The disk-shaped asteroid, which measured fifteen kilometers at its widest and three kilometers at its smallest, was covered with a domed version of paradise. Multiple transparent covers housed living spaces and vast gardens. The underside of the asteroid was built up to form a vast spaceport which was heavily armed and guarded. The gravity on the asteroid had to be specially modified to allow Mutdah to move his vast bulk with as little effort as possible. The asteroid itself was destroyed just after Rokur Gepta killed Butdah and took his place, in an effort to kill Lando Calrissian. Lando managed to escape, but was beseiged by Klyn Shanga's fighters during his flight. One of the fighters took a hit from the Millennium Falcon's guns and crashed into one of the top-side domes, breeching it and setting off a destructive chain reaction in the asteroid's systems. In no time, Oseon 5792 exploded, causing shockwaves throughout the Fifth Belt and its immediate neighbors. (LCF)

Oseon 6845
the largest asteroid in the Oseon system, Oseon 6845 was also one of the most luxurious of all the Oseon asteroids. Located within the sixth asteroid belt in the system, it was home to the famous Esplanade. When Lando Calrissian left the Rafa System with what was the last cargo of life crystals ever exported, during the early years of the New Order, he returned to the Oseon System - and Oseon 6845 in particular - to try and win some big money. He had found that the vast wealth he obtained from the life crystals quickly got sucked away in maintaining his new starship, the Millennium Falcon. Oseon 6845 had been artificially accelerated to reduce its daily cycle to 25 hours, closer to the galactic standard. (LCF, GMR5)

Oseon 8920
one of the many asteroids located in the Oseon System, 8920 was considered by many to be a miniature version of Nar Shaddaa. Criminals of all shapes and sizes hid from other criminals on the asteroid, which was one targeted for destruction by the Oseoni police force. However, the denizens of 8920 proved to be too great a source of information to eliminate. (GMR5)

Oseon Brandy
this delicious brandy was produced in the Oseon System. (LCM)

Oseon Peacekeepers
this was the primary law enforcement agency that protected the Oseon System, during the early years of the New Order. (LCF)

Oseon System
a system of seven bands of asteroids orbiting the star Oseon, the Oseon System was named for Gadfrey Oseon. Unlike most other star systems, the Oseon lacked any planets, being encircled only by the seven asteroid belts. No one knew how the Oseon System had been formed, although many theories pointed to a rogue star passing through the system more than a billion years before the Galactic Civil War and reducing its seven planets to rubble. Those asteroids that were inhabited were primarily vacation sites and pleasure spots for the filthy rich of the galaxy. The Oseon System was also the home to a huge population of mynocks, and any ships travelling through the system were well-advised to protect their ships from the parasites. Oseon, the system's primary star, flared up annually in a spectacular display known as the Flamewind, which prohibited traffic and communications for several days. A major influx of tourists was always seen just before the Flamewind, providing even more income to the already wealthy system. The asteroids within the system were numbered with four-digit names. The first number represented which band the asteroid was in; the other three were just counters that seemed to indicate the order in which the asteroids were settled. (LCM, LCF, GMR5)

Oseon, Gadfrey
this legendary crimelord operated a traveling circus that served as a front for his illicit operations. Legend says he got into trouble during a performance on Nal Hutta, and fled to the most remote area of space he could find. There, he discovered a star system made up of seven belts of asteroids and no solid planets, which eventually came to be known as the Oseon System. He was forced to remain in the system because of the occurrence of the Flamewind, and he began dreaming of using the wondrous natural event as a tourist attraction. (GMR5)

this was the term used to describe any native of the Oseon system. (LCF)

OSETS 2711
OSETS stands for Orbtal Solar Energy Transfer Satellite, which is one of the many solar heat collectors used to focus sunlight onto the surface of Coruscant. These collectors provide heat to the moderately cold world, and also serve to melt the polar icecaps for water. OSETS 2711 was commandeered by Rogue Sqaudron and Winter, as part of their last-minute plans to knock out the planet's shields in preparation for a New Republic assault. They caused OSETS 2711 to heat a water resevoir to boiling, creating a huge series of thunderstorms that knocked out the planet's computer systems, bringing the shields down. OSETS 2711 was under the command of Virar Needa at the time. (WG)

the meaning of this archaic Zabrak surname was lost over time. (GCG)

Osh Scal
this Polis Massan was one of the many members of the archaeological team that was investigating the ancient civilization of the sundered world of Polis Massa, during the last years of the Old Republic. After the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi briefly adopted the alias of Osh Scal when he was cornered on Polis Massa by Inquisitori Sancor. When Sancor discovered the ruse, he tried to apprehend Kenobi and Maneeli Tuun, but they managed to avoid capture. (VD3, LJ2)

this man was a member of Samuel Tomas Gillespee's smuggling group, during the early years of the New Republic. (TLC)

Oshetti IV
this planet known for the illuminescent fabric that was created from dried swamp hemp. (CSA)

according to Ewok legend, this flower spirit chased her beloved wind spirit through the forest from dawn to dark. (GCG)

this was a common name for Ewok females. Like other Ewok names, it referred to a spirit or character in the Ewoks' mythology. (GCG)

this was an alcoholic beverage that was fermented by the Devaronian people. (J3)

referring to a large, loyal, oceanic creature, this was a common female name among the Mon Calamari race. (GCG)

this large, oceanic mammal was native to the planet Mon Calamari, and was known for its loyalty and devotion. (GCG)

this was the Krikthasi word for the leader of a given territory. Each osi was the most powerful warrior of the territory, which was known as a junieuw. (AE)

Osi Hass
this Krikthasi was the leader of the Undrarian junieuw during the height of the Galactic Civil War. He allied himself with the Alliance, in the hope of obtaining high-tech weaponry with which to defeat the Multopos. (PG1)

Osika Kirske
this Rattatak warlord was known for his vicious lust for power. Sometime before the Clone Wars, Kirske murdered the parents of Asajj Ventress, an act that would come to haunt him later in life. After Ventress was taken in by Jedi Master Ky Narec, Kirske recognized that the pair were a threat to his power. He banded together with the other warlords to murder Narec, but Ventress managed to escape. With her training incomplete, Ventress gave into the anger and hate she felt at Kirske and the Jedi, and succombed to the Dark Side of the Force. In her anger, she hunted down and eventually captured Kirske and his supporters, locking them away in a dungeon to secure her own position as the leader of Rattatak. After the Battle of Jabiim, Kirkse was freed from prison by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who himself had managed to escape the dungeon. Despite their differences, Obi-Wan and Kirske agreed to work together to complete their escape, although Kirske ultimately wanted to make Ventress pay for her actions. He wsa unprepared for her skill, however, and attacked her without recognizing it. Ventress drew her lightsaber and beheaded Kirske before he could strike a single blow. (SWDB, RHF)

this was one of the many Bothan clans. Affiliation with the clan was indicated by the suffix 'sil added to an individual's family name. (GCG, WOTC)

this was the name given to Siri Tachi during her imprisonment in the Learning Circle on Kegan. (FFT)

the primary planet in the Osirrag System, this forested world could have a flourishing tourist trade if it wasn't located so far from the trade routes that wander through the Elrood Sector. The seasons are calm, and only add to the beauty of the terrain. It is said that a race of sentient creatures lives in the air currents of the planet. Rumors tell of a young boy who sought them out, and learned to communicate with them in their own language of whistles. They developed a lasting relationship, with the boy growing up to become their protector. In return, the creatures extended his lifespan. (PG3)

this is the fifteenth Aurebesh symbol, which stood for the Basic letter "o". (IR, SWM)

Oskan Blood Eater
this horrific creature had a huge, sucker-like mouth and large, slashing claw-like arms. They also have an insatiable appetite. Jabba the Hutt once had one of these beasts as a pet in his Tatooine palace. These creatures have only rudimentary sensory systems, but are extremely stubborn and will track their prey for several weeks. Quite often, the simple sight of a humanoid creature will send the Oskan blood eater into a feeding frenzy. Many xenoarchaeologists and xenobiologists believe that the Oskan Blood Eater was artifically developed at some point in the past, pointing to the lack of mythological or historical data from the civilizations of the planets on which they live. The Empire distributed propaganda that these creatures were created by the Old Republic, in an effort to hide the truth: the Oskan Blood Eaters were the result of a secret Imperial project. (THG, SSR, OE, COG)

this Old Corellian term literallt translated as "enemy" or "rival." In the sport of phrenbi, a variation had two teams paired together as rivals, and each team was referred to as an osk'y. (BSS)

this timid, herbivorous creature lived in the jungles of Joralla. The average specimen stood nearly three meters tall, and three sections to its body. Each section had a pair of limbs, and the limbs were highly dextrous. These creatures could move equally well on land in the trees. The Tikiarri which were native to Joralla used these creatures as mounts. Their necks were extremely flexible, giving the oslet the ability to turn its head a full 360 degrees. (PG1)

Oslumpex V
this planet was the base of operations for Starshipwrights and Aerospace Engineers Incorporated. (HSR)

Osma Bag
this small, leather pouch was made by the shamen of the Ibhaan'I tribe on Socorro. It was filled with a pinch of blessed Socorran sand and a collection of odd trinkets which would have meaning to the intended owner. The trinkets would help define the owner's life-destiny path, and those Socorrans who owned them were filled with stories of their contents. (BSS)

this Chevin humanoid was Durga the Hutt's majordomo. (RD)

Osman Shrier
the owner of several luxury cruise ships in the Outer Rim Territories. All of his ships' names begin with "O.S.S.," which stands for "Osman Shrier's Ship." (GG9)

Osmani System
a beggar in Mos Eisley once told Bossk that he had encountered the bounty hunter in this system, when the Trandoshan captured an individual from one of his shuttles. Bossk later killed the beggar for being too nosy about his business. (HM)

Osmotic Field
this form of portal shielding was used to maintain a certain level of atmospheric conditions within a room or building. When placed at a doorway or other entrance, the osmotic field could be tuned allow air but not particulate matter - including insects and larger creatures - pass through it into the room. More advanced models also had entropic overlays that pulled energy from the incoming air, thereby cooling it and dropping the temperature within the room. Despite the tuning that could be done with osmotic field, it was virtually harmless to most sentient races, which could push through the field to enter the room with minimal effort. (MBS)

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