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Opak Trolish
this Houk served as a Sergeant in the Natori Association at the height of the New Order, serving under Major Vam Margan. Opak was one of the longest-lived members of the Natori at the time, having survived many missions through combat prowess and guile. (SPG)

this was a common name among the Zeltron people. (UANT)

this specialized manufacturer produced personal combat armor during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SHPT)

Opari System
this star system was located near the Al'har System, along the Gevarno Loop. During the Clone Wars, the Opari System was loyal to the Old Republic. (SHPT)

this was a common name among the Toydarian race. (WOTC, UANT)

Opatajji, Neera
this spoiled, willful daughter of the Duke of Opatajji flirted with Mirkovig Hirken to draw his attention away from her more attractive sisters. Neera was stout and short, and often dressed in fine clothes to try and accentuate her lacking beauty. She felt a deep hatred for her sisters, and tried to thwart them at every opportunity. However, her actions were noticed by her father, and she soon found herself promised to Hirken. Her superficial nature was further heightened by the revelation that she had found a husband before her sisters. After they were married, Neera found herself left out of Hirken's administrative life, and became lonely and unhappy. When Hirken was assigned to Mytus VII, Neera thought she would die of boredom. When Han Solo infiltrated Mutus VII, Neera and Hirken was in the main tower of Stars' End when it exploded and shot into space. Hirken abandoned her to the Stars' End tower while pleading with Han Solo to help him get off the doomed structure, and Neera shot him in the back. Neera did not escape the tower when it crashed back onto Mytus VII's surface. (HSE, CSA)

this male Rodian worked as an assistant to Nilesk within the Goa-Ato. (SPG)

Opee Fleer
this was an exceptionally fast Gungan bongo, a decommissioned military vehicle that had been rebuilt to participate in the Otoh Gunga Challenge. Many racers considered the Opee Fleer too cumbersome, but what it lacked in maneuverability it made up for in size. Its wide, tribubble body made it difficult for other racers to pass the bongo. (GMR4)

Opee Sea Killer
this huge, aquatic beast is found in the oceans of the planet Naboo. It resembles a thick-bodied fish, although it has eight insectile legs and is generally crustacean in appearance. Its mouth is filled with pointed teeth, and its eyes glow a fierce orange-red in the depths of the sea. The opee sea killer catches its prey with its long, flexible tongue, which could measure more than twice its body length and was covered with sticky mucus. At birth, an opee sea killer measured just two meters in length. Young opees are hatched from eggs which are protected within the mouth of their father until their hatch. Even after hatching the young can find refuge in their father's mouth. However, newly-hatched opees are capabale of hunting for themselves. By adulthood, the average opee sea killer measured 20 meters in length, although there were a pair of dwarf opees kept at the Otoh Gunga Zoological Research Facility before the Battle of Naboo. Despite their size, they were no less dangerous than their full-sized cousins. (SW1, IG1, E1A9, SON, WSW)

this given name was commonly given to female human children throughout the galaxy. (GCG)

Open Circle Armada
this was the Old Republic naval task force that was commanded by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi and Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, during the height of the Clone Wars. At its height, the Open Circle Armada had five separate fleets, each capable of independent actions against the forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. The symbol of the Open Circle Armada was a simple circle formed by two semi-circle arcs, although each arc was separate from the other, resulting in the open-circle image. Each arc represented one of the Jedi Knights, and the entire symbol signified that Kenobi and Skywalker were the two halves of a single entity. As the fighting of the Clone Wars spread, units of the Open Circle Armada were split off and sent to other parts of the galaxy, where their specific talents or firepower were needed. Over time, a larger portion of the Old Republic's Navy adopted the Open Circle symbol as a symbol of the Republic itself. It was even discovered on war materiel that had been captured by Separatist forces and used on far-flung planets such as Mustafar. (X3, SWI85)

Open Investigations Database
maintained by the Bureau of Ship Services (BoSS), this database contained documentation on all outstanding complaints from starship pilots, both independent and corporate. (SON)

Open Sea, The
this was the Oswaft name given to the vaccum of outer space beyond the confines of the ThonBoka. The Open Sea was located in the most isolated section of the Centrality. (LCS, GMR5)

Opener of Mysteries
this was another name for the Mindharp that was built by the ancient Sharu. (LCM)

Opense, Kalara
this harsh woman was one of the many smugglers who workeed out of Vergesso Base. Despite her beauty, Kalara had little time for friends, distractions, or delays, and dedicated herself to making each delivery with her starship, the C Plus. (SPG)

Operation 45RA
this is the codename of the plan devised by the Farool brothers to capture Crying Dawn Singer and discredit the Alliance in the eyes of the Shashay. The operation was initiated some time after the Battle of Yavin, and involved not only the capture of Crying Dawn Singer but a series of transmissions which showed Yearo Seville posing as the leader of the Alliance in Rayter Sector. The Farools hoped that it would impress Moff Nile Owen, and gain them both promotions. A separate part of the operation involved the Farools also discrediting Moff Owen, with a transmission which showed Owen's lack of compassion in the matter. This plan would remove Owen from power and place the Farools in his place. The operation was thwarted by Alliance agents in Rayter Sector who managed to infiltrate the plan and recover Crying Dawn Singer before the Farools could gain power. (TA)

Operation Bodybag
this was a method of smuggling people past Imperial patrols, often used on the planet Tatooine during the height of the Galactic Civil War and into the early years of the New Republic. A legitimate individual, often a moisture farmer, would disguise their vehicle as a salvage vehicle. Using chemicals and garbage, they would create noxious fumes in the cargo hold, where they had hidden the people they were trying to smuggle under tarps. If an Imperial patrol stopped them, the farmers would claim that they had found salvage in the desert, and that there had been some dead bodies as well. If the Imperials chose to inspect the cargo hold, they would be assaulted by the smell and see the evidence of "dead" bodies. More often than not, the smell kept the Imperials from further inspections, allowing the farmer to coming on their way. (TG)

Operation Case White
this was the codename given to the Separatist plans to take control of the Intergalactic Communications Center on Praesitlyn, during the final stages of the Clone Wars. As part of Operation Case White, Admiral Pors Tonith blockaded Praesitlyn with some 200 warships before landing some 50,000 battle droids as a first attack. He held a million or more battle droids in reserve, hoping to draw out any resistance from the Old Republic before utterly crushing it. As a contingency plan, Tonith had stationed 126 more warships at Sluis Van to drive off any reinforcements the Republic might send to Praesitlyn. Although the initial stages of the operation went off as planned, Tonith was unprepared for the sudden appearance of Zozridor Slayke and his rogue soldiers. Although Slayke's forces were vastly outmanned, they caused damage to Tonith's forces and held them off long enough for a Republic task force - led by Nejaa Halcyon and Anakin Skywalker - to arrive at Praesitlyn. Even then, Tonith's superior firepower was only defeated by a bold plan hatched by Skywalker, that managed to capture Tonith and put an end to the Separatists' plans. (JT)

Operation Cracked Crystal
this was one of the few missions dispatched to explore the interior of the planet Tilnes. Launched by the Restimar Mining Corporation during the height of the Clone Wars, Operation Cracked Crystal was officially designated as survey team 1044, although no official record of its mission was ever discovered. A holographic recording from the planet Tilnes eventually revealed that the team was trying to acquire certain crystals from beneath the planet's surface, but was intercepted by the rogue "tour guide" droid C4KO. Before the operation could even near completion, the droid injured or killed most the survey team, and only a deluge of rocks and debris finally stopped the droid's rampage. Before the survey team could reach Restimar and request further assistance, however, their equipment failed, and contact was lost. Their fate remained a mystery, as Restimar denied ever sending such an operation to Tilnes, despite the recorded evidence. (LFCW)

Operation Durge's Lance
this was the codename of the Separatist attack that planned to take control of the Corellian Trade Spine during the height of the Clone Wars. After capturing Yag'Dhul and Thyferra, the Confederacy of Independent Systems tried to wrest control of the Duro System from the Old Republic. If Duro could be captured, only Corellia would remain part of the Old Republic. Corellia's capture would give the Separatists control of the entire trade route. The operation launched a massive attack on the Republic warships stationed at Duro, eliminating the Acclamator-class assault ships Anvil, Coronet, and Bolide, as well as the Dreadnaughts Prominence and Atrisian Iron. (SWI74)

Operation Emperor's Hammer
this was the true mission behind the New Republic's retaking of the planet Borleias, in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. Using a series of false leads and tantalizing information, the Inner Circle led the Yuuzhan Vong to believe that lambent crystals were being grown on Borleias for use as focusing crystals in the pipefighters of the so-called Operation Starlancer. This forced the Yuuzhan Vong to commit to a full-scale invasion of Borleias, in an effort destroy the facility. However, there was no such facility. It was all a ruse. When the Yuuzhan Vong forces descended on Borleias, they were allowed to reach the planet's surface. Once the aliens were on the ground, Eldo Davip and the Lusankya bombarded them from orbit, utterly destroying the alien forces with a four-minute aerial bombardment. In this way, the Inner Circle used Imperial bombardment tactics to eliminate a sizable portion of the Yuuzhan Vong military. (EL1)

Operation Emperor's Spear
this was the name used to describe the plan, hatched by Wedge Antilles and Eldo Davip, to use the Lusankya as an immense ramming device against the Yuuzhan Vong which were blockading Borleias. In the wake of the Battle of Coruscant, Wedge had been ordered to hold Borleias long enough for Chief of State Pwoe and the remainder of the New Republic Advisory Council to flee into space. The Lusankya was allowed to take damage in the fighting over Borleias, but never anything too bad. Nevertheless, weapons emplacements were continually being removed from the ship for "repair." In reality, they were being refitting onto smaller ships, giving them more firepower against the Yuuzhan Vong. The Lusankya, in the meantime, was being refitted from the inside out, with a huge Beltway being carved into its heart. This reinforced shaft became a huge, needle-like ram, that would be used to destroy the Yuuzhan Vong worldship. During the last stand at Borleais, Commander Eldo Davip took the Lusankya into battle, but only to deflect large portions of fire from the smaller ships. This caused huge amounts of damage to the Star Destroyer, which served to bolster the Yuuzhan Vong's confidence. Then, when much of the battle had been fought, Commander Davip used all remaining engine power to ram the Lusankya into the Yuuzhan Vong worldship, destroying both ships and eliminating the Yuuzhan Vong threat. (EL2)

Operation False Horizon
devised by Osten Dal'Nay and Broof Yurdel, this was the codename for a series of surprise assaults launched by the Cularin Militia just before the onset of the Clone Wars. Many believed that the Cularin Militia had been disbanded, especially after the build-up of Thaereian Military forces in the Cularin System. However, this was the appearance the Dal'Nay and Yurdel wished the system to see, and they went to work in the background, meticulously planning the operation. When it was launched, the Cularin Militia was activated with coded transmissions, and within hours they ahd secured or overrun many Thaereian military bases throughout the system. This operation was carried out with the full support of the Jedi Knights on Almas, who suddenly found their communications to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant were blocked by Thaereian forces. While the ground battles proved to be swift victories for the Cularin Militia, their naval forces were initially outnumbered three-to-one by Thaereian warships. The space battle turned when unknown forces - bearing an isignia that showed an image of Cularin superimposed with the letter "N" - arrived in the Cularin System and decimated that Thaereian forces. (LFCW)

Operation Flotsam
this New Republic operation was funded by the Historical Battle Site Preservation Act, and was set up to recover the debris from space battles before it could end up on the private market. It collected Imperial and Alliance artifacts for display in the Alliance War Museum on Coruscant. (BTS)

Operation Glorious Destinty
this was the Hiromi term used to describe their plans to subjugate the planet Zeltros, shortly after the Battle of Endor. The operation got off to a bad start when Hirog failed to distract the Alliance at Endor, then took another turn for the wosre when Hirog inadvertently locked himself in a storage room on Zeltros. The only thing the Hiromi managed to gain full control of was the kitchen in the royal palace of King Arno and Queen Leonie of the Zeltrons, before the operation fell completely apart. When the Nagai and Tofs also arrived on Zeltros, the Hiromi gave up any hopes of success and allied themselves with the Alliance to defeat the other invaders. In the end, the Hiromi decided that they could better serve the Alliance better from a safer, hidden planet. (PH)

Operation Groundquake
named by Tyria Sarkin, this Wraith Squadron mission involved knocking out the Imperial bases located in the cities of Fellon and Hullis, on the planet Halmad, during the hunt for Warlord Zsinj. (IF)

Operation Hammerblow
this New Republic Naval operation was first implemented by the Fifth Battle Group. It involved the use of K-Wing bombers to knock out a planet's defensive shielding, thus allowing larger ships to knock out weapons emplacements in preparation for landing. It was heavily opposed in some circles of the New Republic Senate, for it was a heavy-handed use of military power by a government supposedly opposed to the subjugation of planets. Admiral Ackbar and the supporters of the operation cited many planets under Imperial control that would require the use of such tactics. (BTS)

Operation Insignificant
this was the codename of General Trep Reskan's plans to unseat the Empire from its control of Brak Sector. (FBS)

Operation Joystick
this was the codename for the New Republic's plan to bring the planet Adumar - along with its military resources - into the Republic's membership. The basic plan involved two stages. The first was the infiltration of the planet's society, to determine how best to approach the Adumari. It was decided, based on the military background of the Adumari, that the second stage would involved sending starfighter pilots as the primary diplomats to Adumar. (PH)

Operation Katabatic
this was the name given to the Old Republic's attempt to liberate the planet Atraken from the control of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. The Old Republic military claimed that Operation Katabatic was a tactical success, acknowledging that the biochemical weapons unleashed by the Separatists killed off nearly ninety percent of the population of Atraken. (SWI67)

Operation Peacemaker
this Imperial directive was used to subjugate planetary systems in which two or more indigenous races were at war with each other. The basic outline of Operation Peacemaker is to artifically escalate the tension between the races, to the point that all-out war is inevitable. The Empire can then invade the system with the outward goal of initiating peace between the warring peoples. The ultimate goal of this plan was the subjugation of all the warring parties under Imperial control. (SWJ9)

Operation Piranha Beetle
this was the term used by General Wedge Antilles to decribe the final evacuate effort at the Borleias base, in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. (EL2)

Operation Ram's Head
this Alliance operation took place shortly after the Battle of Yavin. (EGP)

Operation Rebel Hunt
this Imperial military action was created to cleanse the planet Yetnis of rebellious cells, during the Galactic Civil War. (HAS)

Operation Restbreak
this was the name given to the New Republic's plans for defending the Bilbringi Shipyards, in case they were attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong. Operation Restbreak was forced into use when Nom Anor arrived at Bilbringi to discuss the fate of the Nebula Chaser with Leia Organa Solo. Even though there was no military action, Republic General Muun decided that it was best to have the military presence on full-alert, in case there was any treachery. (SBS)

Operation Retribution
this Alliance action involved a two-pronged attack. The first part involved a full-scale assault on a minimally-defended Imperial outpost. This operation was a feint, meant to draw Imperial forces away from repair station M13. A small team of Alliance agents was then dispatched to Mycroft, and was able to infiltrate station M13 and render it useless to the Empire. (SWCP)

Operation Safe Passage
this was the codename of the evacuation plans developed by the Jedi Knights, in the event that their base on Eclipse was discovered by the Yuuzhan Vong or the Peace Brigade. (SBS)

Operation Shadow Hand
the master plan devised by Emperor Palpatine for the retaking of the galaxy following his defeat at the Battle of Endor, Operation Shadow Hand involved the launching of wave after wave of devastating assaults on the New Republic. He appointed seven elite Dark Jedi, known as the Executors, and placed them in charge of carrying out the plan's orders. However, with Palpatine's final death on Byss, Operation Shadow Hand was closed out. (DE1, DE2)

Operation Shadowplay
this Alliance military operation was implemented in order to get supplies and heavy equipment to forces inserted on Imperial-held worlds. Shadowplay used stealth-equipped combat freighters to deliver the supplies. The freighters would skim the atmosphere of a planet, appearing on sensors as a large meteor or asteroid. They would drop the supplies or equipment and then fly off, as if the meteor had disintegrated into several smaller pieces. The "pieces" were often large chunks of ice, in which the Alliance hid the supplies it was delivering. This way, the supplies themselves - whether food or weapons - avoided sensor detection and could be recovered by the on-planet team. (ROE)

Operation Shadowstrike
this Alliance mission was sent to the unexplored planet NCW-781 to recover the pilot known as Prodigal-One and the datacard codenamed Prodigal-Two. (IA)

Operation Sidestep
the codename given to the military operation surrounding the New Republic's deflecting the Centerpoint Station attack on Bovo Yagen. It was commanded by the Bakuran Naval officer, Hortel Ossilege. (SC)

Operation Skyhook
this was the codename of Princess Leia Organa's mission to retrieve the plans of the first Death Star. The mission was predicated on an agent being able to steal the plans from a secret Imperial installation, a mission which was successfully completed by Kyle Katarn. Later, Leia was to travel to Toprawa and take custody of the plans herself. However, Imperial forces in the system forced her to change the plans, instead having the plans transmitted directly to her ship, the Tantive IV. (SWR, SWI74)

Operation Starbird
this Alliance operation was set up to provide data on the situation on Goroth Prime, and to determine the best course of action to overthrow the Imperial and corporate control of the Gorothite people. Agents working on Operation Starbird were given a fair amount of autonomy, and assumed guises which allowed them to infiltrate the Imperial forces and the corporations, while prodiving them with access to the native Gorothite population. Operation Starbird supported the efforts of the Gor'Jen'Ar, working to undermine the efforts of the Empire without direct confrontation. (GSE)

Operation Starlancer
this was the name given to the Inner Circle's development of the pipefighter, in the wake of the Battle of Coruscant. Originally conceived on Borleias, Operation Starlancer was designed to fool the Yuuzhan Vong into thinking that the Borleias base was more imptorant than it actually was. The operation was a front, to draw attention away from the Inner Circle's plans to infiltrate Coruscant. Danni Quee allowed Tam Elgrin to steal "information" on Starlancer, information that led the Yuuzhan Vong and Viqi Shesh to believe that the Borleias base was trying to grow immense lambent crystals to use as focusing crystals in the pipefighters. The goal of the Starlancer project was to be able to launch remote strikes against Yuuzhan Vong warships, without actually engaging the alien invaders. Analogous to the superlaser used aboard the Death Star, Starlancer employed pipefighters to fire intense bolts of energy. These were combined in order to form a single, super-powerful beam. This beam was focused through a lambent crystal but, unlike the Death Star's laser, could distort space and time to increase acceleration through hyperspace, therby allowing the Republic to strike anywhere in the galaxy froma remote location. The plan worked quite well, forcing the Warmaster Tsavong Lah to reinstate the rank of his own father, Czulkang Lah, in an effort to destroy the Borleias base. This allowed Wedge Antilles to give the remnants of the New Republic's Advisory Council a chance regroup elsewhere and plan a retaliation against the Yuuzhan Vong. (EL1, EL2)

Operation Strike Fear
a plan devised by Emperor Palpatine early in the Galactic Civil War, it involved the use of the Imperial fleet to subdue pockets of resistance and obliterate them. The goal was to suppress further resistance via the fear of Imperial retaliation. (XW)

Operation Strong Hand
this was the New Republic's codename for the final assault on the Yevethan Navy, during the Black Fleet Crisis. It involved the use of the White Current, wielded primarily by Wailu and Akanah, to create the illusion of a huge war fleet attacking the Koornacht Cluster. Primary command of Strong Hand was given to General A'baht, with his five senior officers - Corgan, Mauit'ta, Morano, Poqua, and Grekk 9 - defining the various roles and assignments. (TT)

Operation Trinity
this was the codename of the massive assault on the Bilbringi asteroid belt, devised by the Galactic Alliance in an effort to eliminate the Yuuzhan Vong presence in the area. The Operation was based on coordinated HoloNet transmissions between the fleets commanded by General Wedge Antilles, General Traest Kre'fey, and Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon. General Antilles fleet, simply named Alpha, was the point for the operation, with Pellaeon commanding the Beta fleet and Kre'fey the Gamma fleet. However, the Yuuzhan Vong chose this point in their invasion to unleash the mabugat kan, which destroyed several HoloNet relay stations and shut down communications between the fleets. (FP)

Operation Venom
Operation Venom was the Empire's plans to root out and destroy the Alliance's Pegasus Strike Force. Under the command of Admiral Berthogg and the Behemoth, the Empire made some headway against the Alliance fleet near Orellon II. (SWJ2)

Operation Yavin Kill Two
this was the codename of Darth Vader's plan to lure Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker back to the remains of Alderaan. He set about planting rumors about the discovery of parts of the Royal Palace of Alderaan in the heart of Asteroid 7785. Vader then augmented the rumors by adding a story about the mining survey team discovering a survivor in the asteroid who claimed to be Bail Organa. Vader went so far as to build a replica of the Palace inside the asteroid, using motion sensors and other mechanisms to trap his victims inside. Unfortunately for Vader, a group of Alliance agents intercepted the message from Hanos Darr and Zaz Hamiroz before it reach Leia Organa, and arrived at the asteroid before she did. The trap was sprung, but without the victims Vader intended. (GA)

Operation: Elrood
this Imperial action was designed to take control of Elrood Sector, not just the interdicted space between Derilyn and Berea. Note that the final section of Operation: Elrood indicates that this was an Alliance action. (OE)

Operational Multisystem Management
abbreviated OMM, this was a system implemented by the Corporate Sector Authority to allow each member of the Authority to access a huge database of information. They employed slicers who had been convicted of computer crimes by the Empire to create a network that allows any system to have access. The slicers also figure out how to keep the system secure. (CSA)

Operational Starfighters
this was a book, produced during the last decades of the Old Republic, which described the standard features of most starfighters. (BF2)

Operations Planning Center
this was the central chamber of the new Jedi Temple, erected on Coruscant by the Reconstruction Authority during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN2)

this man served as a guard for the crimelord Mahk'khar, guarding their base of operations on Tuulab during the early years of the New Republic. (SWJ6)

Oph Nar Dinnid
this Lyunesi communcations handler was working for one of the Narrant System's major liege-holder clans, and as a direct interpretor for the supreme leader of the clan, when he fell into a hypererotic, passionate relationship with the leader's alpha concubine. Their relationship was discovered when, at a clan ceremony re-affirming the oaths of some several thousand sublieges, the screen separating the main dias from a smaller subchamber was accidentally brought down. Dinnid and the concubine were exposed, in front of the supreme liege-lord and his sworn followers. The Lyunesi managed to escape, invoking the wrath of the Narrant liege-lord, who put out a huge bounty on the comm handler's head. Dinnid, however, was well-prepared to pay for his freedom. He had memory augmenters implanted in his brain, filled with information on the Narrant System's business operations. The memory circuits were rigged to a series of implants that allowed it to be extracted over a long period of time. Any tampering with the splint would result in a complete wipe of the data, not to mention Dinnid's death. This ensured Dinnid's long-term value to his new employer. Dinnid sought refuge with the Shell Hutts, who hoped to gain a foothold in the Narrant System and take over business there. However, Dinnid was exterminated by Gheeta in a fit of rage before the information could be extracted, and before the bounty on his head could be collected by Boba Fett. Gheeta then received a lesser sum from the Narrant System liege-lords upon proof of Dinnid's death. (MA)

this arid planet was under the control of Tyrann and his Serpent Masters during the height of the New Order, until Luke Skywalker and Tanith Shire defeated them. (SWDB)

this was one of the many crystals used by the ancient Jedi Knights in the construction of a lightsaber. It was believed to have given the wielder a greater presence in combat, allowing them to intimidate an opponent. Opila crystals were mined almost exclusively in the asteroid field of the Fyrth Ssytem. (KOTOR)

manufacturers of security systems and the tools to bypass them. (TFNR)

Opirus Personal Lasers
a subsidiary of Opirus, this corporation produced laser etching and engraving tools for use in various manufacturing and tooling operations. (GG11)

Opish & Bethal Weapons
this was one of the largest buyers of spin-sealer tibanna gas from Cloud City during the height of the New Order. (GG2)

this red giant is one of four stars that are located at the center of the Opiteihr System. (TSK)

Opiteihr System
located along the Enarc Run, this star system is the next stop after the Pax System when travelling to Vondarc. It is a strange, four-star system, which the red giants Opiteihr, Kalnus, Terax, and Dal dominating the system and providing an eerie, blood-red light to worlds like Krann. (TSK)

this young Tren felt betrayed when his people voted to join the Empire, but served out his term with the military before beginning a personal crusade to expose the Empire as a xenophobic dictatorship. In an effort to strike out at the Empire, Opit-Wenbruh joined the Alliance and served in the Tynquay Skirmishes before joining the famous Scandium Team as a heavy-weapons specialist. He was one of six members of the team to survive the Wellte-ir Massacre. (SWJ11)

Ople, Gres
this woman once worked for the Trandoshan pirate Chorssk, until she was lured away by the Regal Heirarchy of the planet Ilimardon. She was promised large sums of credits to steal a breeding pair of Chorssk's domesticated mynocks, which she stole and brought with her to Ilimardon. There, she worked to develop a flock of domesticated mynocks for the Heirarchy's private use. Chorssk, upon learning of her defection and employment, vowed to hunt her down and kill her for her treachery. (WOTC)

a planet. (WBC)

Opo Chano
this Duros worked as a merchant on Citadel Station, selling droid parts during the years following the Jedi Civil War. He eventually hit upon hard times, and was forced to take a loan from The Exchange in order to survive. When he couldn't make his regular payment, he feared that The Exchange would eliminate him, and he spent the rest of his life hiding in various apartments. In exchange for credits, Opo Chano agreed to alter the programming of B-4D4 for The Exile, knowing full well what the droid was going to be used for. Because of his actions, a bounty was placed on Chano's head shortly afterward, and he was killed before he could escape from Citadel Station. (KOTOR2)

this man was one of the Ministers who formed the government of the planet Danoor, shortly after the Battle of Endor. He was a contemporary of Waric Nane. Like his fellow Ministers, Opodim believed that the Lance of Endor was, in truth, a New Republic ship sent to maraud the Kathol Outback. After hearing from Kaiya Adrimetrum and the crew of the FarStar, though, he began to see the truth. (KO)

this was the name of a noted Sludir individual. (UANT)

a YT-1300 transport used by the Alliance during the Galactic Civil War, the Opos was destroyed while on a mission. (TIE)

Oppo Rancisis
born some 174 years before the Battle of Naboo, this Thisspain Jedi Master served as a member of the Jedi Council shortly before the Clone Wars. Rancisis had no legs, and moved about on a repulsor chair. He had green skin, long fingers tipped with sharp nails, and a mass of flowing white hair. Oppo was trained as a Jedi by Yaddle, and was skilled in the art of malacia. Oppo once inherited the leadership of the Monarchy of Thisspias when, at the age of twenty, his sister was murdered. However, he declined the position in order to pursue his studies of the Force. Among the Jedi Council, he was known for his skills in battle planning and strategy. His fleet strategies were invaluable during the Stark Hyperspace Conflict, as well as the Clone Wars that plunged the galaxy into turmoil. Because of his age and his physical stature, Master Rancisis was one of the handful of Jedi Council members who remained on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. Some thirty months after the Battle of Geonosis, it was Master Rancisis who presided over the trial of Quinlan Vos. Based on the testimonies of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, not to mention Quinlan's own defense, Master Rancisis agreed to allow Quinlan to rejoin the Jedi Order. Shortly afterward, Master Rancisis asked Vos to serve as his second-in-command on a mission to Saleucami, where they hoped to locate Master Tholme and destroy the cloning facilities established on the planet by Sora Bulq. It was on Saleucami that Master Rancisis' skills as a tactician came to the fore, as it was his battle meditation that allowed the Republic's forces to gain several early victories. However, in a bold move, the Separatist forces launched a direct attack on Master Rancisis' position, forcing him to break out of the battle meditation and defend himself. Although Master Rancisis defeated a horde of Anzati assassins, he was unprepared for the arrival of Sora Bulq. The Dark Jedi silently approached stabbed Rancisis in the chest with a pair of lightsabers, killing Master Rancisis and cutting off his coordination of the Republic's forces on Saleucami. (SW1, IG1, OWS, SWI62, PJSB, RDR, RT, E3N, RSOS)

this alien race joined the New Republic. The Opquis were characterized by their rough-sounding voices. (SOP)

Opreka, Kalzutan
this man, a native of the planet Naboo, served as the Chairman of the Naboo Moon Mining Union, shortly before the Clone Wars. It was Opreka who called for the "sit-in"protest of the decision by Queen Jamillia to close off certain Naboo starports to mining traffic, in favor of allowing refugee ships to land there instead. Union ships were left in their berths, preventing refugee ships from landing, in protest of the loss of kassoti spice caused when it couldn't be processed in time. (HNN5)

this government agency was based in the Cularin System, and was responsible for maintaining the safety of its inhabitants. (LFCW)

Ops Post
this was the primary field office of the New Republic Scout Service, second only to Core Post in terms of hierarchy. During the first years of the New Republic, Ops Post was located on Xoemefel. Ops Post often acquired new information on unregistered worlds well before Core Post did. (GG8)

this was the HoloNet handle of Corporal Jarg Fleffant of the Gadrin Office of Peace an Security on Cularin, during the early stages of the Clone Wars. (LFCW)

Optical Sun-shield
this was a form of eye protection worn on planets with extremely string sunlight. (SL)

this small droid manufacturer was best-known for its XA-540 secretary droid. (FTD)

Opula Deget
this gold-skinned female was a regular patron of the Galaxies Opera House, during the final months of the Old Republic. (DAG)

this man worked for Talon Karrde as a security officer aboard the Wild Karrde during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (EVC)

this bio-organic membrane was used by the Yuuzhan Vong as the connecting tube which allowed two of their starships to dock with one another. Individual Yuuzhan Vong could then travel back and forth between the ships by traversing the length of the oqa membrane. The name oqa was derived from the word used to describe the proboscis of a Yuuzhan Vong pack animal. The interior of the oqa membrane was continually bathed with noxious slime, which was secreted by the oqa as a sterilization and decontamination agent. The floor of an oqa was referred to as a microbial mat, and was constantly swept clear of debris by clusters of tiny, white arachnids. (EVR, UF)

this group of bounty hunters worked from a base on the planet Naalol, during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (GMR5)

Or Tuma
this ball of frozen rock was the third and outermost planet in the Ryloth System. (GORW)

this subdirectory of the Republic Scout Service Database contained information on the plant life of the planet Naboo. (SON)

this subdirectory of the Republic Scout Service Database contained a detailed listing of the various Naboo settlements within the Naboo System. (SON)

this subdirectory of the Republic Scout Service Database contained information on the animal life of the planet Naboo. (SON)

this was one of the many names given to female Bothans. It was also the Bothan term for a lustrous gemstone. (GCG, WOTC)

this lustrous gemstone was found on the planet Bothawui. (GCG, WOTC)

this group of Imperial probes was destroyed by the Alliance, shortly before the Battle of Endor. (XWA)

Oracle at Pelgrin
located on the planet Pelgrin, this unusual device was created millions of years ago by the Pelgrin race. The facility which housed the Oracle stood some ten stories in height, being formed on dieuw tree wood and reinforced with metal, and contained a complex network of gears, switches, and pendulums. A central shaft reached from the base of the Oracle to its pinnacle, where a single chamber was situated. The initial discovery team, led by Ermin Phin-Mar some 3,000 years before the Battle of Naboo, was unable to restart the Oracle, but Phin-Mar ascertained that it was originally created as an astronomical device that held a religious or predictive place in Pelgrin culture. This led to its description as an Oracle. However, further investigation by the Jedi who accompanied Phin-Mar, Shannur Darkstar, revealed that the Oracle had some deep connection to the Force. When Darkstar first tried to puzzle her way through to a better understanding of the Oracle by meditating in the upper chamber, she brought the machine back to life. Rather than being operated by a crew of Pelgrins, the Oracle operated on the energy of the Force. Darkstar herself had a vision of a great war, and many other Jedi who arrived on Pelgrin also saw devastating events in the future. Popular rumors sprang up that the Pelgrins foresaw their own destruction in the Oracle, depsite the fact that there was no evidence to support such a theory. The most intriguing mystery of the Oracle was the fact that it required an individual with a strong connection to the Force to operate it, although there was no record of the Pelgrins having any Force-sensitivity. Because of the catastrophic nature of the visions experienced in the Oracle, the Jedi Council requested that access to the Oracle be restricted, while scientists claimed that the Jedi were creating a false sense of evil around the Oracle to keep it for themselves. The Old Republic Senate sided with the Jedi, but allowed a few state-sponsored investigations. The Jedi Knights began to catalogue the visions which were reported, and only began to see the truth of the predictions decades later, when certain events the Oracle foresaw actually came to pass. The most disastrous visions, such as that experienced by Shannur Darkstar, took millennia to occur. Unfortunately, the Oracle was destroyed by a group of pirates during the last decades of the Old Republic. These pirates had been hired in secret by Chancellor Palpatine himself, out of fear that the Jedi Knights might discern his plans to take control of the galaxy. (PJSB)

Oracle Base
this Alliance military outpost was located on the planet Tel III, in Brak Sector, during the Galactic Civil War. It was supported by starfighter bases in the De'nel, Jinet, and Intran Systems. The base was hidden within the planetary nebula surrounding the Tel star. At the time of the Battle of Yavin, Oracle Base supported more than 366 personnel, including 214 troops. (SESB, FBS)

Oracle Squadron
this was the designation of the Alliance Y-Wing squadron stationed at Oracle Base, on the planet Tel III, shortly after the Battle of Yavin. The squadron sustained fifty-percent losses during the attempt to rescue prisoners from the Caged Animal, after the Empire launched its own ambush on the Alliance forces. (FBS)

Oracle, The
this ancient Ithorian male was the leader of a small band of envionrmentalists who lived deep in the jungles of their homeworld of Ithor, communing with nature and monitoring the lifecycle of the Mother Jungle. Although completely blind, the Oracle was able to move about in the temple where he lived, and never seemed to miss a step while walking through the surrounding jungles. During the height of the New Order, the Oracle was greatly concerned about the Imperial presence on Ithor, but found himself powerless to do anything about it. His ability to "hear" what the jungle around him was saying only made it harder for the Oracle to accept their advice, which was to seek peace with the Imperials, despite the fact that it was the Imperials who were destroying the jungles. In fact, it was the Imperials who blinded the Oracle and left him for dead, after he refused to help them learn about the Bafforr trees. (MIS7)

this was one of the largest cities on the planet Brentaal, and it boasted an Imperial-class spaceport. In the years following the Battle of Endor, much of Oradin was held by supporters of the New Republic, which allowed the Republic to establish a temporary base there prior to the Battle of Brentaal. Parts of the city were destroyed during the initial battle against the Imperial forces, and an assault shuttle was shot down and crashed into a school. Is Oradin a city or a planet? The captions seem to indicate it's a city on the barren moon of Brentaal IV, but discussion among the New Republic military indicate it's a planet. (XWES, IR)

Oradin Diamond
created by Lon Isoto, this medal was given to the pilots of the 181st Imperial Fighter Group, which helped defend the planet Brentaal from the early efforts of the New Republic to take the planet. Similar in design to the Vuultin Starburst, the Oradin Diamond had an organic look to its red, heart-like center and gold flares. (XWES)

this Ithorian was one of Ithor's Senators to the Old Republic, in the last decades of the Old Republic. (SWRPG)

this female Duros worked as a traffic control officer at the Jedi academy on Ossus, during the years following the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy. (DN1)

this New Republic Navy Communications Officer served under Commander Zoalin aboard the Adamantine before succumbing to the Death Seed plague unleashed by Seti Ashgad. (POT)

Oran Mas
this was one of many cities on the planet Haruun Kal which were controlled by the Balawai during the last decades of the Old Republic. (SHPT)

Orane Mountain
this was the tallest peak on Beija, the small strip of land which connected the Jhunia snow plains on Neftali to the Yiulimar Fjords. (BSS)

Oranessan System
Dengar and Neelah took the Hound's Tooth to this remote system, in an effort to draw the forces of Kodir of Kuhlvult away from the transport ship of Balancesheet, shortly before the Battle of Endor. Their plan was to divert the Kuati ships' attention long enough for Boba Fett and N'dru Suhlak to leave the assembler's ship in Suhlak's Z-95 and flee to Tatooine and recover the load shifter which contained Kuat of Kuat's falsified record of the deaths of Owen and Beru Lars. (HM)

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