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this planet is the primary planet in the Japrael system of three planets. It has a temperate climate, and was home to a primitive race of humanoids. It has four moons. The primary moon, Dxun, orbitted very close to the planet millenia ago, and the various Dxun beasts jumped to the planet. The Onderonians struggled against the beasts, eventually gathering new technologies and building a huge walled city to protect themselves from the beasts. The Onderonians then threw their criminal out into the wilderness without any protection from the beasts. The outcasts soon learned to defend themselves, and a second civilization grew out of the outcasts. They two groups remained at war with each other for many years, and the Old Republic asked the Jedi to watch over the world. When Master Arca took over its watch and assigned Ulic Qel-Droma to the planet, the war was ended when the Onderonian princess Galia married the Beastprince. Onderon was also the planet on which Freedon Nadd tried to set up his Sith Kingdom. Like many other fringe worlds, the Onderonians have a distrust of aliens.
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