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One, The

this being was a member of a strange race of aliens which had existed for eons in the depths of space. They were descended from a race of organic machines, who were built by an extinct race whose sun went supernova. The machines survived, and continued to grow. While their creators had no urge to explore space, The One and his race began travelling across the galaxy. Being somewhat conservative, though, they shied away from any contact with other lifeforms. They were huge, rounded versions of the droid known as Vuffi Raa, appearing as fifty-kilometer-wide, polished-silver starships that were ovoid in shape. As they evolved, these unusual creatures built other organic ships in which to transport their knowledge. However, in the ages since the destruction of their creators, The One's race had grown stagnant, and they longed for excitement and risks. After foreseeing that his race might die out because of racial stagnation, the One decided to take matters into his own hands, and created Vuffi Raa as a reconnaissance machine. He hoped that Vuffi Raa would make contact with many various lifeforms in the galaxy and report back to The Rest with his findings. He planted Vuffi Raa in a starship cargo hold, and activated him prematurely, setting of the chain of events that eventually led to the Imperial blockade of the ThonBoka. The One, The Other, and The Rest rushed to the ThonBoka, only to find that the Oswaft and Lando Calrissian had matters pretty much under control. The One and his counterparts intervened when the Imperials were about to turn the tide of the battle.
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