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Oddo, Astri
this woman was the adopted daughter of Didi Oddo, and helped him maintain and operate the family cafe in the Senate district of Coruscant, some twelve years before the Battle of Naboo. Although she hated the fact that her father dealt equally with Senators and criminals, Astri herself was not above using whatever means necessary to keep the café running. She knew that her father's friend, Fligh, worked in the Senate Chamber, so she paid him to pass along hints about Didi's Café, in order to secure parties for the city's elite. However, Fligh was killed after stealing both two datapads: that of Senator Uta S'orn for Helb and that of Jenna Zan Arbor. As a result, the Oddo's found themselves pursued by a mysterious, Sorrusian bounty hunter. Astri was hurt in a struggle, but not seriously, shortly before the Oddo's fled to Duneeden. However, they were pursued by the bounty hunter there, and barely managed to escape with the help of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Astri herself was again wounded, this time seriously. Astri recovered, though, but Didi was hospitalized with a deadly disease which was linked to Arbor Industries. She helped Obi-Wan track down Jenna Zan Arbor in an effort to locate the cure to Didi's illness, and managed to recover the antidote from Zan Arbor's lab on Simpla-12. Astri was forced to portray Ona Nobis, and pretended to bring in Obi-Wan in order to infiltrate the lab. She was forced to leave Obi-Wan behind, though, and return to Coruscant with the antidote, while Obi-Wan struggled to free Qui-Gon Jinn. Once Didi was out of danger, Astri set out to capture or kill Ona Nobis. The bounty hunter captured her instead, and used Astri as bait to try and capture Obi-Wan, but the young Jedi managed to evade the attempt. Calling on Cholly, Tup, and Weez, Astri set out to follow Ona Nobis, ending up on Belasco. There, she helped the Jedi captured Jenna Zan Arbor, but Ona Nobis was killed in battle with Obi-Wan. In the end, Astri returned to Coruscant to help her father restore Didi's Café to its former glory. Years later, she married a homesteader and moved to the Outer Rim, after selling the café to Dexter Jettster. Her husband, Bog Divinian, earned an appointment to the board which handled the Galactic Games on the planet Euceron, five years after the Battle of Naboo. It was during this time that Astri became pregnant, and later gave birth to a son named Lune. Although his tenure was riddled with scandal, Bog managed to achieve his goal of becoming a Senator to the Old Republic, winning an election on Nuralee. Astri did her part to support her husband, joining several relief agencies in an effort to aid her adopted homeworld of Nuralee and present a helpful and humanitarian side of herself and her husband. She was even part of the plannign committee established to create the All Planets Relief Fund. Despite her outward happiness, Astri couldn't reconcile Bog's machinations in the Senate. When Obi-Wan appealed to her for help, she explained that she could not assist him. When pressed for a reason, she revealed that Bog would take their son away from her if she helped the Jedi. (DH, EVE, TDR, JQ2, JQ3, JQ9)

Oddo, Didi
this chubby, diminutive man owned a cafe in the Senate District of the planet Coruscant, several years before the Battle of Naboo. He maintained the café with the help of his daugther, Astri. A likeable character, Didi had contacts in all levels of society, and was a close friend and informant to the Jedi Knights of the era. For many years, that was all the kept Didi going, since the food at the café was less than appealing. Didi accepted Astri's help in improving the food and the atmosphere. He was caught up in the events surrounding the death of his friend, Fligh, and the appearance of a strange and dangerous Sorrusian bounty hunter who tried to kill him. Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi tried to help Did and Astri remain safe, including moving them to Duneeden temporarily. Didi had won a small place in the Cascardi Mountains in a sabacc match with Helb, so they decided to hole up there. However, the bounty hunter trailed them to Duneeden, and nearly succeeded in eliminating the Oddos. If Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan hadn't traveled to Duneeden themselves, Didi might have been killed instead of badly injured by the Sorrusian. Didi, however, sustained a wound which was laced with a poison engineered by Arbor Industries, and was only saved when Astri and Obi-Wan infiltrated Jenna Zan Arbor's lab on Simpla-12 and stole the antidote. Didi returned to Coruscant and reopened his café, with the help of Fligh and Astri. After many successful years, Didi retired when Astri married Bog Divinian and moved to the Outer Rim world of Nuralee. They sold the café to Dexter Jettster, who maintained it for many years. Did himself spent much of his retirement looking after his grandson, Lune Divinian. (DH, EVE, TDR, JQ2, JQ9)

Ode to a Master Chef
a jizz tune written by Max Rebo. (TJP)

Ode to a Radioactive Ruin
a jizz song played by the Max Rebo Band. (TJP)

Odell, Beuga
this heavy-set woman was one of Coruscant's wealthiest nightclub owners, during the last decades of the Old Republic. She was also one of the planet's most successful crimelords. Like Volven Roxe and Quetemoor, Beuga Odell made his fortune without the intervention of the Hutts. While her outward appearance was that of a sweet, old lady, Beuga would stop at nothing to maintain the security of her organization and expand it whenever the opportunity arose. She was involved in smuggling, gambling, and narcotics trafficking, and spent part of her time fighting against Quetemoor the Venerable and his Mugaari operation. She also worked hard to remain beneath the radar of Black Sun, thereby ensuring the continued survival of her operation. (CCW)

Oden Malksch
this Jedi Knight, who lived and worked at the Almas Academy during the years surrounding the Battle of Naboo, served as a historian who tried to document the events in the Cularin System during the final decades of the Old Republic. (WOTC)

this aquatic race is related to the Issori, and are also native to the planet Issor. The Odenji suffer from an intense sadness known as the melanncho, which is so strong it can make the sufferer go insane. The disease didn't affect the Issori, who came to be the dominant population on Issor. The Odenji differed from their cousins in several respects, mainly their breathing apparatus. Where the Issori had olfactory wrinkles in the place of a nose, the Odenji had four horizontal flaps of skin which provided the sense of smell. Their mouths were located beneath their chins, where the Issori mouth was located at the front of their face. After the devastating effect the melanncho had on their population, the Odenji allowed the Issori to manage their planetary colonies, but retained an equal representation within the Tribe of Odenji. (SWJ13)

Odeon Farnish
a Lexlar customs inspector. (RPG)

Odfath, Patel
this Alliance operative was captured for the bounty on his head by Lu'daal-ud. At the time of his capture, Odfath was carrying several top-secret datafiles, which Lu'daal-ud acquired after the capture. The datafiles documented the working of the Alliance cells on Walin'or and Tierfon. (AIR)

Odik II
Emperor Palpatine imprisoned Old Republic opponents to the New Order in a top-secret detention center on this planet. (DSTC)

this young man was one of the many beings who lived in the Refugee Sector of Nar Shaddaa, following the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War. He desparately wanted to be a pilot, but his social stature often caused many potential employers to look for other candidates. When The Exile arrived on Nar Shaddaa, during his search for Jedi Master Zez-Kai Ell, he found a job for Odis after talking with Fassa. (KOTOR2)

Odnaldor Chull
this male Klatooinan and his relative, Odnamar Chull, were wanted for the theft of several starships from the Guarja Shipyards on Nal Hutta, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. A bounty was placed on his head by Kukul the Hutt, and the pair fled to Tatooine. After nearly being caught in Mos Gamos, they fled to the Outland Transit Station. However, Odnaldor was captured on the Outland Transit Station by Jango Fett and brought in for the bounty on his head. (BH)

Odnamar Chull
this male Klatooinan and his relative, Odnaldor Chull, were wanted for the theft of several starships from the Guarja Shipyards on Nal Hutta, during the years following the Battle of Naboo. A bounty was placed on his head by Kukul the Hutt, and the pair fled to Tatooine. After nearly being caught in Mos Gamos, they fled to the Outland Transit Station. Odnamar fled the station after Odnaldor was captured by Jango Fett. (BH)

this was a common component used to create the names given to Cerean males. In general, male Cereans given an individual name, which is added to the names of their father and grandfather. Complete male names are arranged based on harmony and cadence, but the literal meanings are arranged to ensure proper descriptions. The name Odo indicated a father, son, or head of a family or household. (GCG)

Odom, Meck
this young man was Kyle Katarn's roommate, during their training at the Imperial Academy on Carida. Meck was also Kyle's only true friend. Following their graduation, Meck was stationed on the planet Danuta, in the lab where the plans for the first Death Star were maintained. When Kyle joined the Alliance and tried to infiltrate the lab, Meck agreed to help his friend out. Meck arranged for a series of security checks to occur, resulting in a temporary shutdown of the base's perimeter locks and defenses, allowing Kyle to get into the facility and steal the plans. For his part in the action, Kyle allowed Meck to "survive" the assault. Meck had positioned himself in the command center where the plans were stored, and Kyle "shot" Meck when he entered the room. Meck rolled to the ground and hid, and later was "saved" when the Imperial rescue teams arrived to clean up the mess. (SFE)

this man served as the co-pilot of the Wild Karrde, working for Talon Karrde about ten years after the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn. (SOP)

one of the seven major clans of Ammuud. (CSA)

this group of large gas clouds fills much of the space near Exodo II and the Spangled Veil Nebula. (POT)

this Imperial Army General had survived more than his share of engagements during the rule of Emperor Palpatine, and was seriously considering retirement when he was approached by Grand Moff Tarkin. Tarkin offered him a command position, serving under Admiral Daala at the Maw Installation. Odosk accepted, seeing the assignment as a way to end his career quietly, but with distinction. He was responsible for boarding T'nun Bdu's CR90 corvette in the Cauldron Nebula and placing 12 thermal detonators in the ship's power plant. These were used to destroy the ship, after it was allowed to send a distress signal to the New Republic. (DA, JASB)

Odrion, Mors
this young Alliance dignitary and his aide, Rekara, traveled to Sedri to gather information on the Imperial garrison there. They stumbled onto the struggle between the priests Karak and Cardo over control of the Golden Sun. They were captured by Karak, who used his piece of the Golden Sun to steal information from Mors' mind. Rekara managed to escape and returned to Sedri with a rescue party. They were able to defeat Karak by scattering the Golden Sun's polyps across the oceans of Sedri, breaking its link to his mind. As Pek and Fala began working toward repairing Sedrian society, Odrion decided to remain on Sedri as the Alliance's representative, and to keep an eye on the Imperial garrison. Shortly after the Empire left Sedrian, Mors Odrion was elevated to a position of leadership among the Sedrian, and was instrumental in helping Pek deflect the battles between Limna Yith and the bounty hunters sent to recover her. (BGS, SSR)

this company was based on the planet Onadax during the years leading up to the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, although very few individuals knew exactly what the letters ODT stood for. Whatever its name, ODT was believed to have been founded by Dash Rendar and the human-replica droid known as Guri. The business was based on the premise that people would pay any amount of credits for immortality, and Dash had figured out how to do it. Using a modification of the entechment procedure used by the Ssi-ruuk, Dash and Guri found a way to place the enteched brain of a human into the computer brain of a human-replica droid. In this way, the human brain remained "alive", but in a body that only needed periodic maintenance and never truly aged. It was even believed that a Jedi Knight enteched and preserved in this manner would retain their connection to the Force. ODT, because of its business and his high-powered clientele, was obsessed with privacy, and maintained a heavily-secured compund on Onadax where human minds were enteched and placed into HRDs. The human-replica droid used by Molierre Cundertol were eventually traced back to Onadax and ODT, and Jaina Solo volunteered to investigate their facility. It was at ODT that she first encountered Stanton Rendar, who had undergone the same modified entechment procedure that had prolonged the life of Cundertol. Rather than have Jaina put a stop to the enterprise, Stanton took his knowledge and fled Onadax, destroying the entire ODT facility as he fled. (SWI75)

Odumin was a Tynnan who started out working as a skip-tracer for the Corporate Sector Authority. He found rapid advancement within the confines of the Authority, using his abilities as a delegator to have humans do his work for him while he remained anonymous. He remained so anonymous that rumors that he was really Emperor Palpatine in disguise began to surround him. Odumin reached the level of Detached Duty agent for the Auditor-General, and saved the Grand Inquisitor Torbin from assassination by agents of the Church of the First Frequency. He was promoted to a staff position, and Torbin suggested a larger reward. Odumin declined, liking his anonymity to remain more or less intact. He worked his way up the Authority ladder to become the territorial manager for the area near Bonadan after singelhandedly taking out the Xiochi slaver gang. His demeanor was described as greatly humanitarian, and he was known as a decent administrator. He was nearly killed in an assassination attempt by the Malorm Family, so Odumin hired Gallandro to take care of them. It was at this time that Fiolla discovered information about slaving operation within the leadership of the CSA, and began her investigation. Odumin had also been chasing down the slavery ring, and allowed himself to be implicated as part of the slavers in order to avoid drawing attention to his own investigation. He had traced the slavers to Ammuud, where he had learned of Zlarb's role in the ring. Odumin had then planned to apprehend Zlarb on Bonadan, several years before the Battle of Yavin. However, Han Solo had already killed Zlarb, and when he tried to leave Bonadan aboard the Millennium Falcon, Odumin thought Han was Zlarb trying to skip out on him. He tried to drug Han and immobilize him, but Han proved more resourceful. Odumin was forced to assume the guise of the skip-tracer Spray, who gained Chewbacca's confidence and helped fly the Millennium Falcon to Ammuud. On Ammuud, Odumin hoped that Solo and Chewbacca could help him reach the Mor Glayyd, arranging a duel between Gallandro and Ewwen. Once the slavers arrived on Ammuud and tried to eliminate all evidence of their existence, Odumin revealed his true self. He also revealed that Fiolla was working for him, and that their efforts were finally coming to fruition. The slavers had tried to use the Reesbon clan to help with their slave traffic, but the elder Mor Glayyd saw this as a possible betrayal of his clan, and tried to work a deal with Odumin. The Mor Glayyd was poisoned, and the plot to kill Ewwen was put into motion. Odumin knew that only Han Solo - a freelance operative working outside the law - would be able to get inside the Ammuud clans and help break the case open. Solo's actions gave Odumin the evidence he needed to smash the ring, but he refused to allow Solo to go free until the smuggler threatened to kill him. Gallandro stepped in, allowing Solo to go free in the hopes of meeting up with him at a later date. In the wake of the events on Ammuud, both Spray and Fiolla were given promotions for their efforts. (HSR, CSA, SWDB)

popular during the last decades of the Old Republic, this sport involved wild races, which were often the subject of galaxy-wide betting and wagering. (OWS)

this was a city located on the western continent of the planet Bothawui. (VOF, SPG)

Ody Mandrell
this reptilian Er'Kit was born on the planet Tatooine, and was later considered one of the Outer Rim's best podracer pilots. During the Boonta Eve Classic race in which Anakin Skywalker emerged victorious, Ody Mandrell's XL 5115 podracer was disabled in a crash and had to come in for repairs. Pit droid DUM-4 was sucked into the port-side engine when it suddenly flared up, and the damage caused by the foreign body ruined the engine. He eventually got the damage repaired and returned to the race, but was knocked off the course by Sebulba and driven into Anakin's pod. The two racers became entangled, and when they finally freed themselves, Ody's ship flew out of control and crashed. Ody managed to survived the crash, but retired from active podracing for good. He remained on Tatooine as a mechanic, and eventually went to work for Ulda Banai at the Mos Espa Swoop Arena. (TPM, IG1, TG)

this Alliance MC80a cruiser was active during the height of the Galactic Civil War. (XVT)

a planet known for its ugly flowers. Han Solo visited there at one time. (CS)

this fast-moving, marine reptile was native to the planet Kashyyyk. It was known among the Wookiees for its agility and territorial ferocity, and usually was found prowling the coastline in search of prey. (X3)

Oevvaor Jet Catamaran
named for a marine reptile, this twin-hulled vessel was built by the Appazanna Engineering Works of the planet Kashyyyk, for moving across open water at high speeds. A pair of jet engines provided propulsion, and each of the tandem hulls had seating for two Wookiees. Like other technology produced by the Wookiees, each Oevvaor catamaran was unique, and many specimens were known to have lasted over a thousand years. Measuring about fifteen meters in length and spanning about ten meters from hull to hull, the Oevvaor catamaran was primarily used in those Wookiee cities such as Kachirho, where moving across the water was a necessary means of conveyance. Many offworlders compared these catamarans to the podracers of the years leading up to the Clone Wars, since the engines of the catamaran were similar in appearance to those of a podracer, and propelled the catamaran at speeds approaching 370 kilometers per hour. (VD3, X3)

Of Minds, Men, and Machines
this treatise was written by the pre-Republic philosopher Plaristes during the decades leading up to the formation of the Old Republic. In the treatise, Plaristes argued convincingly that automatons would never achieve true sentience, despite the regular and impressive technological advances in artificial intelligence. However, over the ensuing millennia, many of his postulations were proven wrong. (OWS)

Ofax ets burrin tehn
this was an Old Corellian phrase. For most modern humans, it translates to "the air is too dangerous here," indicating that the air quality is not conducive to survival. For a Socorrian, it becomes "the air is too heavy here," meaning that the situation in the immediate area is dangerous. (SWJ7)

Off Chance
an old CR90 corvette that Lando Calrissian once won in a sabacc match. He loaned it to Luke Skywalker and Tenel Ka when they travelled to Borgo Prime to investigate the misuse of Lando's corusca gems. (SA)

this was one of the galaxy's most wondrous tourist destinations. (JQ8)

Offee, Barriss
this Mirialan Jedi Padawan was being trained by Luminara Unduli during the last decades of the Old Republic. In addition to her skills as a warrior, Barriss also proved to be a skilled healer. She was born on a transport ship in deep space, and never knew her parents. Her connection to the Force was quickly discovered, however, and she was taken to Coruscant for training. She proved to be a quick, though impatient, student, traits that seemed to be more and more prevalent among the Padawans of her generation. Barriss accompanied her Master, along with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, to the planet Ansion, shortly before the Clone Wars, in an effort to prevent the Ansionians from seceding from the Republic. Barriss was kidnapped shortly after their arrival, but managed to befriend her two Ansionian kidnappers, Kyakhta and Bulgan, after curing them of their mental debilities. Barriss was unsure of Anakin's suitability to train as a Jedi, seeing in him a recklessness and emotion that she deemed uncharacteristic of a Jedi. However, upon meeting face to face with Soergg the Hutt - the very being who had ordered her kidnapping - Barriss realized that every Jedi had emotions that needed to be controlled. Her perception of Anakin changed, and the two became good friends after successfully keeping Ansion as a member of the Republic. Their efforts nearly went for naught, as the Jedi were almost defeated at the Battle of Geonosis. Both Unduli and her Padawan fought bravely, but were badly outnumbered by the droid armies of the Separatists. Only the arrival of Master Yoda and the clone troopers of the Army of the Republic saved the day. Barriss Offee managed to survive the Battle of Geonosis and returned to Coruscant with her Master. Two years later, the pair were separated during the height of the Clone Wars, when Barriss was dispatched to Drongar on a mission to assist the medics there while also keeping a watchful eye on the production of bota. She believed that this would be her individual Jedi Trial, a chance to prove herself against the backdrop of the war. She was unprepared for both the visible horrors of a Republic Mobile Surgical Unit and the mental anguish of being forced to confront death every day. In addition, she found herself at odds with the combat instructor for Rimsoo-7, Phow Ji, who continually egged the young Padawan closer to a driect confrontation. Barriss knew that her desire to best Ji came from the Dark Side of the Force, and tried to keep it under control. When Ji was shot by a Separatist agent with a poisoned dart, Barriss was forced to swallow her desires and save him by extracting the poison with the help of the Force. Her elation at saving him was quickly dissipated when Ji threw himself back into battle, using a thermal detonator to destroy a Separatist army that was converging on his position. Her anger briefly flared again, as she believed Ji had wasted her gift on a mission to prove his superiority. It was then that Barriss realized the extent of the Jedi Trial, and she struggled to keep herself focused on the mission. An attack on Rimsoo Seven showed Barriss the disgusting underbelly of war, as the Separatists broke all conventions to destroy the medical facility. In the evacuation, Barriss watched in helpless horror as Zan Yant was killed instantly by a piece of shrapnel, then had to endure Jos Vondar's stoic refusal to grieve. After the camp was relocated, Barriss accidentally discovered that processed bota could heighten her connection to the Force, a discovery that she quickly relayed to Master Unduli on Coruscant. However, the mutating bota meant that any further investigation was impossible. After leaving Drongar, Barriss was promoted from apprentice level to Jedi Knight. By the time she was dispatched to capture Shu Mai on Felucia, Barris had achieved the rank of Jedi Master, and was actively engaged in the training of her own Padawan, Zonder. However, when Darth Sidious revealed his true nature and killed Mace Windu, he sent out communications to the various clone commanders to execute Order 66. Upon hearing the order, clone Commander Bly ordered his troops to open fire on Jedi, and Lieutenant Galle blasted the defenseless Jedi Master and killed her. (OWS, SWI58, APS, SWDB, MBS, ROF, MJH, IS3, SWDB)

this alien race was new to the technology and mental fitness required to make interstellar travel possible when their 6,000 year old queen was killed on a flight to Casfield VI. (TNR)

Office of Peace and Security
this was the name of the primary police force that protected the planet Cularin during the last decades of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

Office of Sentient Species
this branch of the Obroan Institute developed a series of guidelines for explorers and archeologists to use whenever they encounter previously unknown species of sentient life. (TT)

Officer Corps
this the collection of military officers who served the Royal Court of Naboo during the Old Republic. (SON)

Officer's Candidate School
located on the planet Carida, this branch of the Imperial Academy featured a curriculum designed to produce quality officers from promising raw material. The best candidates were nominated for acceptance, and spent a number of years in rigorous training before graduation. (CCG3)

Officers's Candidate School
this was the primary source of education for those beings who strove to be leaders in the New Republic military. (TFNR)

Official History of the Rebellion, Volume One
composed by Arhul Hextraphon during his tenure as secretary to Mon Mothma during the Galactic Civil War, the Official History was a compendium of Hextraphon's personal diaries and observations regarding the most pivotal characters of the War. (SWSB)

Offworld Corporation
see Offworld Mining Company (GORW)

Offworld Mining Company
this mining operation controlled much of the ore and mineral extraction performed in the Outer Rim Territories, some twelve years prior to the Battle of Naboo. The employees of Offworld wore a triangular black patch emblazoned with a red planet encircled by a silver starship. The planet and starship combined to give the impression of a blood-red eye. Offworld Mining was one of the oldest and richest companies in the galaxy, and it was not afraid to eliminate its competition at all costs. Leadership of Offworld was often mysterious, although Hutts were often used as operational managers while Whiphids were hired as bodyguards and enforcers. The actual mining was performed by slave labor acquired from all over the Outer Rim. Offworld's hold on the planet Bandomeer was broken after Xanatos infiltrated its leadership structure and took control after the death of Jemba the Hutt. It was part of a plan Xanatos had created to exact revenge on his former teacher, Qui-Gon Jinn, but the plan failed and control of Bandomeer was turned over to the Home Planet Party and Arcona Mineral Harvest Corporation. (RF, DR)

Off-Worlder Hotel
located in the district of Haziz Downside, on the planet N'zoth, this was one of the few places that a non-Yevetha could get a room for an extended stay. (CCW)

Offworlder's Bridge
this was one of many bridges leading into the city of Phemiss, on the planet New Plympto. Any being who was not native to the planet was directed to enter the city via this bridge. (CCW)

Off-worlders' Quarter
not actually part of a city but a city by itself, the Off-worlders' Quarter is located on a round island off the coast of the continent of Forethought, on the planet Ropagi II. Any visitors to the planet must pass through the processing center there, before they can move about on the planet. After the fall of the Empire, the native Ropagu imported mercenaries to help keep the peace, and these mercenaries were the only visitors allowed to leave the island. To tourists and other non-mercenary visitors, the rest of Ropagi II was off-limits. Mercenaries were trasnported to Ropagis for registration and debriefing. (TSK)

this was the official designation of the homing spider droid. (X3)

Ogden Minor
a planet. (SHW)

this planet was the homeworld of the Ogemite race. (CSWEA)

this humanoid race was native to the planet Ogem. They were distinguishable by their tiger-striped pelt and large hair-frills on their heads. The males of the species were known as traders. (CSWEA)

Oggun Bantha-Horn
this hulking Devaronian goon worked for Ranon Djelkh on the planet Tatooine, during the height of the New Order. Oggun was easily distinguished by his battle armor and helmet, which had been adapted to fit his horns. A pair of bantha horns - from his first kill on Tatooine - were added for effect. He carried a Wookiee bowcaster as his primary weapon, the souvenir of another mission. Sometime before the Battle of Yavin, he was dispatched to obtain a special cologne, extracted from the scent glands of a tirginni beast, from Harbo Wils, as part of Djelkh's plot to assassinate Jabba the Hutt. When he discovered that Wils had tried to double-cross Djelkh, Oggun set out to capture the smugglers who had inadvertently obtained the cologne. Eventually, they all met up at the wreck of the Star Stalker. There, in an intense firefight, Oggun was shot and killed. (SOT)

this Yuuzhan Vong bio-construct was used to broadcast the communication of a single villip to a large number of receiving villips. The oggzil was not much larger that a villip, and actually folded itself around the villip used as the transmitter. A long, antenna-like tail provided the transmission mechanism used to send the message to other villips in the link. (DW)

this creature was created by the Yuuzhan Vong, after the initial stages of their invasion of the galaxy. Oggzils were created to join with villips in order to enhance their communications abilities. Oggzils were fed a diet rich in metals, which they could digest and use to form their skeletons. This ability to assimmilate metals and form skeletal material from them allowed the Yuuzhan Vong to employ the oggzil as a living communications antenna. The Yuuzhan Vong then attuned the oggzils to the frequencies of the New Republic. This allowed the alien invaders to broadcast their messages on the Republic's frequencies via villips, without actually using mechanical technologies. (BP)

Ogo Nan
this Cerean was an assassin for hire during the early years of the New Order. Ogo Nan was hired by Mika the Hutt - through a third party - to attempt to kill Mika on Nar Shaddaa, after Popara the Hutt began worrying about the spread of the tempest spice. Mika wanted to find out how much his parent knew about the operation, and hoped that an assassination attempt on his own life might distract Popara. As payment, Mika provided tempest spice to ease Ogo Nan's growing addiction to the drug. A group of freelance agents, on Nar Shaddaa to meet with Popara, was able to shoot down Ogo Nan after the Cerean destroyed one of the Hutt's H-3PO droids. His death suited Mika's needs, since it ensured the secrecy he needed to maintain the illusion of the assassination attempt. Mika then blamed Lungru for the attack, further deflecting blame from himself. (TF)

this male Ansionian worked as the majordomo for Soergg the Hutt, during the years leading up to the Clone Wars. It was Ogomoor who was charged with eliminating any threat to the secession movement which rose up on Ansion, a mission which came to include thwarting the efforts of two Jedi Knights, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luminara Unduli, and their Padawans, Anakin Skywalker and Barriss Offee. The Jedi continually managed to find a way around Ogomoor's roadblocks, and Ogomoor continually survived Soergg's wrath. However, when the Jedi managed to secure a treaty between the Alwari and the city dwellers of Cuipernam, Ogomoor's efforts were finally proven ineffectual. Knowing that he would be killed by Soergg if he returned to the Hutt, Ogomoor planned to expose the Hutt's dealings with Shu Mai and the Commerce Guild to the Unity of Community. However, before he could produce any proof of Soergg's involvement, Soergg shot Ogomoor dead, destroying the small recorder which held the evidence. (APS)

Ogoth Tiir
this planet was the site of a battle during the Galactic Civil War. (CSA)

Ogygian Cloak
this was the traditional cloak of the Ubese people. (VD)

this gas giant was the second planet in the Tatoo System. It was orbited by three natural satellites. (GG7)

this was the fourth planet in the Obas System. It had three moons. (IA)

Ohh Bronna
this Abyssin was a noted dejarik player, during the last decades of the Old Republic. He had been sector champion in the Colonies Region a number of times, and was known as a cool competitor. Unfortunately, he was infamous for attacking Corwin Kaezeb during a semi-final match on Arkania, and both players were eliminated from the tournament. (HNN5)

Ohleyz Sumteh Vingdah
this was a clan greeting in the High Tongue, used by many Corellian Ensterite families Purging Days to introduce oneself as a member of another's family. It indicated a relationship through the other's mother's side of the family. Usually, one's family name was inserted to indicate more detail on the relationship. Over time, most families adopted the Basic language, and used the High Tongue only on Purging Days. (MJH)

this was the larger of Naboo's two moons, and was capable of supporting life. It was known to the natives of the planet as the Water Moon, since much of its surface was covered with standing water. The Gungans established a settlement on the moon shortly before the Battle of Naboo, and expanded their colonization efforts after they re-established relations with the Naboo. During the early stages of the Clone Wars, the Separatists unleashed a biological weapon on the moon, killing many of the Gungans before a vaccine could be developed. Any Gungans who survived were either killed by combat droids or exterminated by the bounty hunter Durge and his commander, Asajj Ventress. (GF, SWRPG, WOTC, SWI66, RNFW)

Ohma-D'un Super Battle Droids
this was the name used by many Jedi Knights to describe a series of B2-series battle droids produced by for the Separatists and first used in the Clone Wars on the moon of Ohma-D'un. (YDR)

Ohr, Ree
this woman served the Grand Army of the Republic during the height of the Clone Wars, working as an expert in xenobiotics on the planet Drongar. It was Doctor Ohr who diagnosed clone trooper CT-914 with "orthostatic hypotensive syncope of idiopathic origin" - an individual who fainted every time they stood up, without any discernable cause. (MBS)

a temperate planet, Ohratuu was the site of a paramilitary base that was under the command of General Reesen Jivrak during the Galactic Civil War. (SWJ10)

Ohta su marvalic plesodoro
this Huttese phrase translated into Basic as "let them marvel at our splendor." (TFNR)

an Imperial trooper killed on Keskin while working with Reydon. (ISB)

this was a common name given to male Duros children. The name Ohwun came from the term meaning "famous". (GCG)

Ohwun DeMaal
this Duro owned several docking bays in Mos Eisley, among them numbers 27, 43, 67, 71, 86, and the famous 94. He inherited them from his parents and his grandmother, who was among the first colonists to settle Tatooine. Along with his wife, Chachi, Ohwun runs the docking bays, an old Gallofree Yards 23K service shuttle, and eight Mos Eisley warehouses. He and his wife were on good terms with Jabba the Hutt until one of Jabba's smugglers blasted out of Docking Bay 94 without paying his bill. (GG7)

Oicunn, Barrow
this man was a native of the planet Humbarine, where he served in the planetary navy during the height of the Clone Wars. He believed in the Old Republic, and joined the navy to keep his homeworld free from Separatist control. However, he soon came to doubt the Republic's ability to protect itself, after his requests for additional military resources were ignored. This allowed General Grievous to sweep in and attack Humbarine while it was virtually defenseless, and Oicunn's family was killed in the attack. For his own part in the defense of Humbarine, Oicunn found himself transferred to the Home Fleet defending Coruscant itself. Senator Bana Breemu hailed him as a hero, despite the loss of Humbarine to the Separatists. During the first Battle of Coruscant, Oicunn was given command of the Mas Ramdar, and went into battle with the knowledge that he could exact a measure of revenge against Grievous during the fighting. His valor and success in the space battle over Coruscant earned Oicunn further promotion and a place in the newly established navy of the Galactic Empire, commanding one of the warships that protected the construction site of the first Death Star. Oicunn continued to rise through the ranks, eventually earning the rank of Admiral. He also served as a genetic template for some of the stormtroopers of the Imperial army. (SWDB)

Oil Bath
a "dip" for droids, that uses cleansing oils instead of water to remove grease and grime. (SW)

Oil-rig Whiskey
this potent liquor was produced in the city of Hedrett, on the planet Cularin, during the final decades of the Old Republic. (LFCW)

this Keganite girl was a student at the time Obi-Wan Kenobi and Siri were held on Kegan. (FFT)

Captain Nalgol's Intelligence Chief, stationed about the Star Destroyer Tyrannic, Oissan was in charge of gathering information outside their cloaked position near Bothawui, during the build-up of forces arrayed there after the discovery of the Caamas Document implicated the Bothans in the destruction of the Caamasi. (VOF)

an Alliance freighter which was teamed with the Phoenix during the Galactic Civil War. (XW)

Ojat Wan
this was a popular name among the Amanin people, named for a famous individual in Amanin history. (UANT)

this small Bothan clan was one of the first to move to Kothlis, during the first wave of colonization efforts. (SPG)

this frost-covered planet was the homeworld of the Besalisk race. Located in the Outer Rim, Ojom was an oceanic world which was covered in glaciers. Each of these glaciers supported a group of Besalisks. Several space stations were built in orbit around the planet, serving as spaceports and more hospitable habitats. (SWI70, UANT)

Ojoster Sector Assembly
Lak Jit threatened to protest his capture at Wayland to this obscure body. (SOP)

see Besalisk. (GMR10)

this was the native language of the Besalisk race. (GMR10)

Okamie, Olian
this woman was one of Trax Sector's most ruthless pirates. (HR)

Okand, Hol
this Alliance starfighter pilot served as a member of the Y-Wing Gold Squadron. He was instrumental in an attack on an Imperial outpost of Kashyyyk shortly before the Battle of Yavin, serving as Dutch's wingman and taking down the outpost's shields to facilitate the assault. He later served as Gold 6 during the Battle of Yavin, where he was befriended by Chewbacca. (CCG9)

Okanor, Galidon
this withered old Corellian man ran a pawn shop in Tyrena. He was an old acquiantence of Han Solo, who had sold many stolen items to the old man as a youth. When Han returned to Corellia with Bria Tharen, he sought out Okanor in order to sell off the treasures they had taken from Teroenza's museum. (TPS)

this was the designation of Mobquet's personal repulsor pack system. The OKC-167 used a collection of micro-repulsorlift engines to provide the wearer with maneuverability and lift, although many jet pack owners claimed the micro-repulsors were exceptionally slow. The high price of the OCK-167 also priced it out of most civilian markets, but it managed to find a niche in military operations. (AEG)

Okeefe, Barthos
this man, a native of the planet Brentaal, was one of the leaders of House Okeefe during the height of the New Order. Barthos made his credits working as the director of one of Brentaal's orbital HoloNet relay stations, before retiring to his estate. While he disliked the Empire, he didn't support the Alliance because he didn't believe that they could actually win the war. (CCW)

Okeefe, Platt
this strikingly beautiful young woman was one of the galaxy's most famous smugglers. Platt was the daughter of parents who were members of one of Brentaal's more prominent trading houses. She was supposed to attend the commerce academy and learn about the family business, but the idea of being a stuffy businesswoman didn't appeal to her. After several boring years at school, she packed her meager belongings and hitched a ride aboard the Starlite Cloud. After two years on the Starlite Cloud, she crewed on the Ravelev for two years before joining the Klatooinan Trade Guild as a pilot. She owned the YT-1300 known as the Last Chance. Early in her career, Platt was captured and enslaved by Big Quince. A chance meeting with a fellow slave named Tru'eb Cholakk brought her a chance for escape. The two plotted against Big Quince, eventually stealing his personal shuttle and escaping captivity. Platt later repaid Tru'eb for his help, and the two developed a strong friendship. Platt often worked for the Alliance and the New Republic, but was by no means allied with them. She and Tru'eb often worked alone, although they often hired additional help as needs demanded. Shortly after the Battle of Endor, they teamed up with Dirk Harkness while working on Zelos II, when they became aware of the Imperial presence on the planet. They tipped off the New Republic to the location of the garrison, and Harkness went in to ensure the base was cleared out. However, the Republic's team was wiped out and Harkness was captured. Platt and Tru'eb both believed Harkness was worth rescuing, so they infiltrated the garrison and rescue him, along with Jai Raventhorn. (SWJ9, TFNR, CRO, PSG)

an alien species native to the Sayblohn System. They are a very religious race. (RPG)

this Imperial Navy Admiral served the Empire during the Galactic Civil War. Darth Vader suggested that Okins should lead the attack on the Vergesso Asteroids, so that he could be free to keep and eye on Xizor. Palpatine refused, commanding that Vader lead Okins in the attack. (SE)

this was one of the most common male names among the Corellian population. (GMR9)

the Great Shaman of the Ysanna tribe on Ossus, he is able to recognize Luke Skywalker as a Jedi Knight when Luke and Kam Solusar arrive on the planet to search out the Jedi stronghold there. He then befriends Luke and Kam. Okko wears a unique mask, and is said to be the greatest magician the Ysanna have ever known. (DE2)

Oko E
this planet is a vaction world, well-known among adventurers who like to wild-water raft. Visitors can navigate treacherous rivers of molten sulfur during their expedition. (SOL)

this was one of the many names given to female Bothans. In the Bothan language, it meant "resourceful." (GCG, WOTC)

this Bothan name was given to newborn males. Translated into Basic, it meant "commanding." (GCG, WOTC)

this barely sentient race of beings was native to the planet. During the years that Figg Excavations made a fortune from the planet's ores and crystal deposits, the work teams left handouts for the Oku during each operation. When the mines played out, Figg Excavations pulled out of their Tokmia operations. In response, the Oku lit huge fires to act as landing lights, in order to hhelp fulfill the prophesy of the offworlders' return. (WOA33)

this was a common name among Cerean females. Unlike their male counterparts, Cerean females use a single name unless they became a bond-wife. In this case, a female will take on their husband's grandfather's name for official matters. The name Ola indicated peace, tranquility or inspiration. (GCG)

Ola vine
a plant native to Dathomir that withers and dies when it is cut. (CPL)

planet on which the deadly Olabrian Trichoid larva are found. (TB)

Olabrian Trichoid
an Olabrian parasite which is small in its egg stage, the trichoid is deadly in its larval stage. As a larva, the trichoid resembled a scaled worm with a wide mouth, studded with a circle of sharp, toothlike barbs. The pupal stage is a period of rapid growth, and the adults emerge fully fertile. Adults can grow quite large, and produce egg pods which contained three distinct larvae. (TB, TBSB)

a moisture farming family on Tatooine. They were friends with Ariq Joanson, although they disagreed with his ideals. (TME)

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