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Oss Willum

a thin humanoid Vultan apprenticed to Jedi Master Thon, just before the Great Sith War. He made a living as a simple trader, until the day he rescued an Old Republic courier ship by hailing a Republic prowler. He suddenly realized that a single being could greatly alter the events of the galaxy, and also realized that he had been squandering his own life. He spent a year in seclusion before he realized that he could feel the Force, and so he decided to listen to the Force and become a Jedi. He had been training with Master Thon for five years prior to two interrelated events: the arrival of Tott Doneeta to Ambria, and Thon's apprenticeship of Nomi Sunrider. Oss was assigned to Tott's team that included Ulic Qel-Droma and his brother Cay, which went to Onderon. Oss Willum, along with Crado and a group of about twenty yong Jedi, were seduced by Exar Kun into joining him on Yavin 4. There, Kun destroyed the Sith holocron he stole from Odan-Urr, releasing the Sith magic in the shards that exploded from it. The shards caught the young Jedi, including Oss Willum, and they were temporarily possessed by ancient Sith spirits. Oss Willum and Crado were charged with the destruction of Master Thon, on Ambria, and plotted to use the Dark Side beasts of Lake Natth to do the dirty work for them. Thon, with the help of Nomi Sunrider and Sylvar, defeated the beasts and attempted to take the two renegades captive. Crado was able to escape, but Oss Willum was taken. He eventually was brought out of the Sith spell.
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