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Outbound Flight

this was the name given to the unusual starship created for the Outbound Flight Project. Six full-sized Dreadnaughts were linked together around a central fuselage to provide propulsion, navigation and computer systems, and weapons and shielding systems. Each Dreadnaught was connected to the others by a series of connecting turbolifts, and these turbolifts were also attached to the central core. A unique configuration of repulsor beams moved the liftcars between locations at rapid speeds. Within the core were storage facilities to for food, water, and fuel. Living quarters were primarily located in the Dreadnaughts themselves. Artificial gravity was maintained each of the seven areas, and specialized systems worked to adjust the gravity in the turbolift cars to ensure that beings moving from ship to ship were always feeling the correct orientation. When the Oubtound Flight Project was destroyed, on the orders of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, its remains came to rest on a planetoid in the area of Chiss space known as the Redoubt. The attack was highly surgical, with most strikes targetting only weapons, shields, and drive systems. The Survivors and their families began at once to try and re-establish the computers and life-support systems of the six Dreadnaughts, and eventually managed to get most of the ships back to running. They were incapable of flight, however, as five of the six Dreadnaughts were buried beneath tons of rocky debris. Only the number four ship - designated D-Four - remained aboveground, which posed serious health risks due to its exposure to interstellar radiation. Thus, the main living areas were established in D-Five, and the nursery center was established in D-Six. Access to the number one ship was blocked due to damage suffered in the crash, so the colony's main command center was moved to D-Four, where it could intercept any visitors. Luckily for those beings who survived the attack, the central supply core was undamaged, leaving them with a wealth of food, water, and other supplies. In order to survive, the existing decks aboard the Dreadnaughs were refitted for use as hospitals, schools, and other essential facilities that could keep the newly-christened Outbound Flight Colony alive and viable. The job of making the badly damaged Dreadnaughts workable was successful mainly due to the number of droids that were repaired and activated by the Survivors. The fact that the Outbound Flight came to rest in the Redoubt posed a number of problems when first contact was made with the survivors, since they were technically univited guests, and had no right to be there.
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