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Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels Spoileriffic Soundtrack

Posted by Dustin on February 2, 2018 at 11:12 AM CST

Fan of Toby M. sent in a heads up that the Jedi-Bibliothek crew had found another gem pointing towards the death of Kanan. The soundtrack list is as follows. Click here to read their full article.

  • Sabine Sees Ezra (4×15 „Family Reunion and Farewell – Part 1“)

  • Hera at the Wall (Zuordnung unklar)

  • Kanan’s End Credits (4×13 „A World Between Worlds“)

  • Sabine Suite (3×15 „Trials of the Darksaber“)

  • Where the Sun Sails and the Moon Walks (Zuordnung unklar, wohl ein unverwendeter Track aus dem Finale der Staffel 2)

  • Breaking Through the Blockade (3×21-22 „Zero Hour“)

  • Thrawn’s True Face (3×10 „An Inside Man“)

  • Thrawn’s Web (3×05 „Hera’s Heroes“)

  • Thrawn’s Orbital Bombardment (3×21-22 „Zero Hour“)

  • Ezra Pushed to the Brink (2×11 „Legacy“)

  • Twin Moons (2×11 „Legacy“)

  • Kanan and the Walker (2×12 „A Princess on Lothal“)

  • Follow the Whales (2×15 „The Call“)

  • Tech Witch (2×05 „Always Two There Are“)

  • Imperials Incoming (2×11 „Legacy“)

  • Investigating the Projects (2×10 „The Future of the Force“)

  • Holocall with Kallus (2×09 „Stealth Strike“)

  • Lasat Ritual (2×14 „Legends of the Lasat“)

  • Long Fall (2×07 „Wings of the Master“)

  • Ketsu (2×08 „Blood Sisters“)

  • Push Through (Zuordnung unklar)

  • Sabine Stand-off (2×13 „The Protector of Concord Dawn“)

  • Shoot Like a Stormtrooper (2×09 „Stealth Strike“)

  • Sith Aftermath (2×10 „The Future of the Force“)

  • Snow-Covered City (2×10 „The Future of the Force“)

  • The Protectors (2×13 „The Protector of Concord Dawn“)

  • TIE’s Attack, Kanan Defends (2×15 „The Call“)

  • I'm both excited and sad that we're even talking about this. Star Wars Rebels returns Monday, February 19 on Disney XD.

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