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New Sketch Of Supreme Leader Snoke's Elite Praetorian Guard

Posted by Dustin on June 5, 2017 at 10:01 AM CST

MSW have some interesting new scoop regarding Snoke's personal guards in The Last Jedi.

In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Supreme Leader Snoke has six to eight guards. These are Snoke’s personal guards and they’re all different. They are basically redesigns of Emperor Palpatine’s Royal Guards with their own spin. These guards are called Elite Praetorian Guards and they all have different weapons like nunchucks or double-bladed fighting sticks. They all have different helmets and fabric ornamentation but the core armor set on the chest and the arms appeared to be the same to me. The chest and the arms being the same really gives them all a sameness while allowing them to have some individuality. They also have red boots on that is obscured on the particular guard we’re discussing today.

CLICK HERE for more detail and to see an image of what's to come!

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