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New Character Promotional Images Have Leaked From The Last Jedi
Posted by Dustin on June 8, 2017 at 03:46 PM CST
A facebook group called Jedi Templo Aztian have posted new images that give a glimpse into The Last Jedi.

Executioner Stormtrooper
These guys uh, execute stuff? They look cool, but I think we're running out of names. What's next? Janitor Stormtrooper?

Elite Praetorian Guard
This image matches very similar to the drawing created over at Making Star Wars. I believe this is one of 5 or 6 different Elite Praetorian Guards as Jason's description mentioned similar body armor, but different helmets.

First Order Heavy Assault AT-M6
We've seen images of this before from LEGO, but this drawing gives you a better side view to really see that "Ape-Walker" comparison as described earlier in the year.
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