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Star Wars : Force Collection Now Available For Download

Posted by Dustin on September 4, 2013 at 05:35 PM CST

Star Wars™: Force Collection, the first globally released Star Wars™ card battle game, is now available for free download on iOS and Android devices. Created by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., players will take command of more than 230 heroes, villains, and vehicles from Star Wars Episodes I-VI and embark on a series of galaxy-spanning quests in the process. Star Wars: Force Collection can be downloaded at:

- Apple App Store for iOS:

- Google Play for Android:

For more information, please visit

Players will cross the Star Wars galaxy completing quests, fighting battles, and collecting powerful cards and upgrades. As players progress, they will level up their cards and combat skills, while their actions determine whether they join and fight on the light or dark side of the Force. A Galaxy Battle Ranking will highlight the best players in the world, while global player events pit the light and dark sides against one another, leading to greater rewards for the dominating Force.

In Star Wars: Force Collection, players will:

-Build and upgrade unique decks of more than 230 Star Wars characters.
-Embark on quests across the Star Wars galaxy for experience and more powerful cards.
-Collect blueprint pieces to build powerful vehicles and support one’s forces.
-Fight their way to the light or dark side of the Force in PvP battles and global events.
-Experience authentic sounds, music and scenes from Star Wars Episodes I-VI.
-Optional Facebook sign-in for friend and battle invitations.

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