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The Clone Wars Composer Posts Musical Cues From The Series

Posted by Eric on February 10, 2014 at 12:42 PM CST

Kevin Kiner's musical work on Star Wars: The Clone Wars stood out among television scores. Fans have been asking for a complete soundtrack ever since the series premiered. The continued absence of an official soundtrack is disappointing, but now we have the next best thing. discovered that Kiner has shared over fifty musical cues from the series on his personal website.

These tracks are not from the movie soundtrack, which was released in 2008. They are the brief bursts of scoring that elevated the on-screen action over the course of the show's run on Cartoon Network. They range in length from 28 seconds ("A True Trooper," the choral music for 99's death in the Season 3 episode "ARC Troopers") to 3 minutes 43 seconds ("Hondo's Services," probably from the Season 5 episode "A Necessary Bond").

Check out all of the cues here. Thanks to Kevin Kiner for sharing them.

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