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Start Wars
Posted by Dustin on May 3, 2013 at 09:58 PM CST |
From their Facebook page:

Start Gallery presents, in celebration of our 2 year anniversary...

Start Wars - Fan art from a galaxy far, far away

Opening reception May 4th 7-11pm

Join us on May 4th(World Star Wars Day) as we welcome an array of artists from all over that share one common love: Star Wars. Expect all mediums including illustration, painting, sculpture, performance, music and more.

Start Gallery
206 E. Grand River
Detroit MI 48226
313 909 2845

Artist roster includes:(in no particular order)

-Matt Busch
-Tom Thewes
-Pete Brown
-Jeremy Harvey
-Ian Burk
-Michelle Tanguay
-Craig Nowak
-Francisco Alonzo
-Amanda Snyder
-Rob Adams
-Phil Mason
-Pete Coe
-Haley Stone
-Jay Hollopeter
-The Builder
-Mark Sarmel
-Mike Sutherland
-Brian Gagnon
-Aaron Miller
-Jason Reed
-Alyssa Stybel
-Brian Lewandowski
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