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SDCC: Mary Franklin Takes You Inside The Lucasfilm Pavilion

Posted by Eric on July 17, 2013 at 07:36 PM CST

In case you aren't attending San Diego Comic-Con, which officially kicks off tomorrow, Lucasfilm Events Lead Mary Franklin has shared a behind-the-scenes look at Lucasfilm's large convention space on The Official Star Wars Blog. The pavilion includes space for vendors selling all sorts of Star Wars products, as well as several photo op areas, and as you'll see when you click through, the theme of the pavilion this year is classic Star Wars comic art.

Lit up with spotlights that make me think of the entire pavilion as the Main Reactor (“Lock onto the strongest power source….”) the art is an eye-catching frame for our show stopping video wall. I am a self-described geek girl about the tech specs of our video wall, but whatever…it’s jaw-dropping.

We have a Death Star wall courtesy of the 501st Legion, Southern California Garrison, that they are operating as a photo opp. See the details at their booth, then come by and take pictures with the characters.

Tonight the denizens of the Star Wars pavilion were just starting to unpack their goods. I love this stage of getting ready for Comic-Con. The plan starts to come together, and then we make a few new and unexpected plans for what else happens along the way. It’s exciting to see the first glimpses of what will be.
Check out Franklin's complete writeup about the pavilion right here!

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