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Rumor: Star Wars Saga Getting Digital Release In November
Posted by Eric on March 5, 2014 at 12:06 PM CST |
Jedi News is citing a "very reliable" source as saying that "all six Star Wars films will be released digitally for the first time this November," in addition to "rare and previously unseen / long forgotten archival footage."

This certainly wouldn't be a surprising move on Disney's part. In fact, a digital re-release with extra content would be a smart way to promote Star Wars Episode VII, which would only be thirteen months away at that point.

The big question at this point is whether this digital distribution will occur through a streaming service like Netflix or a download service like iTunes. In December 2012, just over a month after announcing their acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney signed a deal with Netflix that gave the website the exclusive streaming rights to Disney movies beginning in 2016. The deal was reported to include future Star Wars movies, but 20th Century Fox probably still owns the rights to the six existing films.

Lucasfilm has not responded to our request for comment.
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