R2-KT Fan Club Patch Run
Posted by Dustin on January 18, 2014 at 07:50 PM CST |
This just in from TK 210:
Bring back the classics! Okay, so if you missed any of the first five R2-KT Fan Club patches in the series, we're taking orders now! Once we hit the required minimum (30 orders) of any single patch, it gets run and you'll get notified they're on the way to you. $7 for each of the patches, free shipping to anywhere ($30 gets you all five!). Paypal to r2kt@r2kt.com - specify which you're ordering. Each patch benefits a different charity, go to r2kt.com to see which ones. Again, no delivery date specified yet til we hit the minimum on them. But order now - the sooner folks order, the sooner they get made!
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