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Pluto.tv To Celebrate May The 4th With Continuous Entertainment

Posted by Adam on April 30, 2014 at 11:48 PM CST

Pluto.tv have let us know about their plans for May the 4th, with one channel in particular including lots of Star Wars content.

Here's what they had to say:

With the announcement of new saga characters and more, Pluto.tv is here to help provide even more galactic entertainment! Pluto.TV curates and programs the most entertaining online content, bringing viewers a new way to experience video with an easy to navigate TV-style channel guide and appointment viewing.

Pluto.tv knows your readers take May 4th seriously, which is why continuous entertainment on MAY THE 4TH (Channel 400) will be provided on the entertainment platform starting on May 4th! From interviews with the masters themselves, George Lucas and JJ Abrams, to fan inspired content, Pluto.tv will have an array of content to enhance this special day.

Beginning May 4th, fans will be able to access all of the great content by clicking on the below:

Selected featured content that will all be on Channel 400 includes (As you will see below, Pluto.tv is going all out to honor this day!):

  • Looking Towards the Future (30 Minutes) - Explore the future possibilities as the saga continues as our heroes try to save the galaxy. Featuring
    interviews with George Lucas & JJ Abrams.

  • Beneath the Dome (30 minutes) - In this fictionalized documentary we take a look at the life of everyone's favorite beeping droid. How did the fate of the galaxy end up in his non-existent hands?

  • Fan Films of the Alliance (two 30 minute episodes) - Gathered from all arms of the galaxy, we bring you the greatest fan films in honor of the greatest film ever made.

  • Robots, Stars, Chickens and Wars (30 minutes) - Using questionable animation and amateur stop motion, Seth Green and his nerdy cohorts come up with some of the best galactic satire this side of space and time.

  • May the Farce Be With You (30 minutes) - Comedy sketches and bits about everybody's favorite science fiction journey. No, not that one, the other one.

  • Galactic Goodies (30 minutes) - Cookies, cakes, and other delicious delicacies that are out of the world.

  • Biggest Fans (30 minutes) - We take a moment to celebrate what makes May the Fourth the best holiday, you the fans. Check out how far some people go to show their loyalty to the Alliance and the Republic.

  • Animation Wars (30 minutes) - These animators go head to head to create the greatest animations about the greatest story in the universe.

Get to know Pluto.tv, which organizes and continually streams content (free, 24/7) on nearly 100 dedicated channels aligned around areas of passion including music, sports, news, fashion, entertainment, food, comedy, animals, lifestyle, technology, art & culture, travel, education, and kids, so you no longer have to search for it.

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