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Paul S. Kemp Provides An Update On His Novel Duology
Posted by Eric on July 1, 2013 at 07:07 PM CST |
In the two and a half years since former LucasBooks Executive Editor Sue Rostoni announced that Paul S. Kemp was writing a hardcover Star Wars novel duology, we've heard almost nothing about this pair of books. In the past week, however, Kemp addressed the subject twice, in a Reddit AMA and in a Science Fiction and Fantasy Writer's Chat on Twitter. Here is what Kemp said on Reddit (via Roqoo Depot):
Do you have any update on your Star Wars duology that was announced back in 2010? We currently know next to nothing about it. Are there any details you can share or do you at least know when we will get some details? Any sort of vague time-frame of when it will be released?

PSK: I wish I could say something. Here?s the thing: The Disney deal and announcement of the new movies is a big deal. I?m on standby at the moment. That?s about all I can say. :-/
If Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm and its sequel trilogy plans have thrown a wrench in the works of Kemp's duology, then it stands to reason that those novels were (and still are) set in the same time period as the sequels.

There will undoubtedly be other publishing issues involving the new movies and their effects on the post-Jedi Expanded Universe. Besides Kemp's duology, the other big question mark in the publishing pipeline is Christie Golden's Sword of the Jedi trilogy starring Jaina Solo, about which we've heard nothing since its initial announcement at Celebration VI last August.
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