John Morton Clarifies His Star Wars Rebels/Episode VII Remarks
Posted by Eric on May 9, 2014 at 09:28 AM CST
After Movie Cricket reported comments about Star Wars Rebels and Episode VII by John Morton (Dak Ralter in The Empire Strikes Back), Morton gave another interview, this time with the East County Times, to set the record straight. He emphatically denied having any insider knowledge about Star Wars Episode VII, and explained that his earlier comments were simply meant to suggest that Rebels would be an active part of the continuity going forward. Here is his clarification:
The point I was trying to make there was there is a continuity. We are now being told that there is going to be a canonical through-line from the Prequels to "The Clone Wars" to "Rebels" to the Original Trilogy to "Episode VII" and the Sequel Trilogy. So I think obviously "Rebels" is going to be a key bridge to "Episode VII," because it's going to be an active bridge. It's also, in terms of the Disney rollout timeline, it's going to tee up "Episode VII" and give us all something to focus on and prepare us for "Episode VII" in the intervening period between now and December 2015. And in terms of the casting and character issues, I still strongly feel based on what has been said by the filmmakers themselves is that characters from "Rebels" will be in "Episode VII." I don't want to pretend to know which ones they will be. But I think I can say, with some certainty, that it will be ones we haven't see discussed yet. An example could be Wedge Antilles [the Rebel pilot played by Denis Lawson who survived all three Original Trilogy films].
You can read the East County Times' full interview with Morton right here. And never trust anything that appears on Movie Cricket ever again.
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