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Her Universe Joins Hot Topic

Posted by Dustin on October 29, 2016 at 09:29 AM CST

Dear Her Universe Community,

It's with great joy that I share with you some very exciting news! I wanted all of you to be the first to know that Her Universe is officially joining the Hot Topic family of brands!

But, what does this mean??? Well, Hot Topic is acquiring Her Universe - but I’ll be continuing my role as Founder of Her Universe and overseeing the company just as I have been since its inception.

I imagine your next question probably is, "Will Her Universe only be a brand at Hot Topic now?" The answer is emphatically "no.” Her Universe will continue to be a stand-alone brand that is available at multiple retailers and on HerUniverse.com just like we always have been. We will also be continuing with the Her Universe Fashion Show and Her Universe Press. Honestly, the Her Universe brand that we've all grown and built together will continue as you've known it, but exciting growth and amazing opportunities lie ahead.

Her Universe started six years ago, against the odds, as a t-shirt brand for Fangirls. We all knew that Fangirls were being ignored and underserved, but we had to debunk the stereotype that this genre was not just for men and boys. I said from day one: "United we stand, divided we fall. If we want change, we need to demand it together and I cannot build this company alone." Your support from day one has been incredible and has meant so much to me! We were able to grow our t-shirt brand into a fashion, entertainment and publishing lifestyle brand in just a few years. However, as we continued to grow, I heard your cries for more and I was often left frustrated that we could not live up to your expectations. I'm beyond excited to share that this new chapter with Hot Topic will allow us to rise to those expectations!

What can you expect? Here’s just a sampling:

* We'll finally be able to offer more plus sizes

* We're going to offer our designs in Europe

* We'll be designing some fashion for men

* We’ll be re-launching a new and improved Her Universe Press

* We're going to add more licenses, more active wear and more fashion categories

I am personally going to focus on continuing to build our amazing community and offering more content and ways for fans to connect. Honestly, I cannot contain my excitement over what's ahead! Hot Topic has been such an important partner of ours and now that we are joining forces, we are listening and we are excited to bring you more!

In a few days, HerUniverse.com will be down for a short time as we transition and make some changes to the site. However, we will be back in time for the holidays and, in the meantime, you will continue to find new designs from Her Universe at Hot Topic, Torrid, Box Lunch Gifts, Disney Parks and Think Geek!

Thank you for sharing this moment and excitement with us! This has been a group effort and we should all take a moment to celebrate the change that we've made together. In just six short years we've built a fan community that's for everyone!

Always remember to, "Dream Your World, Be Your World, Flaunt Your World."

All my best,

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