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Forbes Examines Star Wars Without George Lucas

Posted by Mike on October 9, 2013 at 11:18 AM CST

If you're looking for a decent read concerning the involvement of George Lucas in the upcoming Star Wars sequels, Scott Mendelson at Forbes takes a look at the issue following Jett Lucas' recent video interview. If nothing else, per the author, your opinion on the matter really boils down to what you thought of the last 3 Star Wars films.

"Obviously how you feel about the last three Star Wars films will play a pretty big role in how much you want Lucas to have input in whatever comes next. As someone who likes the prequels much more than most and frankly finds them mostly tonally (if not visually) consistent with what came before, I would prefer that Lucas play a role in the next batch of films. At the end of the day, the Star Wars franchise is George Lucas’s universe. The franchise of course started as a call-back to the Flash Gordon serials of the 30′s and 40′s. It grew into something bigger culturally of course and artistically ended as a metaphor for the Vietnam war (Ewoks = Viet Cong) and the generation gap of the 1960′s. Even the prequels, occasional miscasting and stilted dialogue aside, are exactly what George Lucas wanted to say about the world, even as they were eerily prescient about the Clinton impeachment and the aftermath of 9/11 in their three-film tale of how a democracy became a dictatorship."

Click here for the full read!

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