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Follow -- And Assist -- George Lucas' San Anselmo Park Project

Posted by Eric on June 6, 2013 at 04:49 PM CST

Friend of TFN Pete Vilmur wrote in to let us know that the San Anselmo Downtown Park (which is being built as we speak on land that was donated by George Lucas) has its own Facebook page, so Lucas fans and interested locals can follow the park's progress. There are pictures of the construction work taking place in downtown San Anselmo right now, and the park looks great already.

Photo courtesy of the park's official Facebook page

As Sculpture School Daily explains, however, "the fountain, benches, lampposts, drinking fountains, trees, landscaping and other features will be funded by donations collected by the San Anselmo Community Foundation." If fans want to help fund the park's construction, they can receive a special thanks in the park itself:
In order to raise the $300,000 needed to fully fit out the park, fans and donors can contribute in varying amounts to receive a gratitude plaque installed on site in their name as well as a chance to name the park (see naming restrictions below). Like the Yoda fountain located at Lucasfilmís Presidio campus, itís hoped that the new San Anselmo Park will become a second Mecca of sorts for fans of the Lucas movies as well as to visitors of San Anselmo.
Head over to Sculpture School Daily for more information about how to contribute to the development of this new fan "Mecca."

UPDATE: As it happens, Steve Sansweet has just written a post for The Official Star Wars Blog describing the park:
Lucas donated a life-size bronze statue of Yoda by sculptor Lawrence Noble; itís just like the one that graces a fountain outside the San Francisco headquarters of Lucasfilm at the Letterman Digital Arts Center. That has become a must-stop for many visitors to the city with cameras in tow. And then Lucas doubled the bonus by adding the only larger than life-size Indiana Jones bronze sculpture that Noble has ever produced, scaled up from a limited-edition two-foot-high statue.

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