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Star Wars Light Side

First Look At "Light Side: A Journey With David Prowse"

Posted by Steve on August 29, 2019 at 08:38 AM CST

There's a new documentary heading to cinemas this December. The film is titled LIGHT SIDE: A JOURNEY WITH DAVID PROWSE and will explore the life and career of Prowse, the British actor who famously portrayed Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy.

UK based film distributor Quantum Digital has secured a cinema release across multiple territories for the new feature-length independent documentary...

Taking a new and different approach to how it explores the actor's career path, the film aims to appeal to art house audiences as well as Star Wars fans. Besides playing Darth Vader in the original Star Wars trilogy - the most famous screen villain in the history of cinema - Prowse was also in Stanley's Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange and trained Christopher Reeve for 1978's Superman, and was awarded an MBE by the Queen at Buckingham Palace
in 2000, all of which he talks about.

It's no secret David has had a love/hate relationship with the franchise that made him famous back in 1977. And ever since his voice was dubbed over in favour of James Earl Jones, it seems his outspoken bitterness has burned more bridges than mended. It's reported he's even been banned from attending official Lucasfilm events and he's since retired from making public appearances all-together. This documentary from Quantum Digital looks to perhaps heal some of those old wounds.

The director of the film, Marc John, says...

“LIGHT SIDE is unlike anything else you've seen about David Prowse. We also explore his best known character in a way which I don't think audiences will be expecting. But this is not a Darth Vader fan film. It is a documentary. It has been a privilege to work with David Prowse in the making of this film. I believe we have a fascinating and highly original documentary on our hands.”

Check out the trailer below!

Tickets go on sale mid-October when the cinema list is published and screenings are expected to continue into January 2020. Check back here for more details as they come in!

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