Disney Acquires Rights To Indiana Jones Franchise
Posted by Dustin on December 7, 2013 at 09:53 PM CST |
Variety.com has a great article up about Disney acquiring the Indiana Jones franchise and what it could mean to future projects. Here's a quick snippet.

Kathleen Kennedy already had her hands full getting a new trilogy of ?Star Wars? films and related spinoffs off the ground at Disney. Now the Lucasfilm chief also has Indiana Jones to manage.

Disney on Friday announced that it has paid Paramount for the rights to market and release future films in the ?Indiana Jones? franchise. Paramount will continue to generate revenue through the distribution of the first four pics in the series. Studio will also earn a fee from the release of new Indy titles, the way it collected considerable coin from ?The Avengers? and ?Iron Man 3,? even through Disney released those movies.

Get all the details in the full article right here.
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