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Angry Birds Star Wars II Now Available

Posted by Jay on September 20, 2013 at 07:25 AM CST

A little less than a year after the release of Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio is at it again! This time expect new levels, new characters and a whole new interface.

As many already know this version of the Angry Birds franchise is based on the Star Wars prequels. The two chapters available include the "Naboo Invasion" and "Escape to Tatooine," but they're not your standard chapters as seen in previous incarnations. Each chapter, has 40 levels, divided evenly between the "Bird" and the "Pork" Side of the Force. Half the time you're still flinging birds at the pigs, but now, the pigs strike back!

There are also about 30 different characters available to help in your quest for the 3-star dominance of the Galaxy Far, Far Away. The prequel characters are heavily represented, but you can also get some of the 'regulars' from the first Angry Birds Star Wars. There are still gun-birds, and Force-push birds, and lightsaber-birds, but there's also Jar Jar, who has a two-part attack using his's very complex to master (same with Zam Wesell on the dark side), as well as the Emperor who uses a Force-lightning attack that's pretty cool.

You can bring any other bird into the level you are on, if you have some to spare. Birds cost in-game Credits (which can be won, or purchased using real-world money), or birds can be brought in using the Hasbro Telepods, which seems like a pretty clever idea. The characters from the telepods can be founds in the game, so no need to purchase the telepods just to get the character, but it can save some time saving in-game Credits.

So far, this game is much more intriguing (and difficult) than previous versions. It builds on all the advances from five previous versions of Angry Birds, and really makes a unique and fun game (even if you're not a Star Wars fan!) But if you are, then this purchase is a definite no-brainer!

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