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Official Star Wars Reads Day T-shirts Available

Posted by Dustin on September 20, 2013 at 04:14 PM CST

Welovefine have just added two t-shirts to their site at commemorating Star Wars Reads Day, taking place this year on Saturday, October 5th:

- "Vader Reads Day II" features everyone's favorite Sith Lord demonstrating that even when you're hard at work ruling the galaxy, once in a while it's relaxing to take a break with a good book:

- "Boba Reads Day II," meanwhile, shows us the galaxy's baddest Mandalorian bounty hunter pausing from his long list of freelance work to enjoy a really, really cool story, bro!:

Each design is available in adult mens' sizes Small through 3XL on soft, 100% cotton shirts for $25 each.

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