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Action Figure Emporium - Captioning #9

I knew I should've called the repair guy on this droid! Darth was right, men my age shouldn't try to tinker with this new-fangled equipment!
by Dirk

Y'know, when you said, "There is another," I really thought you meant Leia.
by Darth Tanian

It took three dead Jedi working round the clock, but they finally developed a Palpatine-strength spray-on deoderant.
by Darth Tanian

Vader! Get over here and save me. Don't thnk that I don't know you're watching!
by Lady Selinthia

"NO- WAIT! I surrender- I surrender!"
by Little Jedi

As the Emperor goes for the tag with Obi-Wan, Gonk gives him his finishing move, "The Big Guns You Never Knew I had".
by Duke

"I dare you to cross this line!"
by Scully

"You just gotta ask yourself one question soldier...are you feeling lucky today?"
by Greg Baird

Sadly, Emporer Palpatine's visit to the Smithsonian's Star Wars exhibit was cut short when he was caught trying to steal back his own cane.
by Greg Baird

Despite everything that happened between them, Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin occasionally visit the emporer in prison.
by Nate Henry

"Okay, IG-88, I'm sorry I said that you let yourself go!"
by The Lone Gunman

After enduring years of hard labour, mistreatment and discrimination under the evil Emperor, young EG-6 finally understood that change could only happen when he has the will to make it happen.
by Jedi XL

Obi-Wan: "Gonk...Gonk...!" Anakin: "Gonk, kill him. It is your destiny!" Yoda: "Oh brother. Waste all this time on Skywalker I do and kills Emperor *this* piece of crap does?!"
by Sean Walsh

The Jedi watch with delight as the exploits if the new droid hero, Roblin Gonk
by Scott C.

The Jedi laugh as Palpatine's new battledroid project has some "programming" errors.
by Scott C.

Oh crap, my staff! Now what do I do?
by DroidofDoom

"...and finally, I want better lines than just 'gomp, gomp, gomp'!"
by Kette Barona

Kenny Baker's back, and this time it's personal.
by Darth Tony

Up in jedi heaven, anakin, obi-wan and yoda laugh their heads off as dead sith lords get their just deserts, for an eternity.
by gembot

Tired of waiting for Luke, the jedi spirit gang send their own creation to do the job right. The Sith Killer 2000, when you absolutley need to kill every sith in the room, except no substitute.
by gembot

"Gonk THIS, prune boy!!!"
by Newt Raygun

And when you're done with the jumping jacks, drop and give me ten pushups!
by Jebo Knight

The Emporer may have been clever enough to forsee Vader turning on him, but the clone that resulted never suspected his trusted advisor "Gonk".... until it was too late!
by Phoenix1138

Shoot me, and I shall become more dead than you could possibly... wait, that's not right. *BLAM* *BLAM* *BLAM*
by snagglepuss

Understandably, the Dead Jedi Police weren't too interested in helping this particular mugging victim...
by Salana

A long time ago, in an alternate universe far, far away, all the Jedi but the courageous powerdroid Gonk were destroyed. Only he, the true Chosen One, could save the galaxy from the Emperor.
by Mistress Qui-Gon

All right! All right! I'll fix your motivator!
by Craig Chasseur

IG-88's power droid cousin.
by Craig Chasseur

"Ten bucks says he blasts him." "You're on!"
by Matt Stevenson

The Emperor really had underestimated the power of the... Hey, weren't you guys just in Caption Contest #7?
by Super_Oogie
("umm...no comment. -ed.)

"Disgruntled this mailbox is, yesssss."
by webrunner

Astromechs! Astromechs! Astromechs! That's all I ever hear about! You want attachments? I got your attachments RIGHT HERE!
by Aubri

Didn't expect a RUBBER COATED droid, didja "Sparky"?
by Aubri

Yeah.. make your move, if ya think yer fast enough...
by Aubri

see even in a galaxy far far away y2k can still effect your droids
by theempire

Battle droids, eh? I'll show you a battle droid!
by McBain

How to stop the Emporer, plan B. Liqour up a power droid, and tell him that Palpy called his momma a gundark.
by Scott Woodard

In the original script for 'ROJ', Luke crawls into a Power Droid and blows the Emporers head off, the scene had to be rethought when Mark Hammil revealed he had severe claustrophobia.
by Scott Woodard

Ghostly Ben: "I got the idea from way back before I even knew you, Anakin. You see, we were on a Trade Federation battleship..."
by Ael

Droid: "Give me RAMchips, Roger Roger." Palpy: [muttering] Stupid 'discount' droids, recycled brains..."
by Ael [with apologies to MST3K]

"No Gonk don't! Vader stole your chips!.......Yeah, Vader...go kill vader!
by Benjamin Singer

Look, on the table! It's a power droid! It's an assassin droid! No, it's a clever merchandising ploy to generate more action figure sales!
by Craig Chasseur

Power corrupts, and corrupted power droids can scare even the Sith.
by Elijah

Palpatine: "So let me get this straight, I do this and I get a mystical ghost body?" Yoda: "Certain it is. hee hee." Anakin: "It won't hurt a bit."
by Darth Me

Jedi spirits: "What do you want on your tombstone?" Palpatine: "Ewok, Mynock, and cheese. Hold the Gungan."
by Darth Me

ahh, sweet revenge
by asi

look out, he's trying to attack us with his highly starched sleeves
by asi

Scene from Correlimax film's immortal classic "Gonk.....gonk......you're dead!" starring a young Maurice Palpatine as black robe man. Unfortunatly this led to typcasting troubles for Maurice.
by Bitmap

"GONK" I will no longer stand by and watch as you waste electricity
by Sinlock

Gunman:Drop your weapons! Emp:I am unarmed.Take your weapon!Strike me down with it! Gunman:Don't give me that ROTJ junk!
by Sean

No disassemble! No Disassemble!
by Darth Miner

Droid: Do you feel lucky punk, eh? Palp: Urrgh! Another unimaginative c. Eastwood caption Droid: Sorry....(bows head down in dissapointment. When he looks up, Palpatine aint there no more!
by Eren Anakin Ozkural

now hold on spinnage jimmy, i was only joking about the hole trash can thing
by ryan jones

"Oh you gonna cry, you gonna cry, you gonna tear up, you gonna cry?"
by ave

The first of the IG assassin droids, while not a resounding success, did manage to seal a lot of canes from wrinkled up old men.
by UberDave

I SWEAR I did NOT break in line!
by Stephanie Brooks

I give up!! (I never liked droids.....OR Jedi spirits!!
by Sandskimmer

"...well, you LOOK like a Jawa..."
by lapianoman

"Don't shoot!The Death Star is being built at Endor." "Oh goody.Contiue with the operation, you may fire when ready" "WHAT?!?!?"
by Yoda3:16

All kneel to the Gonk Almighty!
by JarJarJinx

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