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Action Figure Emporium - Captioning #5

OK! I want all your Slurpees, some nachos, gimme those magazines back there...and oh yeah, empty out the register!
by Devo

"Yeah, fool, I said 'yub yub'. You wanna make somethin' of it?"
by Ael "T"

I'm a little Ewok, short and stout / Here is my hand and here is my snout / When I fight storm troopers, then I shout / Just tip them over and pound them out!
by Grandma Tarkin

This is the 44 magnum, the most powerful hand gun in the world and it could take your head right off, so do you feel lucky?
by Gareth Le Fleur

Despite all their resources no one in the humor section could find a more interesting picture...
by Natey O'Grady
"It's true, you know." -attributed to the humor editor

With a little help from Wicket, Rebel linguists finally translate "Yub-Yub": "This is a stickup!"
by Brian Haughwout

"Hasta la vista, STORMIE!"
by Jeremy Dinsmore

Gimme the yubnuts and nobody gets hurt!
by 8t88

"Fellow ewoks with this new 'gun' we have the power to overthrow ALL of the GALAXY! ARE YOU WITH ME?!"
by D@rth M@$$!VE

After wicket assasinated chief chirpa the other ewoks awed at the powet of the new 'fire stick'
by Ewok with blaster TZL

Solo, you call me a fuzzball one more time and that's it.
by The Mad Moff

Wicket's screen test: "Yub-Yub! Nak-Nak! Gunda??? Who the heck writes this garbage? It sounds like a bunch of baby gibberish. Get my agent down here."
by The Mad Moff

"You lookin' at me? You lookin' at me? Thare's no one else here so you must be lookin' at me?"
by Rob Roy

Yeah, I got your AT-ST right hear pal!
by Paladin

by BattleStarGallacticaRules

Somebody actually bought this stupid thing? (and then took a picture???)
by David J

You stay away from me!!! I got a gun and I know how to use it!!! I think.....
by Sandskimmer

Yub, Yub THIS!!!!!!
by Callista77

Although Wicket was a small ewok, everyone knew he carried a big stick
by Alec Boyd

Hand over the crackers and helmet, and no one gets hurt...
by HaHaRich!

"I didn't want this, I come back and I got all these people, there yell'n and protesting me, they don't know what it was like, I went and I did my job, it wasn't my choice" -Wicket, After First Blood
by dodgefalcon

When in Rome, do as the Romen's do, but when on Endor, run or be teddy bear food.
by Annaquen Vader

"Go ahead, number 47." *ahem* "My bologna has a first name, it's O-S-C-A-R..."
by BeeDub

Oh, how cute..Wait, Ewoks don't have blasters, EWOKS DON'T HAVE BLASTERS! AHH!!!
by Kell Kelley

Ewoks and wookiee liquor: The untold story.
by Rek Ker

"Ok boys, give him the spear. NOW whos the teddy bear with the stick?! Not so bad without your gun are you! Well.... AACK! *gasp* I see you are a fast learner."
by Big G2

A native Ewok on the new Endor, a planet made entirely of car seats!
by Mike Darwinn

Ewoks and Guns: A Dateline Special Edition
by Edgar Lozano

Seen's from the hit Tatooine film "The Full Jawa"
by Exar Kun

"Everyone Shhhh! If we keep real quiet, it might just go away."
by Johnboy

1st Stormtrooper: "It's just a harmless little Ewok... he can't hurt---AGH!!!!!"
by JediBlanket

As Yoda said, "Size matters not"
by Miss Smiley

I don't hear you ripping on us ewoks now that i got me a gun, do I.
by Dak111

Take that back! Threepio was the Golden God! What? You dare insult him again? Take THAT! Yub Yub!
by Katryn, Arton's not -so-evil twin sister

(Ewok) "Oota goota Solo?"
by Majes Wasnos

Yub, Yub... Galoob
by Janson

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