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Action Figure Emporium - Captioning #1

"Oona, goota, Fett?" "Hey, you should get a little closer..don't want you to miss at point-blank range again!"
by Kurt Luther

"Ah, mister Solo...how dare you foolishly attempt to disguise yourself as the most powerful bounty hunter who ever lived?" - Greedo didn't always see the lights of logic...
by Andrey Summers

"If you don't actually DO something in the next movie, I will shoot!"
by O-Ben-Wan Kenobi

"A chick? I got caught by a chick in a rubber mask? Aw man, maybe Lucas'll let me get the first shot in the Special Edition."
by Matt Hallaron

"Gimme the armor." "WHAT?!?" "GIMME THE ARMOR!!! WHO'S GOT THE BLASTER, YOU OR ME???"
by Duckboy_8

Boba: "I'm supposed to be scared? Tell you what, Greedo, I'll let *you* shoot *first*."
by Salana

"Now hold REALLY still--I'm bound to get this right sooner or later!"
by Greg Baird

Curse this infernal plastic body, I can't pull the trigger!
by Nate Henry

Hey, Greedo, that a stain on your brand new vest (Fett pulls out blaster, shoots greedo) oops, guess I was wrong!
by Brendan

For a moment Boba was worried. Then he realized that with Greedo's aim the mirror on the wall had more to worry about than he did.
by Jaster Mereel

I can't believe I missed all 26 shots... Next time you won't be so lucky, Boba!
by Petteri Putkonen

Greedo: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!!! Fett: but you DO have a ronto in your barn!
by Alex Tib

"Hey, watch where you're pointing that thing! You might hit the wall!"
BY Candyfish

I'll kill you now, if you don't tell me what that THING is that's looking over the box we're standing in!!
by B. Ens

You take that back!!! New Kids were NEVER as good as the BackStreet Boys!
by Allison Campea

Be careful what you say greedo, I might get Jodo Kast after you.
by vharrison

Say hello to my little friend!!!
by Evan Burr

"Com deeta na dweettaaaa, Solo?"
"Listen Greedo, for the last time, I'm Boba, not Solo."
"Dwennaa feeettaaa stinkkkaaa, Solo?"
"Geez, ya freaking moron, I'm not Solo, and we're in a Ronto stable, what do you think the smell is?"
"Keettaa, nooo bweeettttaaa Solo."
"Will you hurry up and shoot first so I can kill you already?"
by Brian Bagley

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