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Action Figure Emporium - Captioning #10

Come on Ponda, we know how this song and dance ends. You lose your arm and the farmboy gets thrown into a table and I get a free drink from Wuher.
by Callista77

Figrin D'an. I am your father.
by Jedi Anonymous

Darth: My son is two inches tall, I can't move my arms and half of my body is a cup... (cry) now I know what it feels like when doves cry.
by darth trex

Hey!!!!!! This isn't DIET Coke!!!!
by Twisted C

Theater not liable for injuries from Sith Lord.
by Legal Blockade

Vader figured his chances of becoming a bass tenor were slim when the alien started laughing at him.
by Legal Blockade

Bith guy: I find your lack of feet disturbing.
by People call me Forrest Binks

I'd like to, really, but... I work for Coke.
by Aubri

Can I drink through your head while I think about it?
by Aubri

The Star Wars version of Shakespear's play, Hamlet.
by The Earthbound Starman

"Well, Darth, I dunno...you're just not the kind we're looking for in a new member for the band" "But I made this suit specially!" "I'm sorry...it's a nice suit though!" "Ya think?"
by Locdog07

Hey, are you laughing at my cup?
by MST Manos

Well gee, Vader, I'd love to help you out of there, but you killed my uncle way back when and I-*choke*
by Taarin

Um, Lord Vader? There seems to be a little "mistake" with the artificial legs we ordered...
by Darth Malice

you will bend to my will ! now you will play that cool song in the mos eisly cantina scene
by gasgano-sith

(stifled laughter) you really are stuck aren't you.. Vader: Oh shut up and help me
by Valorum

Vader: Luuuuke! These are my sponsors! Bith Jizz Guy: Mmmm...somehow, that just doens't have the same effect.
by Tavi

Luke, pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain... I Am Your Father.
by D. David Diaz

Vader:"Come with me, and together you shall carry me for I am just a cup and walking on my hands sucks"
by OB1

(Giant Vader claws his way out of the cup like some hideous swamp monster) Bith guy: "On second thought, waiter, I'll have the decaf."
by Omry

After losing the rest of the money for the Darth Vader Memorial, Iggy was forced to improvise
by Dirk Vader

So you're saying if I join the dark side I'll get my own cup too?
by Jebo Knight

Well yeah, it does kinda make you look fat.
by Jebo Knight

Umm... Figrin... a little help?
by JediBlanket

Phenomenal cosmic powers!! ....iddy biddy living space...
by CheezCracker

Ok, wait, Barquin...so I put my right hand out and my left hand down? This Macerena is SO confusing!
by YodaGirl

"Gee, vader, what are we gonna do tonight?" - "Same thing we do every night, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE GALAXY" - "Gonk!"
by Elad 'Ambious' Avron

"Has anyone seen my lightsaber?"
by Jedi Girl


Luuuuke! I am y-- Hey, you don't look so good. Have you stopped taking your vitamins?
by Tavi

Come with me- I am much larger than you, little man, and besides- I am endorsed by Taco Bell and Pepsi. Well, I am well nigh invincible!
by General Bel Iblis

I think I'll just have a ruby bliel, thanks
by Umm..

Trying to look as inconspicous as possible, Vader "struck a pose," only realizing too late that his efforts were futile
by greenskies

I hate Mexican food!
by John Reynolds

Figrin: Somethins screwy here....
by 1stStalin

Figrin D'an: Imperial March? Yes, we can play that, YESSIR, right away.
by Uncle Kettch

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