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Action Figure Emporium - Captioning #6

Sure, Leia outran the Imperials THIS time, but she knew the Tantive III would have to be traded in for something more modern eventually....
by Brian Haughwout

Lucas really went for that retro look.
by Blah!

Well they did say it takes place a long time ago...
by Jet Eye Nite

Stupid Banthas!
by JediBlanket

I distictly recall the recruiter saying I would be driving around in a land speeder- HA!
by red five

General Veers: "You'd think the Empire would give me my own planet after what I did at Hoth. But NNNOOOO...I get a crappy antique car THAT WON'T EVEN START!!!!
by Sean Walsh

"Is this what Mr. L meant by a more stylized look?" "Shut up and drive, I don't want to miss the train"
by Tokugawa

"You! Fill the tank with petrolium, and vulcanize my tires! Post haste!"
by Ethan Hayward

I know it's a prequel but this is ridiculos...
by Natey O'Grady

"Sure, it looks like an old car now...but when ILM adds the special effects we'll be flying the Millenium Falcon!
by vincent

Chitty-chitty-bang-bang chitty-chitty-bang-bang we love you...
by Darth Gator

Here at Unspaceworthy Ships Emporium our prices are OOUUUTTTRRAAGGEEOOUUSS!!!!!
by Joe Taft

Due to Naboo's lack of funds the Naboo defense forces were forced to purchase defensive tanks that were less than noteworthy in their stats.
by Joe Taft

"Somehow I have this feeling that we aren`t from StarWars"
by Jeffrey

New, this summer, from Universal "We should get to cash in on the hysteria too" Pictures: Driving Miss Leia!!
by Dusty-Wan Kenobuhl

Coruscant's Futurists' Museum: "A vehicle that will be used in a galaxy far, far away." No one believed.
by Jemm

"Ever since the XP-38 came out, they just haven't been in demand..."
by Ael

storyboard of the love scene in the Empires version of Titanic<
by AlcornC@aol.com

Yes lord Vader, soon we shall lull the rebels into a false sense of security by inviting them to a picnic in upstate New York. Project Ragtime is sure to succed.
by Bitmap

Let me tell you a little story about a man named Jedi. Poor whiney farmboy barley kept his family fed. Then one day while searching for a droid........
by Alcornc@aol.com

It can make point five past lightspeed!
by Tycho

"Ok so I guess this crank starts the reposular lift engines?"
by darthB

Ok, how do you work this contraption?
by Starik

While everyone else has to suffer in the hot suns of Tatooine, you don't have to worry about it! Now you will have a canopy instead of a bad sunburn!
by Sandskimmer

Since when did Cloud Cars have spare tires?
by blizzardwalker@hotmail.com

A long century ago... In a galaxy not too far away...
by Saiyajin

...as seen in this early picture, the prototype B-Wing fighter was in much need of a redesign.
by Cassiel

Hey, I can't bend my leg to reach the gas pedel!
by Carina K.

"Womp rat my butt! Watch me hit that dog up there!"
by John

Since Malakili was becoming a peg warmer, Kenner released him with a new vehicle to promote the character's overall popularity and sales.
by BoogerTheHutt

"Ludicrous speed, now!"
by BoogerTheHutt


"Modern mode of travel, ha. I say you got ripped off. This doesn't even have a laser."
by Walter Danek

She may look run-down, kid, but she's got it where it counts.
by md2b

"So what do you think? Pretty sweet huh? All I did was trade in the old AT-AT. The Emporewill love this thing, look gold trim!" " Oooh!"
by Gembot

a scene from when George Lucas and John Stienbeck teamed up for the never-will-be-released "The Grapes of Sith"
by mandalorian42

But you just went five minutes ago! How could you have to go again?
by Greg Baird

Now if we could just find a gas station...
by Nate Henry

Yeah, but will it impress the chicks?
by Jabba the Hat

Something tells us that George had a little TOO much fun with the Special Editions.
by Joanna

In the old days I'd use something like an AT-AT or a full Imperial Strike force to back me up. Nowadays I just use the Rolls Royce and everyone stares. You aren't listening, are you?
by Strider

I still perfer my T-16.
by Aubri

The rare AT-Model T vehicle with driver....
by Cool Jeremiah

Trying to milk collectors again... Kenner continues the "Expanded Universe" line to new levels of crappyness.
by CoffeeJedi

And this is what Star Wars would've looked like, filmed a hundred years ago!
by Tegid

Rejected plot for "Episode 2" in which Obi-Wan and Padme go on a 'Bonnie-and-Clyde' style robbery
by Exar Kun

AT-AT repair shop loaners just aren't the same as the real thing . . .
by Kevin Haughwout

Ready! Mock! Yeah! Ing! Yeah! Bird! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! MOCKINGBIRD!!
by jar jar binks

You never heard of the Model-T Ford? Its the ship that made the Kessel run in less than 120 Parsecs.
by David Overstreet

In the face of the same defense cuts that had such a drastic effect on the third Death Star , the Empire is forced to opt for a controversial new "economy" design on their fourth generation AT-AT's...
by Obi Ted

Hoping to draw young female viewers to the Phantom Menace, Lucas borrows an idea from The Titanic and includes the gratuitous-sex-in-the-model T-in-the-hold-of-the-Star-Destroyer scene.
by Crazy Harry

Lucas:"Sorry, Mark, but with all the new effects in the Special Editions, we just can't afford that fancy landspeeder in ANH. This is all we can afford right now."
by Mirri

(British accent) I do believe this new vehicle is enormously keen. Don't you think?
by hi

Veers Cruisin' For Love, Just Wantin' a Friend
by Darth Olssonius

Yup, the dealer guaranteed me I'd never get a speeding ticket with this steal, I wonder how they do that....
by Darth Pappas

The latest design for the aesthetically pleasing Naboo starfighters will be used more for show than combat, as they lack several of the esssential components of spaceflight... like windows.
by Snydo

Passenger: "We're lost." Driver: "No we aren't, I know exactly where we are." Passenger: "We're lost."
by Kevin Haughwout

Blind dates in the Kenner Galaxy
by Kevin Haughwout

Would it help if I got out and pushed?
by Lord Briano

"I LOVE these things, they're so much nicer than those stuffy shuttles.These are..well...CLASSY"
by AsiNa

SOLDIER: Hey, did I ever tell you what I call this baby? The Millenium Loooove Cruiser! I got it's name from.... LEIA: Save it for the Sarlaac and drive, buddy
by Madagan Starkeeper

George Lucas: Wrap it up, put it in a fancy package, and slap the name Star Wars on it. These people will buy anything!

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