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Action Figure Emporium - Captioning #2

"Now wait a minute, Lord Vader. Two lightsabers is just plain unfair!"
by Bill Wilbrand

See... I can be like Darth Maul... really...really I can....
by Jedinite22

So, you forgot your lightsaber at home aeh!
by Meance

"I bet somebody's ticklish!" "NO! PLEASE!"
by Darth Fatuous

Forget the EMpire old man, I'm going to play the drums for Spinal Tap.
by Scott C.

No No Vader! they're supposed to be connected! Why can't you be more like Maul?
by Wickenstein

Plannin' to give me the shaft, eh? None of that "as you wish" garbage. Here, you'll get a charge outa this! BZZZZZZZZZZZZZT!
by Skyfire

Ok...1 last time step..2,4,6..swing 2,4,6..again Vader!!
by callista77

Palpatine: Give your Uncle Palpatine a kiss, Anakin. Darth: STAY BACK!
by Joanna

How many times do I have to tell you! To be like Maul you need a double BLADED saber not double sabers!!
by J

"I think that's enough play time Vader- now put those lightsabers over there and come along. I'll tell you a bedtime story." "OH WOW! Tell me the one about the hero from Tatooine again! PLEASE!" "No."
by Phoenix1138

Ha ha! I've got both lightsabers now! Who da Jedi? Who da Jedi? Darth be da Jedi! You know it! So show it!
by Ima Potato

C'mon Vader, c'mon. Share your lightsabers, you don't really need two, now do you?
by Mark Hagood

hey vader,nifty saber!..*slice*..(vader):hahahahahaha...aaahahahahahahahahah,cough,cough,cough,...ack!
by yippe99

Cover shot for the all new "Episode 1" album "Darth-Aid:music of the Sith knights" featuring songs from Darths Maul, Vader, Sidious, and a bonus track by Emperor Palpatine himself.
by Exar Kun

The Emp:I like the one on your right. It goes so well with your eyes.
by jastermereel

Darth, Don't tell me you've gotten the Ackbar syndrome from the Tarkin Ackbar series. (see the Tarkin and Ackbar cooking/collecting/home repair sequences in the Action Figure Emporium Section)
by jastermereel

Which do you like better, Brick Red or Rose Passion?
by Jaina

The Emperor felt he should give Vader a turn to whack the Pinyata
by Andrey Summers

Palpatine: You put your left lightsabre in, you put... LEFT, I SAID LEFT YOU MECHA-SAMURAI LOOKIN FOOL!
by Caras Selin

Lightsabers don't kill people -- *I* kill people.
by Grandma Tarkin

Interperative dance: Brought to you by Lord Vader and the Emperor
by John

"You put those lightsabers down this instant mister, or it'll be no trip to the Coruscant Carnival!" "Aw, master..."
by Ael

"Look, I know the backdrop is kind of bland, but I promise we'll put something spiffy there in post-production, so please don't cut it to pieces."
by Ael

"No, you can't have a keen double-bladed lightsaber like Darth Maul, you already spent all your allowance. Threatening me won't help."
by Ael

Darth Vader and the Emperor perform the lightsaber-slapping dance. [apologies to MP]
by Ael

" Not now Vader, I left my plastic lightning in the throne room."
by Dodgefalcon

Personally, I prefer my left hand as my choking hand.
by Obikenobi86

"Vader, stop teasing, which one is the lollipop?"
by Jedi Wing

"Don't tempt me old guy...I'm not in control anymore!"
by Sith Lord Vader

VADER!! Ouit doing that before you loose another ARM again!!
by JGH

" No,no...right then left,... I'm beginning to think your just not cut out for the juggling biz. "
by Joe Jarnevic

How Vader REALLY got his cyborg hand: "C'mon Lord Vader is still say you can't juggle TWO lightsabers
by DevilEwok

After crushing all resistance in the galaxy, the Empire sells out: "Gosh! You're RIGHT, Emperor! The NEW gin-sing lightsaber 2000 IS lighter AND easier to clean! And take it from me, folks! Nothing beats THIS kind of superb handling and portability when hunting down and killing Jedi knights!" - - "That's right, friend Vader. There's no comparison! And what would your in-studio audience say if I told you that if they act now during this special televised offer, with the purchase of your first NEW gin-sing lightsaber for the low low price of three easy payments of one twenty nine, NINETY nine, you can get a second lightsaber free as our gift to you!" - - "Nothing! You killed the entire audience with evil-force lightning 20 minutes ago. Ha, ha, ha!"
by Evan Burr

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